10 Powerful Prayers for Self-Control

Sinful urges are a part of human life as we are sinful by nature, but we can turn to God and ask Him for help in controlling these impulses. Here are 10 powerful prayers for self-control, including images you can print to use and share.

Prayer for Restraint in Speech
Gracious God, please help me develop control over the words I speak, so they are gracious and appropriate and fit the occasion. I confess I often just blurt out words that might hurt or offend others or simply make me seem foolish. Help me develop a godly filter over my mouth! Help me control speech that is overly negative or gloomy, and discipline myself to praise You and encourage others. Amen.


Prayer for Discipline in Eating
Lord my Strength, I ask You to give me discipline when choosing what and how much to eat. Your Word teaches me that gluttony is a sin, and self-control is a fruit of the Spirit in my life. Help me to wisely choose foods that are high in nutrition and healthy for my body, and avoid foods that are harmful to my health. Help me avoid mindless eating and overeating. Amen.


Prayer for Self-Control over Alcohol
Steadfast Lord, I need Your help so I have self-control with drinking. I know that You consider drunkenness a sin and instead instruct me to be filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit. I know that drinking too much can lead to foolish or dangerous actions and words. May Your Spirit produce self-control within me and enable me to be the master of myself so that I can be a servant to others. Amen.


Prayer for Willpower Against Gambling
God, my Deliverer, I pray that You will help me overcome my addiction to gambling, which is ruining my finances and robbing me of healthy relationships and pastimes. Give me impulse control and help me avoid places and people that would draw me to this harmful habit. Help me find a support group to work through feelings of irritability or restlessness when I’m not gambling. Help me achieve and maintain financial security, I pray. Amen.


Prayer for Composure
Almighty God, help me maintain a calm and composed demeanor, rather than being ruled by anger. Your Word teaches me that those who do not control their temper are like a city without walls and defenseless. Give me control over irritability and rage. As Your Spirit develops within me the godly virtues of forgiveness and long-suffering, may I put to death my sinful nature which wars against my spiritual nature. Amen.


Prayer for Controlling Lust
Eternal Rock, I give thanks to You that no temptation has overtaken me that is not insurmountable, and that You are faithful and will show a way out. Lord, develop within me mastery against lusting after those who aren’t my spouse. Help me bring these passions under control. May Your Holy Spirit conform my thinking to Your will and strengthen my will to obey Your commands for purity of mind and body. Amen.


Prayer for Self-Discipline in Exercising
God of Encouragement, please grace me with self-discipline to develop a sustainable exercise plan and stick with it so I can gain better health. May I be the master of my body and be intentional and proactive in doing what I can do to get fit and honor the temple of Your Holy Spirit. May I not fall into the temptations of laziness or self-deceit that might pull me away from achieving a healthy body. Amen.


Prayer for Self-Restraint Against Addictions
Lord my Helper, I come to You in desperation, asking for You to come alongside and assist me with self-restraint against these drug addictions that are creating havoc in my health, my job, and my relationships. Help me to exercise dominion over these impulses and desires. When my body and emotions scream out for these harmful substances, give me the strength to silence them. Remind me to avoid people and places that trigger desires. Amen.


Prayer for Discipline in Devotional Time
Faithful One, help me to be faithful in drawing near to You each day in prayer, time spent meditating on Your Word, and in worship. I find myself so easily distracted by tasks that need to be accomplished, people demanding my attention, and entertainment that entices me away from times of intimacy with You. Help me to order my days so that time is carved out for You every day and to be able to focus in on You. Amen.


Prayer for Will Power Against Impulse Buying
God of Strength, please give me the inner strength to keep from spending more than I’m earning. I confess that I often impulsively buy expensive things that I don’t need, and this habit is putting me into worrying debt. Please guide me in devising a budget that will keep me within my means and help me pay off the debt, and give me the self-discipline to stick with the budget and use wisdom and restraint with shopping. Amen.


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