15 Powerful Prayers for Job Loss and Employment

Losing a job can leave you feeling vulnerable and worthless. Here are 15 powerful prayers for job loss and employment that will encourage you to keep trying and working towards achieving long term stability and security.

Prayer Regarding Financial Impact
Sovereign Lord, I have lost my job, and I have great concern about the profound effect this will have on many aspects of my finances. I pray that You will assist me with the wisdom and the grace I will need with regard to my personal finances until I can find new employment, in matters like adjusting my budget and figuring out what to do about unemployment benefits and health insurance. Amen.

Prayer for Navigating Through the Next Steps
Lord, my Strong Tower, now that my position has ended, I need Your help in navigating through the next steps. Please guide me on what I need to do and caution me about things I should not do. I pray You will help me in reaching out to my network of people I know in my career field and elsewhere, and finding some good job leads. Amen.

Prayer for Sustaining
Dear Sustainer of my soul, I thank You for being with me in a very real way as I pass through this time of testing. Losing my job has been like losing a part of my identity, and I miss my colleagues, and worry about money, and find myself easily slipping into depression. Please uphold me during this time and give me the strength and confidence I need to get out there and find a new job. Amen.

Prayer Regarding Career Path
Light in the Darkness, I need Your enlightenment as I evaluate my career path, now that my employment has come to an end. Please come alongside me and counsel me regarding the best direction for my career to go. Help me consider the aspects of my former job that I loved and the areas where I excelled. Guide me toward the best career that would put my abilities and interests to work. Amen.

Prayer for Retraining
God of Wisdom, my job has ended and work in this field has pretty much come to a dead end because of changes in the industry. I realize that I need to not only find a new job but also make a change in careers. I pray that You would guide me into a different area of work, and help me get the training and credentials I need for this new career. Amen.

Prayer for Building Resume
Lord my Rock, I’m updating my resume, and everything has changed so much since I last wrote one that I hardly know where to start. Please help me understand and focus on what my potential employers are looking for, and produce a professional and eye-catching document that showcases my skills and experience and accomplishments to the fullest. Help me avoid errors and unnecessary wording, and I pray that my resume will effectively lead to interviews and employment. Amen.

Prayer for Contacts and References
Heavenly Father, You know how important it is for me in my job search to have good contacts for job leads, and positive references to use when I am applying for work. I pray that You will help me effectively build up key contacts that I know in my field, and also that my former colleagues and supervisors will be happy to provide references for me. I pray for favor in this area. Amen.

Prayer to Enhance Skills and Knowledge
Sovereign Ruler, now that I am unemployed and looking for new work, please be my faithful teacher in what I need to learn. Help me to brush up on the skills necessary in my field, and to learn important information about my industry so I can present myself as an expert in this area. Help me to read and absorb the key publications in my field so that I can present myself as a useful asset and ace any interviews I may have. Amen.

Prayer for Strategic Applications
Ancient of Days, I pray that You will give me clear insight as I embark on this process of submitting applications for a new job, now that I have lost my position. Help me to focus my time and attention in preparing professional and excellent applications for openings that are an ideal fit. Help me to appropriately customize my resume and cover letter, and I pray that You bring them to the attention of those who are hiring. Amen.

Prayer for Confidence
Oh God my Fortress, losing my job has been like having a rug pulled out from under me. I find myself doubting my ability, second-guessing my actions, and wondering if I’ll ever find satisfactory employment. Lord, please boost my confidence, so that I have the strength to press on. Remind me of all that I can offer a new employer, and help me be able to articulate that clearly in applications and interviews. Amen.

Prayer for Help with Stress
God of Peace, please flood me with Your peace that passes understanding, and help me to release this stress that is affecting my mind and actions while I’m searching for a new job. Please minimize the financial impact of my job loss and help me to place my focus on You, for You alone are my strength. May the peace of Christ rule in my heart and mind. Amen.

Prayer for Appropriate Action and Mindset
Lord of Hosts, I confess that I have been wallowing in self-pity rather than being proactive and preparing myself to reenter the job market and replace the job I have lost. Help me turn things around and take the appropriate action I need to find new employment. Help me to focus on a bright future, rather than mourning what has been lost. Help me reign in negative emotions and concentrate on an effective action plan. Amen.

Prayer for Reaching Out
Lord my Stronghold, losing my job has been a devastating blow to my self-esteem, and I’ve been embarrassed to let my family and friends know. However, I realize that it’s important to get the word out there so I can get some solid leads and ideas. Please help me overcome my pride and reach out and let people know what has happened. And may I receive the help I need to find a new job. Amen.

Prayer for Personal Development
O Spring of Living Water, now that I’m unemployed, I pray that You will help me use this time of transition in my life to cultivate personal development in all areas – spiritually and emotionally, as well as acquiring new knowledge that will enhance my future career. Help me invest wisely in workshops or courses that will make me more marketable, as well as spending quality time in Your Word and prayer. Amen.

Prayer for What to Say in an Interview
Wonderful Lord, I thank You that even though my last job ended, Your favor is over me in this job-seeking process. I thank You that I have been invited to interview, and now I ask for Your divine counsel as I prepare. Help me know how to communicate optimistically and energetically, and how I can champion my skill set and explain how it can be used in this new role. Amen.

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