11 Powerful Prayers for Judgment

Here are the 11 most powerful prayers for judgment.

A Prayer for Discernment
Our Father in Heaven, life presents us with many problems. It can be very difficult to discern Your will in all matters, and I am afraid I will make the wrong choices or be deceived. Lord, grant me sound discernment. Give me the wisdom to understand how to apply Your Word to my life. Protect me from the pit of error and bring my confusion to an end. Grant this, O Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to Remain in Your Will
Lord, look upon me and pity Your servant. For it grieves my heart to know that I may not be walking according to Your will. If it seems to You that I am straying off the path, correct me, Lord. Illuminate my feet by Your word that my steps would be sure, and my judgment sound. Protect me from the depths of the pit. For You care for me, Lord, and You desire all to be saved. In Your mercy, hear me, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Judgment in Temptation
Father, my spirit is willing, but my flesh is wounded and weak. The temptations of the world lurk behind every corner, and there is no escape. Keep me in Your hands, Father, and protect me from falling into the hands of my enemies. Give me good judgment, lest I fall for the tricks of the Devil. Cast away all evil from me, Lord, and cleanse me of all sin. I ask this in the name of Your son, Jesus. Amen.

A Prayer for Choosing a Vocation
Lord God, in Your wisdom You have given every person things to do. You have given us all gifts and have presented us all with choices about how to best use Your gifts in service to You and to our neighbors. Lord, grant us wisdom and sound judgment as we seek a vocation. Help us to understand our gifts. Help us to use our gifts for Your glory. For You are glorified in all our doings. Amen.

A Prayer to Avoid Offense
Lord, I want to glorify You with everything I do in my life. Yet, there are times when I struggle to find the right words. Instead of helping my neighbor through my words, I can sometimes hurt them. Lord, I pray that You would tame my tongue and give me the right words to say. I pray that You would give me the judgment to know if and when to speak at all. I seek to build others up and bring glory to You, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer against Poor Judgment
Lord Jesus, You have redeemed us. You have given us new hearts and enlightened our darkened minds. We pray daily that we might possess Your mind, O Christ. Therefore, cast away the ignorance of my youth and impart on me the light of Your wisdom, the wisdom which illuminates all things. Help me approach life with Your wisdom, Lord. Lead me away from poor judgment, and help me to apply sound reason. In Your name, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer for Godliness
Faithful God, we are by no means worthy of Your presence. We are often slanderers of others. We cast judgment upon our neighbor while we are guilty of worse things. Lord, help us to live not as hypocrites, but as faithful stewards of Your many gifts. Control our deceitful tongues and our judgmental eyes. Sober our minds, Lord, that we harbor no delusions about ourselves. Instead, help us to see our sins, that we might more clearly be able to see the sins of others and bring them the good news of salvation. Amen.

A Prayer for Sound Reasoning
Lord, it is so often difficult to remember the wonderful gifts You have given us. Of these gifts, a sound and sober mind is so easy to overlook. Sometimes the most wonderful gifts You give us are the ones we so easily take for granted. Father, give me gratitude for your gifts. Enlighten my mind through Your Holy Spirit. Quicken me by Your word and give me mental stability and wisdom to gain understanding in my life. Help me to reason well, that I might remain steadfast in Your word and will. For You live and reign with the Son and Holy Spirit, now and evermore. Amen.

A Prayer for Preservation
Father, many seeds are planted, but few will sprout. Therefore, preserve us in the truth of Your word. Provide us with nurturing soil and protect us from the suffocation of sin and the Devil. Give us the right judgment and show us Your clear guiding path. Close the doors in our lives that lead to destruction, and open doors that lead to life and opportunity to further Your kingdom. Protect the borders of our hearts, and preserve our faith in You. Amen.

A Prayer to Know Your Will
Lord Jesus, You teach us to pray that heaven would manifest on earth. Yet, I often am perplexed about how to apply this to my own life. I am presented each day with choices, and I am unsure how to judge each circumstance. Lord, help me to discern Your will. Speak to me through Your word, that my heart might be rightly formed. Illuminate my mind and speak truth into my life. Give me a renewed mind in Your spirit, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to Restrain the Flesh
Lord God, I am altogether impulsive. I have difficulty thinking things through before I act on them, and I sometimes end up causing far more damage. I so often act solely out of emotion and rarely stop to consider the extent of my actions and reactions. Lord, give me the patience and wisdom to know how to properly react. Help me to consider my neighbor and not my offense. For I desire to reflect Your goodness in all my ways, Lord. Amen.

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