11 Powerful Prayers for Mental Illness

Depression hurts. Being bipolar hurts. Anxiety hurts. An eating disorder hurts. Here are 11 powerful prayers for you to pray for yourself if you are dealing with these types of issues, or to pray for a loved one who is suffering.

Prayer for All People Suffering from Mental Illness
Lord of goodness and grace, we pray for Your special touch on all of those people everywhere who are suffering from mental illness. Help them to not despair, but to trust in Your mighty healing hand. Help them find good doctors and therapists who will give them proper treatment. Help them to find medication that relieves their symptoms without adverse side effects and help them remain on their counseling and medication regime. Amen.

A Mother’s Prayer for Child’s Mental Illness
God of compassion, I come to You in intercession for my child’s needs. Help me to get him the help he needs for this mental illness with therapy and physicians and medications. Help me find the best school for him, where he will be understood. Help me to be patient with him, even during his distressing symptoms, or when he’s refusing to stick with his therapy plan. Help me to find help for myself, so I can be a good mother and deal with all the stress. Amen.

Prayer for Healing and Recovery of Loved One
O Lord, who restores, I intercede for my loved one who is the victim of mental illness. So much has been stolen from her, and in the name of Jesus, I am taking it back! Lord, I pray for Your provision of healing and recovery from this awful disease. Whether through medical intervention or miracle intervention or both, please heal her and restore her to perfect soundness of mind and body. Amen.

Prayer for Joy for Loved One
My God of unspeakable joy, I bring to You my loved one who is mentally ill. When he is despondent and despairing of life, I pray You would flood him with heavenly joy. May Your joy overtake him, and sorrow and sighing flee away. Make his joy complete as he turns to Your Word and claims Your promises. Turn his thoughts from negativity to confident hope. Amen.

Prayer for Loved One Suffering from Depression
O Lord, the Lifter of our heads, please reach out Your healing hand to my loved one suffering from depression. Give her the resolve to get out of bed and get physically active outdoors in the sunshine, so her spirits are lifted. When she wants to withdraw into herself, give her the strength to seek out friends and family, and engage socially. Help her take the steps she needs to take and get the help she needs to overcome the symptoms of this disease. Amen.

Prayer for Loved One Suffering from Anxiety
Lord of peace, please help my loved one who suffers from an anxiety disorder. Enable him to overcome the crippling fear and anxiety that are distorting his thoughts and disturbing his life. May all racing thoughts, lack of concentration, and restlessness leave, and may the tranquility of the Holy Spirit fill his mind and spirit. May all worry and feelings of impending doom leave now, and may he trust firmly in Your provision and care. Amen.

Prayer for Loved One Fighting an Eating Disorder
Gracious Father, I pray for my loved one to have victory over this eating disorder that is hurting her. Give her victory over any shame that is contributing to this disease. May she feel positive about herself and her body. May she find a good physician, a good therapist, and a good dietician that can put her firmly on the road to recovery. Amen.

Prayer that I Will be Healed of Mental Illness
Lord my Overcomer, I ask You for deliverance from this mental illness. The adversary has come to steal, kill, and destroy my health and well-being, but I thank You that Jesus came to bring abundant life. I pray for abundant health to flow through my spirit, my mind, and my body. I pray for the immediate release of all symptoms of this disease. Thank You for rescuing me. Amen.

Prayer for Healing from Depression
Father of lights, I pray for healing for this depression that is draining my energy, my drive, and my hope. I know there are things I need to do to feel better, but just thinking about them seems exhausting. Lord, help me take the first step. And when that first step is taken, help me take the next and the next. Lead me to that place where this fog will lift, and I will feel lighter, happier, healthier, and in control. Amen.

Prayer for God to Deliver Me from Anxiety
God, my Peace-giver, I pray for this anxiety that has been afflicting my mind and emotions to be evicted. May all nervous behaviors, unpleasant feelings, and this pervading sense of uneasiness to leave now. Help me overcome this tension and issues with concentration. Help me be intentional in changing my thought patterns through meditation on Your Word, prayer, and trust in You, and claiming Your promises over my life. Amen.

Prayer for My Freedom from Bipolar Disorder
My Lord and my Rescuer, I pray that You free me from this prison of bipolar disorder. Deliver me from these cycles of depression and inertia, followed by hyper-active manic behaviors. Help me to be able to sit still and chill when I need to. Deliver me from impulsive, reckless behaviors. Deliver me from the apathy, extreme sadness, hopelessness, and desire for isolation that accompany depressive stages. Give me even and stable emotions. Amen.

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