23 Uplifting Prayers for My Best Friend

Best friends hold a special place in our hearts, and when your friend becomes more like a brother or sister to you, that is a priceless gift. Here are 23 uplifting prayers for your best friend along with printable images to use or share.

A Prayer for Blessing
Dear Lord, there are few things in this life more precious than friendship. You have blessed me with a best friend who has always been there for me. I thank You, Lord, for bringing him/her into my life. Therefore, I ask that You continue to bless our friendship. Help it to bear much fruit, that others may see this and give glory to our Father in heaven. Amen.


A Prayer for a True Friend
Lord Jesus, every gift that You provide comes down from above. Of all the people we meet in this life, we are truly blessed to find even one true friend. I give You thanks and praise for bringing my best friend into my life. I pray that You keep him/and her safe and free from all harm and danger. Bring him/her health and prosperity in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Divine Hands Prayer
Faithful God, I have seen how You have worked through people in my life. The work of Your hands is obvious when I see how my best friend has shown up in my life. He/She has been there for me through thick and thin, and I am forever indebted to his/her kindness. Therefore, I ask that You shower him/her with Your grace. Uphold and uplift him/her in his/her life’s endeavors, for they have been a good and faithful servant. Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Soul Refreshing Prayer
Gracious Father, You teach us that friendship refreshes our soul. I have experienced this refreshment through my relationship with my best friend. You have truly shown us grace upon grace. You have nurtured our friendship and given us both joy and support. Continue to bless our friendship, Lord. Give us both the strength to mutually support one another in times of distress, that we might both keep each other accountable and finish life’s race in faithfulness. Amen.


Good Character Prayer
Jesus, my Savior, I come to You with a heart of gladness for the friendship You have given me. For if bad company corrupts good character, what will the good company do but refine it? For You work in mysterious ways. Who can understand it? Lord, continue to refine us both in our friendship. Help us to be the best friends we can be for one another. Amen.


Never Alone Prayer
Lord Jesus, my Refuge, You demonstrate to us the character of a good friend. For even though Your friends abandoned You, You still laid down Your life for them. I come to You with a heart of gratitude for the wonderful best friend You have given me. They have never left or forsaken me in my hour of need, but have gone above and beyond for me. I am never alone. Bless him/her Lord, for he/she has done great things in Your name. Amen.


A Friend Like Elisha Prayer
Most Merciful God, You did not leave Elijah to be abandoned, but instead, You saw it fit to bring Elisha to him who would not leave or forsake him. So also in Your infinite goodness, You have brought an Elisha to me as well. I thank You, Lord, for our friendship. I praise You for his/her witness to me in their Christ-like love. I ask that You watch over them and send them angelic protection in their endeavors. Amen.


Closer Than a Brother Prayer
God of Unfailing Love, we sometimes think that a blood relative is the closest we can be to someone. Yet, Your word proclaims that there are those in our lives who are closer to us than a brother. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the gift of my best friend. I pray that You fill their hearts with joy. Let me be the friend to them as they are to me, that we might experience the type of love that You have with the Father. Amen.


Walk with the Wise Prayer
Sovereign Lord, You reveal Yourself through the mysteries of relationships. You mature Your people amid these interactions with others. You teach that those who walk with the wise become wise. With my best friend, You are making me wise, for they are overflowing with wisdom. Therefore, continue to work through both of us, so that we might attain the wisdom You have in store. Continue to impart Your wisdom to him/her which is only obtainable in Your Spirit. Amen.


Iron Sharpens Iron Prayer
Heavenly Father, You have deemed that iron sharpens iron, and so one man sharpens another. In Your goodness, You have provided me with a best friend who has sharpened me in mind, body, and soul. He/She has given me great resolve, and I give all glory to You for that. Therefore, I pray that You make me worthy to sharpen him/her as well. Make me into someone who can help to mold him/her into the person You want them to be. Lord, hear me out. Amen.


Faithful Wounds Prayer
Almighty Lord, faithful are the wounds of a friend. A true friend does not mince words to spare feelings but rejoices in the truth. Even if this truth hurts, a faithful friend does what is necessary. Thank You, Lord, for giving me my best friend who is willing to tell me the hard truth. I pray also that You bless them to continue to rebuke me when I go astray. Give them a heart that seeks You first, that we both might grow in our mutual love that is rooted in Your word. Amen.


