15 Uplifting Prayers for a Baby Girl

Babies are such a beautiful and blessed addition to a family. Here are 15 of the most uplifting prayers for a baby girl.

Blessing Prayer
Dear Lord, thank you for this bundle of joy. May she be a blessing to this family and may she be blessed. As we raise her, oh God, we pray for your guidance and protection so that we may lead her in your ways and keep her from harm’s way. Keep her under your wings and hide her from the face of evil. May our baby girl be a manifestation of your glory. Amen.

Life of Laughter Prayer
Heavenly Father, you have blessed our lives with a pretty baby girl whose innocent face and daily laughter remind us of your good intentions for us. We pray that our baby girl continues having this laughter all through her life. may it be filled with your blessings and grace that will always light up her face. Lead her to you oh Lord, and may she dwell in your place. Amen.

Believer in Your Word Prayer
God, we are grateful for the blessing of a baby girl. You choose whom to bless and the time to bless them. We honor your name and ask that you help us to raise this baby girl in your ways. May we show her and teach her how to be a believer in your word. May she know that it is only you who never fails. Your promises are true and holy. Amen.

Protection Prayer
Dear Lord, I present this baby girl to you today. I bind her in the blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. May you be with her wherever she goes. Shine your light in the darkness for this dear child. Do not let her get lost in the ways of the world or be consumed by the evil ways of mortals. I ask in your name for protection and guidance for this sweet child. Amen.

Give Me Strength Prayer
Dear Lord, I believe it is you who has made me grow from when I was a little girl/boy and now I am the mother/father of this beautiful baby girl. May you give me the same strength and wisdom you gave my mother/father to raise my baby in the right way. May I be able to provide for her needs, and may your love be my comfort. Teach both my baby and me to love you more and more. Amen.

Joy Bringer Prayer
Heavenly Father, this baby that you sent into this world is an angel who brings joy to the faces of her parents every day. May this baby girl live to bring the same joy to others as she grows up. Help her go through school, through her career, and through her life in your grace and with lots of success. Lord, this baby needs your help. May she live to fulfill what you created her for and be a testimony to your greatness. Amen.

Fulfill Her Heart Prayer
Dear Lord Jesus, I am on my knees today, thanking you and praising you for finding me worthy of a blessing such as this. I hold this baby girl and testify that you are a promise keeper, a faithful God who never fails. May you bless my baby girl, Lord, that she may always fulfill her heart’s desires. May she achieve what she dreams of and may she know that you are a faithful God. Work wonderful miracles in her life. Amen.

Be Her Father Prayer
Dear God, you are the father of the fatherless. You raised your own son to believe and obey you at all times. I pray that you be the father of my baby girl. May you teach her what is right and how to walk in your light. May she grow to love me and adore you as you love us unconditionally. I pray that I never give her a reason to doubt my love or make her walk away from your light. Hold my hand as I raise my baby girl, Lord. Amen.

Fight Her Battles Prayer
Christ Jesus, you commanded that all the children be brought to you. Now, I bring this baby girl to you, oh Lord, that you may be her protector, teacher, friend, and guide. Teach her how to be bold in the face of her enemies, how to trust in God, how to be a good person in the very wicked world of men. Show her how to pray and believe that the Lord will provide. In the times when she is weak, be her strength and fight her battles for her. Jesus, please love and care for this baby girl. Amen.

Rescue Her Prayer
Dear Lord, there are many ways that people perish on this earth and one way is through sin. It angers you and those sinners burn in the fires of hell. There are many temptations in the world to lead us to sin. I pray that you save this baby girl by being her sole provider. Rescue her from the devil who knows nothing but to destruction. Keep this baby girl close to you and give her a reason to always hold onto your promises. Amen.

Further Your Word Prayer
Dear Lord, we cannot thank you enough for showering us with the blessing of a baby girl. This is a gift we have been praying for a long time. You are never late or early, you bless at your own right time, and we praise you that this is finally that time! I know you have great plans for her life. Plans to further your word and to be a shining example of your love. We trust in you to help her grow into what you intended her to be. Amen.

Guard Her Prayer
Dear God, the birth of this baby girl is a miracle that reminds us of your faithfulness, oh Lord. We thank you and glorify your name because you never fail us. Lord, this miracle of a baby girl we present to you in prayer, that you may guard her and protect her. May she be hidden from the enemies who want to harm her. May she never be met with an evil eye of those who do not wish her well. Please, Lord, keep this baby girl in your heart that pours out mercy and grace. Amen.

Nourish Her Prayer
Heavenly Lord, I thank you for the gift of life and love that has brought this beautiful baby girl here to us on earth. This baby girl has the face and heart of an angel. May her presence make her parents’ lives feel like they are already in your heaven. Protect her innocence and lead her to the green pastures she will seek. Nourish her with your word so that she understands her purpose in this world. Keep her close to you and show her how to drink from your fountain of love all of her life. Amen.

Keep Her Strong Prayer
Christ Lord, we thank you for our little baby girl. She is like a flower that blossoms and reveals the beauty of your hands. May she be the fragrance of your love and grace and spread it to all who touch her and are with her. May our little baby girl always bloom and light up someone’s day. Keep her strong so she may weather the storms that will come into her life. Bless her so that she is a blessing in other people’s lives. Amen.

Teach Her Prayer
Dear Jesus, I come in prayer, dedicating this baby to you, oh Lord. Take her as your own and be her guide and protector. May the water from your pierced side wash her. May your blood cover her so that she may see no evil and may shine just as you did. Nurture this baby girl with the breath of your love. May she be firmly planted in your heart. Lord, teach her to be an instrument of your peace, love, hope, and joy in the world. Watch over her and renew her strength every day. Amen.

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