20 Encouraging Prayers for Confidence

Here are 20 of the most encouraging prayers for confidence.

Assurance Prayer
Dear Lord, it is in confidence that I approach you. I know that you will grant me everything I ask from you if it is part of your plan for my life. I need your Spirit to walk with me, Lord. I need you to assure me that I can do all that I am meant to do. May I be confident in your promise and remain faithful to you, even in the hard times. I pray that I live boldly because you are my Lord. Amen.

Help Me Prayer
Almighty Lord, King of Kings, there are times when I have doubted my strength and my ability to do things. I know that you have blessed me immensely with talent and a resilient heart. Lord, I ask for your help as I pursue my dreams. Multiply my confidence and help me believe that you have set me up for glory. Amen.

Strength to Testify Prayer
Holy Father, your grace and mercies upon me have been more than I deserve. I cannot count all your blessings in my life, as they exceed the numbers I know. I have a desire to be more confident and proclaim your deeds in my life. I pray that I find the strength to testify about your gracious love to me before my friends and everyone I meet. I trust in You, oh Lord. Amen.

Let Me Be Satisfied Prayer
Christ, my Lord, I pray that you help my soul to be content. Let me be satisfied with who I am, and who you are molding me to be. May I never doubt my importance in this world. All you have given me is magnificent and beautiful. I pray that I may live in confidence, courage, and faith. Remind me that I am a gem that cannot be replaced and your precious child. Amen.

Test Without Fear Prayer
Dear God, I have a test that I must pass. I need your guiding light to fill my mind and heart at this moment. I fear that I will forget what I have studied and that I will not pass the test. Give me the confidence to take the test without fear. You won over evil, and you are always there for me. I know that I will succeed in your Holy name. Amen.

Financial Stability Prayer
Redeemer, I have many insecurities that make me doubt my ability to provide for my family. Dear Lord, I pray for your assurance that I will be able to give financial stability to my family so I can provide for their needs. Please calm my heart and mind. Help me confidently believe that you will help me find a way. Help me show my family love even when I am stressed. Please wash away all the doubts that have been planted in me by hateful people. Keep my family healthy, safe, and united in your love. Amen.

Walk With Me Prayer
Lord God, you help me when I seek you. You are the ever-near friend in my times of trouble. I ask you to walk with me every step of my life. Though I will find many dark places and challenges that will make me feel like giving up, with you I will be confident and I will be strong. With you, I will not be afraid to move forward. You are my strength and my rock. Amen.

Bless Me with Love Prayer
Dear Jesus, I pray that I find love wherever I go. Bless me with people who love and value me in their lives. I pray that you teach me to live in confidence and strength. Help me know that God is fighting all my battles and that he is protecting me. I have faith in your faithfulness, oh God. I know that you will never fail. May your mercy and goodness follow me at all times. Amen.

I Give Myself to You Prayer
Father, as I start this week, I give myself to you, Lord. Forgive me for the times I have gone against your will. I dedicate this week to you, so that I may go through it in strength and confidence. May doubt never stop me from living as you command. Give me the power and energy to do good things and the confidence and assurance that it will all be rewarded in heaven. Amen.

Sow My Roots Prayer
Dear Lord, I pray that you plant me firmly in your word and love. Sow my roots so deeply that I cannot be uprooted by the storms of life. Let me know that you are God and that you live in me. Help me love myself unconditionally so that I may be confident wherever I am. Teach me to love myself and to never doubt that I am your beautiful child. Amen.

Leadership Prayer
Lord Jesus, I come to you, thankful for your greatness in my life. The opportunities you have blessed me with are so many and so miraculous. Now I am required to lead people and make positive changes at work and in society. I need you, Lord, to walk with me, to pour into me your wisdom, and to guide my every step. Help me be confident that I am the leader they deserve. Amen.

Trust In You Prayer
Holy Spirit, you who was sent to us to be our helper, I pray that you help me to trust in you at all times. May I have confidence in your plan for my life, and follow where you lead me. Guide and direct my life so that I can be an example of what trusting in God does in our lives. I know you will hear me, oh Lord, and answer my prayer. Amen.

Giving a Speech Prayer
Dear Lord, you command us to go in confidence and face whatever is ahead of us because you are by our side. I pray that you stay by my side as I go to this gathering and help me to give my speech without fear or hesitation. Be my cheerleader who encourages me. Let my confidence be my best strategy and help my speech reach the hearts and minds of my audience. Amen.

One of Your Children Prayer
Heavenly Father, I am so grateful that I am your child. I am proud to be one of your many children who will inherit your riches if we do as you command us to do. I feel like a prince/ess standing before you, my King. I do not deserve any of this, but you have graciously provided for me. I pray that my confidence in you always remains strong. Amen.

Be My Comforter Prayer
My Redeemer, as I start my day, I pray that your hand holds me and guides me. Please be my comforter when I am worried, my strength when I feel weak, my patience when I feel frustrated, my peace when I am angry, and my confidence when I am in doubt. Manifest your power within me, Lord. Make me a vessel for your goodness. Amen.

Only You Can Judge Prayer
Dear Lord, there are negative things that have been said about me and my confidence and self-image are shattered. I know that only you can judge me. Only you know what my true intentions are. I pray that you help me rebuild my confidence in myself. Protect me from being affected by unkind or hurtful comments. I belong only to you, oh Lord. Protect my heart. Amen.

Receptive Audience Prayer
My Jesus, thank you for helping me come up with new ideas. Give me the confidence to pitch these ideas, give my opinions, and present my proposals without fear. Help me trust that I will be met with a receptive audience. Help me know that I am only doing what you have guided me to do. Amen.

Protect the Children Prayer
Heavenly Lord, you are the greatest of all. You have all power in your hands. I pray for these children as they grow, that you may be their shield and protector in whatever they do. May they never lack what they need, oh Lord. Grant them the ability to know and accept who they are. Help them be self-confident and stand up for what they believe in. May the trials of the world never make them doubt that you are the one, true God. Amen.

Job Opportunity Prayer
Father, my Lord, you who started a good work in me, I know you are not finished with me yet. I am applying for opportunities at this moment, Lord. I am praying for your help so that I may be confident in my ability. May your mighty hand work miracles for me. I need this job. I believe that you have good plans for me and that all will be well when you are finished with me. You are the sculptor, and I am the clay, oh Lord. Form me in your image, and help me succeed. Amen.

Make Others Happy Prayer
Lord, you are to be praised for all you have done in my life. You have been miraculously tackling the hurdles in my way, and fighting my battles. Now that I have completed this, I pray that it makes someone happy. I pray that my work becomes a piece of your love to somebody that needs it. I ask that I never be doubtful about what I can accomplish with you on my side. Amen.

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