A Prayer for Help Up
Compassionate Father, You teach us that two are better than one, for if one falls, the other can help them up. Pity the man who has no person to help them back to their feet. Therefore, I pray for my best friend who has stumbled. Help me to be this friend who can restore him/her to their feet. Help me be this person in their life, that they might give thanks and honor to You, Lord. Amen.


A Prayer in Adversity
Lord Above, a friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. For behold, my best friend is going through deep diversity at the moment and I want to be there for him/her. Make me as a brother/sister to him/her Lord. Help me to participate in Your plan for him/her. Let my hands be Your hands, that he/she might experience Your healing touch in their life. For You are truly a God of healing and compassion. Amen.


Life in Unity Prayer
Righteous God, You value unity among Your people. How sweet it is, therefore, when Your people love one another as You have loved us. This is the case with my best friend, for we have such a wonderful friendship. Bless my best friend, Lord. Help me to serve him/her as You have served me. Let us reflect on the unity You desire. Amen.


Bear Burdens Prayer
Lord God of Mercy and Love, my best friend is a wonderful person. They have fallen upon difficult times and I want to be there for them. Lord, You implore us to bear one another’s burdens. Therefore, I ask that You make my shoulders strong to bear the burdens of my best friend. Make me strong and able, Lord, for though my spirit is willing, my flesh is very weak. Grant this, Lord. Amen.


David and Jonathan Prayer
Lord God of Loving Devotion, there are many demonstrations of friendship in Your word. For instance, Jonathan gave David all he had, even the clothes off of his back. Therefore, I pray that You let me be a Jonathan for my best friend. Let me serve him/her as Jonathan served David. Help me to be a positive force in their life, and a solid witness for the Gospel. Amen.


A Prayer for Friend’s Redemption
Most High God, sin and corruption have taken a large toll on my best friend’s life. For as much as they have sought to do good, they cannot seem to catch a break. Lord, I pray that You come into his/her life and pull them up out of the muck and the mire. Give him/her a clean heart, Lord God, and restore in him/her the joy and hope of salvation. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


A Prayer for Best Friend’s Healing
Jesus, the Great Healer, all who dwelt with You knew Your power. People came in droves to witness Your healing ability, and You healed all who asked in faith. I too, am coming to You to ask for healing for my best friend who is fighting sickness. I pray that You reach out and touch him/her. Send the sickness out of their body and into hell where it belongs. Nurse him/her back to health in Your gentle Spirit. For love and care for all. Amen.


Restoration Prayer
Lord, Peace-Bringer, You promise us that You will bring to completion all the good things that You start in us. Hear me out, Lord, for my best friend of many years is estranged from me. I have made numerous attempts to contact him/her but to no avail. Merciful God, I pray that You would restore our friendship to what it once was. Bring about Your goodness, that it might once again be expressed in the mutual love between friends. In Your name, I pray. Amen.


A Prayer for Best Friend’s Faith
Heavenly Father, fount of every blessing, I come to You to beg for my best friend’s faith. He/she is going through a season of doubt and is questioning everything he/she believes. I worry for the sake of his/her soul that they might lose their faith in You. Lord, restore to them an honest and sincere faith. Remove his/her doubts and stumbling blocks that stand in the way and let them taste again the peace and joy of Your resurrection. Amen.


A Friend in Need Prayer
Almighty Lord, nothing is beyond the scope of Your power. You delight in redemption, and You long to deliver Your people. My best friend needs Your gracious help, Lord. Typically he/she is the one helping, but now it is he/she who needs to be helped. Lord, You teach us You are a very present help in trouble. Be there for him/her, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Find Success Prayer
Most Holy Father, You open and shut doors in life for Your purposes. My best friend has an incredible opportunity set before him/her. Give him/her clarity and courage to take the steps needed to execute on this opportunity. Give him/her the wisdom to know whether or not this is the right decision. Let me give support to him/her and sound advice according to Your word. For You are sovereign over all things. Amen.


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