10 Powerful Prayers for Special Intentions

Here are the 10 most powerful prayers for special intentions.

Life Partner Prayer
Heavenly Father, I seek Your favor. Father, I ask for Your will because I am at a point in my life now where I hope to finally find my lifelong partner. I am looking for the person You desire for me, Lord, so that I can give all of my lovingly intimate affection to this person. Please grant this desire of my heart, Lord. I long for a strong Christian partner in life to share special moments with. I long for a companion through times of happiness and seasons of challenges. I pray You will grant me this desire and lead me to that special person You chose as best for me. Amen.

New Home Prayer
Dear Father, we need Your wisdom and guidance as we look for a new place we can call our home. Guide us to make the best decisions, I pray, as to which area is most accessible to our needs, and which place falls within our budget. Help us find a neighborhood that will receive us kindly and accept us as friends. Lead us to the right individuals who can best assist us in our search, and who will honestly conduct our business and keep our best interests. Amen.

New Job Prayer
Our Great and Mighty God, You are wise beyond compare and You direct things accordingly by Your perfect plans. I seek Your will in finding a job that suits me best and allows me to be a valued member of the team. Guide me, I pray, to the company You know is best for me as I start on a new phase in my career, and where I can develop new friendships. Grant me, O Lord, my dream job, where I can continue to develop my skills and become better at what I do. Amen.

Diligence as an Employee Prayer
Our Glorious Father, You commanded us to honor You in everything we do, for it is for Your will and Your glory that we live. I pray that You lead me to live by this principle. As I perform my daily tasks, teach me to diligently perform my job at all times, working as I would for You, my God. Help me establish a positive impact and a Godly influence with my peers, that I may glorify You in my work and honor You with my life. Amen.

Student Exams Prayer
Dear Lord, You are the Great Master Teacher and from You, I humbly ask for clarity and presence of mind as I prepare for my upcoming exams. I pray that You will allow me to study without interruption and that You will clear my mind of any distractions that might take my focus off of the things I need to learn. Let my mind and body be well-rested for the day of my exams, so I can have mental alertness and clear memory for everything I have studied. Amen.

Healing from Illness Prayer
Our Almighty God, You are the Giver of Life and You are the Great Healer. Praiseworthy are Your miraculous works and awesome wonders. Truly there is nothing impossible for Your Mighty Hands. I humbly come before You, praying You will grant my request for physical healing. If it is Your will, please grant me complete healing from my ailment and full relief from the pains of my sickness. Help me, O Lord, to fully recover physically, and let my life be a testimony of Your goodness and grace. Amen.

Healing of Emotional Pain Prayer
Our Loving Father, You have faithfully cared for us, consistently lifting us up when we are down and constantly consoling us when we are in pain. I come to Your loving arms for comfort, seeking healing from my emotional pains. Flood my aching heart with the truth of Your ever-present and boundless love and fill it with joy and confidence in the hope of Your promises. Wake me up with Your comforting fellowship, fill my day with Your joyful presence, and let my night be peaceful in Your promises. Amen.

Financial Difficulties Prayer
Our Gracious Father, You are the Great Provider Who supplies our every need according to Your glorious riches. I kneel before You, humbly asking for Your Gracious Hand in this time of financial difficulty. Grant us the wisdom to better manage our finances and lead us to ways we can augment our income so that we can meet our financial obligations. Help us set our priorities right and not be wasteful of Your blessings. We thank You, Our Lord, for, despite our difficulty, You have never failed to provide our needs. Amen.

Resolving Personal Conflict Prayer
Heavenly Father, You are a Just God, fair in Your dealings and impartial with Your judgments. I pray for Your wisdom and guidance as I try to resolve a personal conflict I have with someone. Guide my words to be gentle and assuring and not confrontational. Be with me in my tone, so my true message can be heard, Lord. Teach me to overcome evil with continual goodness. Help me to patiently show persistent kindness even when hostility is shown to me. Bless me, O God, with the patience to graciously resolve this conflict with kindheartedness. Amen.

General Prayer for a Special Intention 
Generous and Promise-Keeping God, You are filled with goodness and grace. You bless without fail. You answer according to our best interest. I seek Your wisdom and I seek Your favor as I come before You with this prayer request. (Mention your special intention.) If this will be best for me, I pray that You grant me this desire. If this is something that can truly better my life and bring joy and fulfillment to my life, then grant me the resources and the capability to make this happen. Do not withhold Your favor and do not delay. Amen.

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