16 Uplifting Prayers for Natural Disasters

When a natural disaster strikes the community you live in, the results can be devastating and leave you wondering how you will ever recover. Here are 16 uplifting prayers for natural disasters.

Together in Community Prayer
Heavenly Father, be with my community. Help us come together to work to rebuild our city after this natural disaster. God, we are all hurting and mourning all who were lost. Give us the strength to work through the emotional hardships and to support one another through them. Lord, be with us and help us rebuild our lives and our sense of peace. Thank You, God, for keeping us safe. Amen.

Secure in God before Natural Disaster Prayer
Lord Jesus, when the winds pick up and all looks hopeless, I will continue to trust in You. When it feels like destruction will win, I will not waiver in my faith. When everyone is panicking around me, I will feel secure in the knowledge that You are God. Lord, I will come to You in prayer instead of drowning in my own fear. There is no natural disaster that is more powerful than You. Protect us, Lord, give us Your courage. Amen.

Gratitude and Hurt Prayer
Compassionate Father, thank You for keeping us safe through this natural disaster. I am in a strange place where I am so grateful for my life and my safety but also hurting for those who did not survive. How do I reconcile these things? God, why me? Please help me be present for those who need support right now and help me also find the support I need to rebuild my home and my life. Please keep us all safe from future harm. Amen.

Prayer for Those Who Mourn
All-powerful Father, as I see all of the destruction caused by this natural disaster, I mourn for all that has been lost and the fragility of this life. Lord, please be with those who lost somebody they love. Give them comfort. Lord, be with those who lost their home. Give them the necessary funds and assistance they need to rebuild. Lord, be with those whose jobs are to clean up the mess left behind by this disaster. Give them the endurance and strength they need to complete their responsibilities. God, let us come together as one body in You in this difficult hard time. Amen.

Prayer for the Government
Father, please be with the government officials and those in charge of the aftermath of this natural disaster. Please give them the wisdom they need to know how to best move forward and how to create unity among the people. So much has been destroyed, God. Help them know what to do to help us rebuild. Help them know how to encourage generosity in this time of loss and help them bring us together. Amen.

Mourning and Rejoicing Prayer
Most Holy God, let us mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. This is a time of both mourning and rejoicing as we are safe, but so many were not as fortunate. Help us know how to be grateful to You for our protection, but help us to also know how to mourn with those who have lost somebody. Give us understanding when others rejoice while we mourn, and patience while they mourn when we rejoice. Give us the wisdom to know how to do this, and to join in and comfort or praise. Amen.

Ease Our Fears about Predicted Natural Disaster Prayer
Loving God, please protect my family from harm’s way as this natural disaster approaches. We have taken the necessary precautions, but we are scared. I ask that You be with us and ease our fears. Help us trust in You and know that You are in control. God, my life, my home, my world is in Your hands. Let that be enough to comfort me. Be with us, God. We need You. Amen.

Assistance Prayer
Everlasting Lord, I pray that there be a way for all to have access to the assistance and help they need to deal with the aftermath of this natural disaster. Whether they need financial, medical, mental, or emotional assistance, God, make a way for these things to be accessible. No one expected this and we were not prepared. As so many people face so many hardships to rebuild their lives, please God, help ease those difficulties and any lingering fears and sadness. Amen.

God’s Peace and Comfort for Others Prayer
Jesus, I pray for all those who were affected by the natural disaster. I cannot imagine the hurt, sadness, and anger that must come from losing homes, friends, and livelihoods in such a way. Father, I ask that You give peace to all those who are hurting and wondering how they are going to make it through this. Please be their comfort and strength. Help all of us who were not affected to step up in supporting and loving those who need it most. Thank You, God, for Your goodness even in terrible times. Amen.

God Is in Control Prayer
Heavenly Father, this natural disaster was terrifying and destructive. So much was lost and so many were harmed. It is so hard to see the why and the good in this. Is there any good? Why did this happen? God, help me continue to trust in You during this hard time. Let me not waver from You or doubt Your goodness. Even through this, You are God and good and in control. Help me remember that and live accordingly. Amen.

Trust in God before Natural Disaster Prayer
Gracious Father, I ask that You be present with my community in the coming days. There is talk of a natural disaster and fear is already circulating. God, help us take the necessary precautions but stay calm and not freak out. Let generosity grow from this fear instead of selfishness. Give us Your protection and let us trust in You alone. You, God, are in control. Amen.

Preparation for Natural Disaster Prayer
God, the coming natural disaster is a test of my trust in You. Help me be prepared but not over-prepare. God, help me trust that You will take care of me and provide all that I need. God, You lead me by still pastures and even in the valley of the shadow of death, God, You are present. Help me know this as fear escalates. In the end, You are God, and that is what matters most. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom before Natural Disaster
Almighty and Everlasting God, I pray that You grant wisdom to those in charge and all in the community as a natural disaster approaches. Help the leaders know how to prepare without causing unnecessary fear. Help people be wise and humbled to listen to the guidance given and to take it seriously. Help people not put themselves or others in danger by writing off the possibilities of the natural disaster. Lord, I pray that You give us Your protection and let as little destruction as possible take place. Amen.

Thank God for Community Support Prayer
Loving Savior, I want to thank You for Your goodness. In the midst of all of the chaos and disaster around us, I have been so blessed and taken care of by friends and strangers alike. Jesus, thank You for the way that my community has come together to support one another. Even through grief, shock, confusion, and mourning, God, You are still good, and I will still praise You. Thank You for Your overall protection and help us all get through this hard time. Amen.

Fix My Eyes Prayer
Jesus, as I pass through the destruction that has overtaken my home and city, all seems surreal. This looks like something that I see on TV—not something that would happen to me. Give me the strength to fix my eyes on You in this hard time. Help me love my neighbor as You would love them. Humble me so that I graciously accept the love from my neighbor as well. Give us the power to rebuild and to trust in You for the future. God, this is so shocking to us but not to You. Give us Your comfort and peace. Amen.

Safety before Predicted Natural Disaster Prayer
Good God, I pray that the weather and the natural disaster predicted to occur is not as bad as the news says it will be. Lord, I am afraid of what could happen. I am afraid for my safety, my comfort, my life, and the lives of those around me. Let me trust in You, however hard that feels right now. Remind me that whatever may come, You are faithful and You are in control. Please protect my city, my home, and my community. We need Your safety. Amen.

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