25 Powerful Prayers for Calm

In the midst of a hectic life, we can reach out to God and ask for His stillness to wash over us. Here are 25 powerful prayers for calm, including images you can print to use and share.

A Powerful Prayer for Calm
Father God, though the world is chaotic, You are the source of all serenity. Living in this chaotic world takes a toll on me. I beg You bestow me with Your transcendent calm. Put an end to the tempest in my soul. Send unto me Your Holy Spirit to walk beside me through the darkest places in my life. God grant this to me that I may become stronger. Amen.


A Prayer for Inner Peace
Lord God, it is true that I am my own worst enemy. It is so difficult to be calm with so much going on within. As much as I want to surrender to Your will, I cannot do so. O Lord, let me turn over my life to You so that I can achieve the inner peace that I so desperately seek. Let me not be too headstrong to submit. In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.


A Prayer to Calm the Inner Storm
Heavenly Father, there is a storm that is building up in my inmost being. The Devil’s lies take my soul hostage. I cannot break away from the tempest that he sends to destroy me. Lord, help me to drop an anchor that I may not be blown about. Help me release my sails that I may be moved to safety by the winds of Your Spirit. In Your gracious love, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer to Manage Mental Stress
Blessed God, I have become a mental mess. I am nagged constantly by my conscience and my duties. I cannot get any rest from their demands. O Lord, faithfully speak Your calming words into me. Help me to tease apart the threads of thought in my mind that makes it difficult to think. Shield me from my haughty tendencies. Bring a true and transcendent calm and reorient my heart towards You in Jesus’ name. Amen.


A Prayer for Stress Relief
Lord Jesus, trying to please everyone is like walking on eggshells. I feel as if I am always jumping through hoops. It has worn me down to the point that I feel like nothing but a hollow shell. I can barely meet my expectations, let alone everyone else’s. The pressure is intense, and I feel crushed. Lord, You promised to bear our burdens, and I ask that You do. Help me to carry my cross and give me a lasting calm in this time of immense stress. Amen.


A Prayer for Inner Strength
Lord God, it is difficult to remain calm inside when people deliberately provoke me. I am mocked day in and day out. My enemies hunt me down. They give me no refuge from their attacks. I am constantly afflicted. How long, Lord, must I endure this? For the sake of Your beloved Son, give me a calm and sober spirit that I may possess Your inner strength through the washing of Your word. Amen.


A Prayer for Mental Endurance
Lord God, just like our body must be trained and challenged in endurance, so also must our mind and soul. To have an inward calm, our soul must be able to endure the trials and temptations of life. Our minds must endure constant pressure and choices. Lord, I ask that You give me inner strength in mind and soul so that I may achieve calmness in my spirit through Christ, my Lord. Amen.


A Prayer to Diffuse Anger
Heavenly Father, those who are calm in their persona are in a closer likeness to You. Thus, those who are angry and enraged are pulled about like a bull by the nose by their anger. Thus, I petition You to curb the anger that dwells within me. Help me to sort out my feelings and keep my aggressiveness in check. Let me not return evil with evil, but return evil with good. Send Your calming Spirit to diffuse my anger. Amen.


A Prayer to Change My Temper
Lord, my temper often gets me into trouble. Things that build up and up until they finally boil over and I violently lash out in rage. I have so much trouble trying to calm down once my emotions get the best of me. Lord, help me to remain calm and not be offended so easily. Give me a transcendent peace, even while being insulted and tested. Let me be a good and calming presence in escalating tensions. Amen.


Prayer for Inner Anxiety
Lord, You have taught us to come to You because Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. Today, I am feeling the weight of the world upon my shoulders. Nothing seems to give me any relief for the burden I carry. My anxiety repels any sense of calm in my soul. Lord, come walk alongside me. Help me to bear this burden and enter into Your calming presence. Amen.


A Prayer Against Fear of Damnation
Lord God, I am troubled today deep within my soul. So often You warn us about the dangers of hell. You tell us that the gate is narrow and that few will find it. I am burdened always by the fear of damnation. I long for any sense of assurance that I am indeed loved by You and will be saved. Lord, assure me found through faith. Comfort my soul and calm my nerves. Amen.


