11 Encouraging Prayers for Back to School

Going back to school can be exciting, but it can also bring with it worry about the school year. Here are 11 of the most encouraging prayers for back to school.

Lead Their Way Prayer
Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of children and grandchildren. The holidays have been wonderful and full of your blessings. Lord, as they go back to school today, be their light, guide, and protector. Shine your grace on them and give them your Holy Spirit to be with them at every moment. We dedicate their studies to your able hands so that you may help them achieve their goals this school year. We thank you, Lord, for their knowledge. Bless them as they go back to school and lead their way. Amen.

Make the Right Decisions Prayer
Heavenly Father, I am thankful for your blessings on me. Your sustenance and your grace have given me the strength to be here today. As I go back to school, lead me in the path that I should follow. Help me make the right decisions and to do what is right. Help me surround myself with the right friends and act in a way that makes you proud. I pray that I learn all my subjects well in school so I may pass all my tests and achieve my dreams. May your guiding hand show me the way. Amen.

Provision Prayer
Dear God, we pray for these children today as they go back to school. Provide for them everything they need, for you are their father. They trust in you for their health, strength, courage, understanding, food, and clothing. May they never lack what they need to go back to school and complete their studies. You are Abbah Father, and you can provide whatever these children need. Provide for them what they ask, in love, so they may go to school and learn comfortably. Amen.

Protection Prayer
Heavenly Father, I pray for my child as she/he goes back to school today. I will not be with her/him throughout the day and I am worried about her/his safety. Because I trust in you and your ability to do what you promise you will do. I leave my child in your hands and I have faith that she/he will be protected. Please cover her/him in your blood and watch over her/him throughout the time in school. May my child walk confidently knowing she/he is protected by you because you are Lord. Amen.

Dedication Prayer
Dear Lord, I come before your holy presence, bringing my children to you. You commanded that all the children should be brought to you, and here I am, Lord, dedicating these children to your worthy service. Under your wings, hide them from evil. Bless their brains, their bodies, and their hearts. Fill them with readiness to learn at school. Back at school, help them keep the faith that I have taught them. Amen.

Success Prayer
Lord, I am thankful for a wonderful day that is full of the light and the beauty of everything you created. As I go back to school today, I pray that the same beauty follows me everywhere I go. May I blossom and grow to be the greatest version of myself that I have ever dreamed of. I pray that your grace and mercy be with me every day at school. Bless my friends also, as they go back to school, that we may all learn and be successful as you want us to be. I know your plan for my life is great, and I am excited to continue to follow you and discover what you have in store for me. Amen.

Role Model Prayer
Christ Lord, I give you thanks for my career as a teacher, oh Lord. You have blessed me to be a teacher, just as you were to so many. Today as we go back to school, grant me the knowledge and wisdom like that of Solomon, to help me guide these children in the right way. May I be a good role model. Make them and their parents proud of me and proud to have me as an instrument in their children’s lives. I pray that they understand what I am trying to teach them. I pray that they grow to find meaning in their own lives. Bless our school, bless our children, and bless me, Lord. Amen.

Wisdom Prayer
Our Father, our Lord, you who possesses all knowledge and power, we ask for the gift of wisdom at this moment as the children go back to school. May they be able to make the right decisions on their own and learn to ask for help from their teachers, oh Lord. We ask that you provide them with the ability to discern right from wrong. Keep them out of trouble and make them become the friend that all the children what to have. As they go back to school, we pray that these children be assured of your unending love. Amen.

Give Me Strength Prayer
God, I thank you for blessing me with having the opportunity to study in a good school. As I go back to school for this next semester, I pray for your guidance and strength to keep so that I work hard even when it seems tough. There are many challenges at school, and I am tempted to relax when I am not supposed to. Help me know that you are with me and I am going to make it through no matter what. Be my motivator and provider. Amen.

Be Our Driver Prayer
Dear God, today, all the roads are heading back to school and I would like to pray for your protection. Be our driver of the school buses, the cars, the bikes, and all the other ways we will be using to get to school today. May we be safe as we go back to school and protected by your blood. As you guided and protected the Israelites in the desert, please be with us and get us safely to and from school. Amen.

Teachers and Administrators Prayer
Heavenly God, we are thankful for the teachers and the administration of this school as well as the staff that help our children be comfortable when learning. We ask for your grace and mercy to be showered upon them. Please crown them with your wisdom, for we believe they are your anointed ones. May they be supportive and loving to our children as they report back to school. Love them and provide for them their lives’ desires. Lord, teach them to be good role models and counselors to our children academically, socially and spiritually. Amen.

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