21 Short Simple Bedtime Prayers for Toddlers

Teaching your children bedtime prayers will ensure they consistently seek after the Lord before they lay their heads to sleep at night. These 21 short and simple bedtime prayers for toddlers are the perfect examples of the types of prayers you can teach them to recite.

The Lord’s Prayer
Father in heaven, Your Name is holy.
Please bring Your kingdom close to me.
May I love and obey You, God so true,
Just like the angels in heaven do.
Give me food to eat every day.
And forgive all of my sins, I pray.
I’ll forgive others in the same way.
From bad things, please keep me away.
For the kingdom belongs to You,
The power and glory also do.

Thank You Prayer
Father God, to You I pray.
Thank You for blessing me today.
Thank You for Your constant love,
And protecting me from up above.
Thank You for my Mom and Dad,
Whose care for me makes me glad.
Thank You for good food to eat,
Clothes to wear, shoes for my feet.
Bless me as I sleep tonight.
Watch over me ‘til morning light.

Angels Guard Me Prayer
Dear God, as I lay down my head,
May angels guard me in my bed.
Help me do what Mom and Dad say,
And so carefully Your Word obey.
Help me to be kind and sweet,
To every person I shall meet.
Help me love as You love me,
To shine Your light so all can see.
And now, dear God, I take my rest.
Thank You that in You I’m blessed.

Sleep in Peace Prayer
Heavenly Father, when You are near,
I sleep in peace and have no fear.
Thank You for Your love so strong,
And helping me know right from wrong.
I thank You for the sun so bright,
That makes me warm and gives me light.
Thank You for moon and stars above,
And Mommy & Daddy, whom I love.
Help me always follow You,
In everything I say and do.
I love You God, and You love me,
So in Your arms I’ll always be.

God of Endless Love Prayer
You made the world, the stars, the sun,
And all the people, everyone.
All of us belong to You,
Faithful God, forever true.
Lead me by Your truth and teach me,
God of endless love and mercy.
My Lord, I give my life to You,
What You tell me I will do.
My Lord, You’re good, You do what’s right.
Keep me safe both day and night.

Psalm 27 Prayer
You’re my Savior, You are my light.
You are my Lord, You’re my delight.
You lift me up; hold my head high.
You always hear me when I cry.
This one thing I ask, my Savior dear,
Always be with me, always be near.
I want to live in Your house forever.
Don’t leave me alone, no not ever.
Teach me, lead me, hold me close.
You’re the One who loves me most.

Stars of Light Prayer
Stars of light, stars so bright,
Created by my God of might.
You also made the moon and sun,
To shine down on us, everyone.
You made Mom and Dad, my family dear,
You help me grow from year to year.
Father of light in the heavens above,
Thank You for covering me with Your love.
Now on my pillow, I lay down my head,
Please bless my sleep and the day ahead.
Tomorrow when the day is new,
May I honor You in all I do.

The Moon’s Soft Glow Prayer
Through the window the moon’s soft glow,
Reminds me of the One I know.
Your gentle whisper, from up above,
Tells me of Your care and love.
Thank You, Father, God of light,
That through the night You hold me tight.
I know that soon I’ll see the sun,
And have another day of fun.
So now I close my eyes and sleep,
Resting in Your love so deep.

God of Wonder Prayer
God of wonder, God of grace,
Even when I can’t see Your face,
I know You are here, You’re all around,
In Your arms of care, I am found.
Your angels’ watch around me keep,
All through the night as I sleep.
Under Your wings, soft as a dove,
I rest in Your unending love.
Thank You, Father, Holy One,
I rest in You, now the day is done.

Nighttime Prayer
As I kneel down before You here at my bed,
I thank You, God, that by Your hand I’m fed.
You bless me all of my nights and days.
You are always good in all of Your ways.
So to You I lift my nighttime prayer,
I thank You that You are everywhere.
Always caring, always keeping,
Even when at night I’m sleeping.
Father God, to You I raise,
A song of thanks, a song of praise.

The Sun Has Set Prayer
The sun has set, the stars are out,
The moon is shining all about.
My God of mercy, God of grace,
I come to You, I seek Your face.
Bless Mom and Dad, bless me tonight,
As we lie sleeping in Your sight.
And when the morning sun shines clear,
Then bless our new day, Father dear.
Help me obey and do what is right.
And always walk in Your love and light.

