10 Powerful Prayers for Guidance in a Relationship

Entering into a new relationship can be a confusing time, but knowing when to leave a relationship can be even more difficult. Here are 10 powerful prayers for guidance in a relationship. Along with the prayers are printable images for you to use or share.

A Prayer for Direction
Father, navigating life is difficult. Even more difficult is navigating a relationship. Lord, You know the complexities of my relationship. There are so many emotions invested. Feelings are everywhere. I pray for some clarity and discernment. I ask that You would clear up for me all questions. Remove the emotional baggage and help me to know which path to take. Amen.


New Relationship Prayer
Lord God, You are sovereign and Lord over all things. Nothing happens apart from Your providence. I thank You that You have brought him/her into my life. Yet, as with all new relationships, discernment can be lacking. It is easy for us to fall into sin and become in over our heads. Therefore as I thank You for this new relationship, I pray that You would guard our hearts and keep us from all sin. Give us the spirit of clarity that we might see what clear paths lie ahead of us. Amen.


Next Steps Prayer
God of Light, I give thanks and praise to You that I have found myself in a loving and stable relationship. I feel that I can love and be loved healthily. However, I am unsure of where this relationship is going. I want to take the next steps toward marriage and honoring You, but I do not know what that step should be. Therefore, I pray that You would give me wisdom and guidance. Send trustworthy people into my life who can help me to see which path to take. Lord, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer for Mentorship
Lord Jesus, as in all things, it is good to seek counsel from those who are wise and experienced. I want to be taught and disciple in Your ways, Lord. Send forth good people into my life who can mentor me in the realm of my relationship. Teach them to teach me how I should conduct myself within relationships and what my priorities should be. For all things exist to glorify You, and I want to bring glory to You as well. Amen.


A Prayer to Avoid Temptation
Righteous Savior, I thank You for giving me my girlfriend/boyfriend. They have enriched my life in so many ways, and I want to give You thanks for that. Yet, we both find it so hard to avoid the temptation of sexual sin. It is difficult for us to resist the sexual heat of the flesh. Therefore, Lord, teach us restraint and self-control. Give us Your Spirit to overcome temptation. Help us to have the wisdom to avoid situations where we are both vulnerable. For we both seek to live according to Your word. Amen.


A Prayer for Marriage Discernment
O God, my Strength, You created marriage as the ultimate icon of Your love for Your people. Therefore, I want to honor and uphold marriage as You have intended. As I find myself in this relationship, I want to be focused on marriage. Lord, prepare my heart to enter into this marital covenant. Give me wisdom and strength to proceed as necessary as Your word entails. Help us both to prepare and take this as seriously as You do. In Your great mercy. Amen.


Toxic Relationship Prayer
Merciful God, I come to You seeking Your infinite wisdom. I have found myself amid a highly toxic relationship. I know in my inmost being that this is not good for either of us, but I have no idea how to get out. Like a dog returning to its vomit, so too do we both return to this relationship. Lord, give us both the courage and mutual respect to end this relationship with dignity if it cannot be redeemed. If there is any redemption possible in this relationship, let it be known. Otherwise, destroy it like You do all idols. Amen.


Prayer for Proposal
Lord God, I thank You through my Lord Jesus, for You have given me a most wonderful partner. I want to make him/her my spouse, Lord, yet I am petrified to take this step. Therefore, I pray that You would make me bold and fearless. Help me to have the courage and ambition necessary to propose marriage. Give me the wisdom to know the right time and place, and, should he/she say yes, help me to be mentally and financially ready for the next steps. Amen.


Prayer for Reconciliation
Almighty God, although we get a glimpse of Your glory in our relationships in this world, there is also the brokenness that is caused by sin. This brokenness has manifested itself in our relationship. We are currently in a bad place. We have not loved You, nor one another, as You have commanded. I do not know how to reconcile what has been said and done. Lord, open Your word to me. Speak Your wisdom into my soul. Teach me through Your word how I should move forward. Give me a heart that is quick to forgive and move on. Lord, in Your mercy. Amen.


Discerning Children Prayer
Loving God, it is ordained as a part of marriage that children might be brought forth. Therefore, as we are contemplating the prospect of getting married, we ought to be discussing our openness to children and how we might approach the raising of children. Lord, help to make the lines of communication in this relationship clear. Give us clarity and honesty in our discussions about marriage and children, remembering always the true foundations of marriage. As we prepare for the wedding, help us to seek out the good and willing mentors who can help us in discussing the possibilities of children and child-rearing. Amen.


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