11 Short Prayers for Strength, Courage and Guidance

Having the strength and courage during times of difficulty requires you to seek the Lord. Here are 11 short prayers for strength, courage, and guidance.

Prayer for Deliverance
O my Deliverer, I humbly come before You Lord, seeking Your help in my distress. You are the God of my strength and a Stronghold in whom I trust. I will call upon You because You are my Deliverer and Strength. You are the only One who can give me what that I need to survive in the chaos that is my life. I am overwhelmed; deliver me, Lord, from my distress. Amen.

Prayer for Bold Strength
Compassionate and Gracious Lord, my current situation has left me weak and helpless. Lord, if You don’t intervene, I know I will not be able to go on. King David said he cried out to You, and You answered and gave him bold strength for his soul. Father, this is what I am seeking, please strengthen me in my soul with boldness so I can carry-on. Amen.

Prayer for Prevailing Strength
Heavenly Father, I have no one in Heaven but You. There is no one here on earth who can give me the strength I need. My strength is failing, but You God are the strength for my heart that will get me through this trial. I know there are many traps and distractions in my life, but with Your help, I can keep my eyes set on You, and I will prevail with Your strength! Amen.

Prayer for Direction
All-knowing Lord, I bring my plans before You and ask for You to direct my path so I may walk in Your ways. I know that Your ways are best, even when I do not understand them. I lay my plans and thoughts before You seeking Your guidance. Please help me to see the things that are Your will and purpose for my existence on this earth. I surrender all of my plans to Your wisdom and master plan. Amen.

Prayer for Rescue
Most Powerful God, You have stood by and strengthened Your children throughout time and have never failed us. I depend upon that faithfulness as I cry out to You now. Lord, stand with me in the gap of my wall. I feel my defenses will fall if You do not come to my rescue. Help me to rebuild my broken wall so I can be secure in You again. Amen.

Prayer for Courage
Merciful and Forgiving Lord, I know I should be more courageous at this point in my walk with You, forgive me. I know who You are and have seen You do great things. Joshua’s story from the Bible shows that he needed courage, and You provided everything required to accomplish Your will. This story reveals a beautiful truth, You, Lord, are with us wherever we go. Help me to live a life that demonstrates Your presence. Amen.

Prayer for His Presence
Faithful Lord, I have read through Your Word searching for the courage and the strength I need for the coming days. I found encouragement in the beautiful words of King Hezekiah. He told the people not to fear the King of Assyria because You were with them in their battle and would help them to fight. I have a battle ahead and need the strength of Your presence to make it through. Thank you for Your faithfulness. Amen.

Prayer for Trust
Jesus, my Savior, I struggle to find the strength and courage needed to face the difficulties surrounding me. I know fear must be a common emotion because You talk of it often in Your Word. I know my faith is small, but I come before You with all I have. Please help me trust You and take You at Your Word. Help me stand on the promise that You will be my Strength. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance
O Eternal God, thank you for watching over me. Thank you that I can come to Your throne boldly. You have told me that You will teach me and guide me with Your eye. Lord, my life is before You, turn Your eye upon me. Guide me and direct my steps so that I will be in the center of Your will for my life. My plans are before You; please help me align them with Your plans. Amen.

Prayer for Decisions
Gracious Father, You are my God, the same God who parted the sea, and Your children walked through on the dry ground. Here I stand, and before me, I have a sea of decisions, behind me the enemy. I have made a battle plan, and I lay it before You. Your Word promises if I acknowledge You, then You will direct my path. Lord, help me make the right decisions to move forward in Your purpose for my life. Amen.

Prayer for My Thoughts
Sovereign Lord, I cry out to You now, Your child bought by the blood of Christ. I seek Your guidance and will for my life. Precious Holy Spirit, I pray that You would guide my thoughts in the way I should walk. My mind is overwhelmed right now, and it’s hard for me to think clearly. For this reason, I come in the name of Jesus and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide me and lead me. Amen.

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