I Know You’re Real Prayer
Heavenly Father, as on my bed I lay still,
I can’t see You with my eyes, but I know You’re real.
You’re above me, You’re below me, You’re everywhere,
Even in the dark of night, even then You are there.
In the glow of the moon,
Or the bright light at noon,
Wherever I am, there You are too.
I can never be away from You.
Thank You for Your love and care,
Thank You that You hear my prayer.

Day Is Done Prayer
The stars are glowing, and the day is done.
I pray to You God, oh Holy One.
Help me to follow You and obey,
in all that I do, and in every way.
Help me learn more about You every year,
And always remember that You are near.
In the morning, in the new day,
May I do everything You say.
God of glory, God of light,
You are all around all through the night.

Sing Praise Prayer
God, Creator of heaven and the earth,
You’ve cared for me since my birth.
I sing praise to You, God most high,
Looking down at me from the sky.
I give praise to You with all my heart.
Help me always do my part
To share Your love, Your truth, Your light
With those still waiting in the night.
Now I sleep until morning is new,
I will be glad and rejoice in You,
In the name of Jesus Christ the Son,
Father, Spirit, Three in One.

God of Light Prayer
God of glory, God of light,
I pray to You now in the night.
I count all Your wonderful ways
That You bless me through my days.
You’re my help in times of trouble.
When I call, You come on the double.
I know Your Name, I trust in You,
To guide me in everything I do.
Make me strong to do Your will,
I rest in You, now I’m still.
Hear me now for Your name’s sake,
Watch over me until I wake.

I Seek Your Face Prayer
God of all grace, I seek Your face.
Help me run to win the race
Set before me, so help me see
Only You, not what distracts me.
Help me be kind to everyone,
From morning until setting sun.
Help me be happy and not get mad,
And not do things that make You sad.
Help me sleep all through the night,
Keep me ever in Your sight.
In the name of Jesus Christ I pray,
The life, the truth, the only way.

Awesome Power Prayer
Lord, my Rock, and my Strong Tower,
Thank You for Your awesome power.
It helps me walk in Your awesome way.
It guarded me throughout this day.
It helps me to be more like You,
Serving and loving like You do.
It gives me joy and peace and love,
Thank you for blessings from above.
Bless my sleep, my Lord so true,
All the night may I dream of You.
In the name of Jesus, faithful and true,
Your light and love I’ll always pursue.

Prayer to God My Help
God my Help, my Strength, my Song,
You cared for me all day long.
You teach me how to do what’s right,
You even teach me in the night.
You help me know which way to go.
The path of life to me You show.
In Your love my home I make.
I will not fear, I will not shake.
In the name of Jesus, Holy One,
Hold me close ‘til the rising sun.

Prayer to the King of Kings
Lord of lords, King of kings,
To Your throne my heart sings.
I’m filled with joy in Your presence true,
Happily blessed and known by You.
I bring my prayer at end of day,
Please bend down and hear what I say.
Hide me in the shadow of Your wing.
Keep me safe from everything.
Help me sleep deep and long,
Until it’s time for morning’s song.
In the name of Christ Jesus, Your Son,
I worship You now that day is done.

Show Me Grace Prayer
Father God, Creator of all,
On Your name I’ll always call.
Show me grace and hear my prayer.
You’re good and true and always fair.
At my bed, before You I kneel,
In the dark Your presence is real.
Lead me, Lord, in Your holy way,
At home, at school, and at play.
Help me be honest, good, and kind
And always keep You in my mind.
In the name of Jesus now I pray,
Giving thanks for this blessed day.

Ancient of Days Prayer
Holy Father, Ancient of Days,
Receive my worship and my praise.
Now it’s night, it’s time for bed.
Time for sleep is just ahead.
I bring to You my evening prayer.
I’m glad I’m in Your loving care.
Thank You for teaching me to be good,
Helping me do just what I should,
Keeping me safe from sin and sorrow,
Bringing me a bright tomorrow.
I pray in the name of Jesus, my Savior,
Always thankful for Your favor.

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