11 Powerful Prayers for Blessings

Our God is a good God who blesses us every day of our lives. Here are 11 powerful prayers for blessings.

Prayer for Blessings
Jesus, Righteous Lord, You are the God of all mercy and it is Your desire to richly bless Your children. I pray that You anoint my head with blessings and make Your face shine upon me, Lord Jesus. Pour out Your Spirit on me and let me dwell with You in Your house all the days of my life. Bless all of my days on this earth and bless all of my comings and goings. In Your precious name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for the Blessing of Protection
All-Powerful Father, You are my strong tower and You are almighty in power. You are my refuge and my strength. I pray that You guard me, Lord, and uphold me with Your righteous right hand. Put up a hedge of protection around me. Bless me with the confidence that comes from the security of hiding in the shadow of Your wings. Be with me in all that I do and in all the conversations I have. Keep me safe from the snares of Satan. Amen.

Prayer for the Protection of My Son
God of Heaven’s Armies, please send Your angels to encamp around my son. I know that he will face many challenges as he grows up. Be with him wherever he goes. Bless him with Your presence and put on him the full armor of You, God. Be a very present help to him in times of trouble, whether they be struggles against his flesh and blood, or against powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil. I pray that whenever he is feeling attacked or under pressure, he finds salvation in You. Keep him safe and keep his eyes on You, almighty God. Amen.

Prayer for Protection of My Faith
God of Enduring Faithfulness, protect me in my faith from the devil who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Fortify my mind and spirit so that I give no opportunity to the devil. Shield my thoughts from the lies of the enemy and from the deceitfulness of sin. Help me to walk by the Spirit and in the Spirit and keep me from being misled or tempted by my unbelief. I know that You are with me and for me. I believe, God. Help my unbelief. Give me the ultimate blessing of faith. Amen.

Prayer for Grace Without Measure
Compassionate and Gracious God, You say that where sin has increased, grace has increased all the more. Thank You for more than enough grace to cover my sinfulness. Please continue to pour out Your abundant grace on my life. Make my cup to overflow to the glory of God. I know that life is found in You, God, and I ask for the blessing of being counted as one of Your children. Let me taste and see that You are good. Fill me with the grace I need to live in this world and to serve others in Your image. Amen.

Prayer for the Blessing of Grace for My Coworkers
God of Loving Devotion, I pray that You would be with my coworkers and bless them with Your beautiful gift of grace as they seek to do their work. Let their conversations be always full of grace and seasoned with salt so that they communicate with each other and customers in a way that reflects Your goodness. Whenever they are feeling short-tempered or tired, please be with them all the more. Help us all, in whatever we do, to work heartily for You, knowing that we will receive our inheritance from You as our reward. Amen.

Prayer for the Blessing of Guidance
Wonderful Counselor, You say that You will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. You say You will counsel me with Your loving eye on me. Do this for me, Lord Jesus. Bless me with Your guidance and wisdom during this season of my life and make my paths straight. Show me how to delight in Your law and Your word, precious Savior. Give me the time I need to be with You and to study Your scriptures. I know that the words of eternal life are with You, Lord Jesus, and so is Your truth. Let Your word be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Keep my eyes fixed on You all the days of my life. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance for My Son/Daughter
Sovereign Lord, I pray that You bless my child as he/she seeks to navigate the difficult times of his/her life. Life in today’s society with the fast pace and pressure has been hard for him/her, Lord, and he/she needs You to be with him/her. Bless my child richly, Lord. Give him/her the wisdom he/she needs. You say to train up a child in the way he should go so that even when he is old, he will not depart from it. I have tried to do that, Lord, so that he/she will walk by Your side. Please prompt my child to turn to You and to Your word and to Christian leaders for guidance. Thank You for the many ways You have blessed my child up until now. Please continue to do so. Amen.

Prayer to Glorify God at Work
Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth, I pray that You bless the work of my hands and make it abound to You. Thank You for this job, for my boss, and for all of my coworkers. I pray that each day I glorify You in my work. You tell me to commit my work to You and that Your plan will be established. Dear Father, I commit my work to You. Please bless me with opportunities to advance and grow in my role and career. Thank You, Father, for all the ways You have blessed me in my life. In Your Son, Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for the Blessing of My House
Precious Holy Spirit, please bless our house with Your peace. May the walls of this house know nothing of sadness, bitterness, or despair. May it be a house filled with the presence of the Almighty, where friends gather, and laughter is often heard. May it be a house where children run and play, and neighbors are welcomed and loved. Pour out Your Holy Spirit and bless this house. In this house, mighty God, we will serve the Lord all the days of our lives. Amen.

Prayer of Blessing for My Spouse
Lord of Unfailing Love, I pray You bless my spouse in every way. Pour out the goodness and kindness from Your storehouse of grace upon his/her life. Anoint his/her head with the oil of salvation and make his/her heart dance with joy from Your presence. Let him/her feel Your Holy Spirit indwell within him/her and help him/her to truly and deeply understand that his/her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. He/She works so hard, Lord, so I also pray that You bless him/her with rest and give him/her the desires of his/her heart. Amen.

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