15 Powerful Prayers for a Godly Husband

Praying to God about your future husband can bring you peace and reassurance in the waiting. Here are 15 powerful prayers for a Godly Husband.

Prayer for a Spiritual Leader
Wonderful Lord, I pray that You would bring to me a man who will be the spiritual leader of our home and one who builds up Your church. May he be a man of action for Your Kingdom, initiating new studies and programs for spiritual nurture and ministry. May he consider his role as priest of our home to be his chief responsibility. May he hate apathy and passivity in spiritual things and never be lukewarm in his faith. Amen.

Prayer for a Strong and Courageous Man
Lord of Righteousness, unite me with a man who is bold in prayer and unafraid of impossible odds. May he be strong and courageous to take risks and to share his faith with others. May he stand in the gap, and rescue the perishing, and build them up in their newfound faith. And may he be a man who nurtures our children and me, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Amen.

Prayer for a Man Who Speaks the Truth in Love
Upright One, I ask for a husband who fears You and not other people. May he never be silent regarding sin or oppression. May he speak out and defend the rights of those whose voice has been suppressed, for those in desperate straits, for those who need their cause to be brought to light. May he speak the truth in love, with gentleness and reverence. Amen.

Prayer for a Man Who is Steadfast and Immoveable in His Faith
Jesus, Stronghold of my life, lead me to a man who is firm in his faith. May he be discerning and always be on the alert for the attacks of the devil, and always ready to resist the work of the enemy, steadfast and immoveable. May he be a confident over-comer, using his spiritual weapons and depending on You to support him and deliver from evil. Amen.

Prayer for a Man of Humility
Prince of Peace, I long to be married to a man who is humble and who places others as more important than himself. Be pleased to lead me to a man who resists the temptations of pride and serves others with a gentle and tender spirit. May he be a servant-leader, as Your Son Jesus was. May he be one who considers the opinions of others and doesn’t always demand his own way. Amen.

Prayer for a Husband Who Serves God
Great and Awesome God, I pray for a husband whose priority in life is to love and serve You with all his heart, soul, and mind. May he be devoted to living in purity and seeking the higher spiritual life in all its completeness for himself and for our family. May he seek out heavenly things first and earthly things second, so Your business is his most important occupation. Amen.

Prayer for a Man of Perseverance
Everlasting Father, guide me to a man with the quality of perseverance. When he encounters difficult or frustrating situations, may he consider it a joyful challenge to develop perseverance and maturity as he trusts You to guide him through. Lead me to a husband who doesn’t give up when setbacks and failures happen, but turns the tests in his life into a testimony of praise. May he rest in You through stressful times and be thoughtful and Spirit-led about solving problems. Amen.

Prayer for a Husband Devoted to God’s Word
Builder of all things, I ask that You send me a husband who will build our marriage on the truths of Your Scripture. May his attention and focus be on Your Word, and on living in accordance with what the Bible teaches. May he be in the habit of digging into Your Word each day in his own devotional time and a man who can teach and explain the Bible to our children and me. Amen.

Prayer for a Man with a Generous Spirit
God of all grace, please provide me with a husband who has an attitude of giving. May he be devoted to giving tithes and offerings to support the church and mission opportunities around the world, and may he have a generous spirit toward those less fortunate. May he enjoy giving and not be stingy with material possessions or with sharing his time and abilities with others. Amen.

Prayer for a Responsible Husband
Faithful One, unite me with a godly man who is responsible and holds himself accountable for his words and actions. I ask for a man who has the maturity and wisdom to take charge and make thoughtful decisions when we face various situations. When he makes mistakes, may he have the strength of character to admit it, rather than blaming others. And may he be a man that can be relied on to keep his promises. Amen.

Prayer for an Honest Man
God of Hope, I ask You for a Spirit-filled husband who is honest and trustworthy. Guard me against anyone who has a habit of lying or omitting the truth or telling “white lies” to justify his actions. May trust be the foundation of our relationship, so we can both open up with each other and have mutual and enduring commitment. May he be honest in his finances, in his workplace, and with me and our children. Amen.

Prayer for a Good Listener
Abba Father, I ask for a husband who is quick to listen and who takes time to consider his words before he speaks. May he give his attention to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others, and not be one who immediately blurts out something inappropriate. May he be a man who seeks to de-escalate potential conflict by respectfully listening and validating the needs of others. And may he listen to You most of all! Amen.

Prayer for a Husband with a Forgiving Nature
God, my Help, please lead me to a man who is kind and compassionate and quick to forgive. Rather than easily taking offense or holding grudges, may he be understanding and forgiving, so that he can receive Your forgiveness and so his prayers may be answered. May he not hold things inside or become bitter or defensive when others act inappropriately, but rather be a man who chooses the joy of the Lord. Amen.

Prayer for a Husband with a Good Temper
God of Peace, I pray that You lead me to a man who is not given to anger. May he answer gently when others attempt to provoke him. May he walk away from arguments or seek to find a solution to the problem at hand. As he lives the life of a man who is risen with You, may the peace of God rule in his heart, so that it guards him against slipping into a bad temper. Amen.

Prayer for a Man Who Controls His Tongue
Righteous Lord, please bring me a man who controls his tongue. May he use his words to bless You and others, and never to tear down or insult others. May he speak positive confessions over himself and over me and our children, rather than negative words. May he guard against careless words or unwholesome speech or swear words but use his mouth to praise You and speak kindly to others. Amen.

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