A Prayer for Fear of Failure
Almighty God, if I am afraid of anything in this life, it is a failure. I do not want all that I have worked for to be in vain, and so I toil day in and day out. I worry at night that I will lose everything. Lord, wash over me with Your Spirit of calm. Replace these longings in my heart for success with a longing only for You. For in You only can we truly find fulfillment. Amen.


A Prayer Against Fear of the Unknown
Father, the unknown is a very scary thing. Nobody wants to be blind and walk in darkness. Yet, despite our fears, life sometimes requires us to face the unknown with courage. Lord, I ask that You provide calmness and serenity in times of uncertainty, giving us the ability to reflect Your commandments in any circumstance. Hear my heartfelt prayer, God of grace. Amen.


A Prayer for Calm in Family Tragedy
Almighty God, in Your infinite wisdom You deemed that it was a good thing to create man to live and work within a family. You did this that we may come to experience Your love through our love for one another. Hear me out Lord, for a tragedy has befallen upon us. We are all very tired, emotional, and exhausted. Our nerves and anxiousness are through the roof. Through the blood of Your Son, Jesus, let us rest in a soothing calm. Give us spiritual endurance so that we can navigate this tragedy with peace and grace. Amen.


A Prayer to Cool Family Tension
Father, no family unit is immune to conflict. We are all sinners, and so infighting and outrage are always present. In this time, I pray that You would allow tensions between all of us to cool. Calm our tempers, so that we can forgive one another rather than seek to tear one another apart. Give us a Christ-like demeanor, keeping no record of wrongs, but possessing a calm and peaceful spirit, that Your commands may be fulfilled in us. Amen.


A Prayer for Peace in Adversity
Father, it is Your will for us that we be firmly rooted in good soil, not blown about by every direction of the winds of life and culture. Instead of being like grass in a field that sways, help us to be firmly rooted like a tall Oak tree so that we can withstand life’s adversities. Let our roots run deep in Your word and Spirit, immovable in the calm warmth of the day. Help us to remain firm when storms inevitably come, and help us to bear fruit in Your season of harvest. Amen.


A Prayer for Spiritual Peace
Most Merciful Lord, true peace is only available through our spirituality. Although You have given each of us an understanding of Your presence, our spiritual bearings are all off. Because we are born into sin, we are separated from You – and therefore also the truth. Our spirit longs for You but often cannot find You because it knows not where to look. Lord, I ask for a spiritual revelation and a sense of peace that I do indeed know You because I know Your Son, Jesus. If we have seen Him, we have seen You, Father. Grant us this so that we may have a calm assurance of our salvation. Amen.


A Prayer for Contentment
Lord, the world is so utterly lost and confused. We are always lied to, promised peace and prosperity through the latest and greatest fad. They come and go, but Your word endures forever. O most gracious God, give us contentment and satisfaction. Quench our spiritual thirst and calm our appetites for sensuous and idolatrous things. Fill our hearts with the affirmation of victory over sin and death so that we may go and live in peace. Amen.


A Prayer for Happiness in All Things
Lord Jesus, so much of our life is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of pleasure and happiness. Yet, for many, this happiness is fleeting. It never lasts, and we are once again chasing that insatiable feeling. I ask that You provide happiness that cannot be found through natural means. Give us this to calm and curb our appetite for pleasure. Let us find our pleasure only at the cross of our Savior. Amen.


A Prayer Against False Calm
Father God, there is an evil in the world that masquerades as good. This false calm gives us complacency and makes us oblivious to Your word and commands. It makes us feel as though we can let down our guard and lust after impious things. Lord, open our eyes so that we can recognize this false calm when we see it. Instead, calm us the true way, through the Spirit of Your Son, Jesus, who laid down His life that we might live. Amen.


A Prayer for the Troubled Mind
Lord Jesus, like a movie, my thoughts and memories haunt me over and over again. I try to compartmentalize these images, but they keep creeping up on me. They are paralyzing, and I cannot remove myself from their presence and influence. It seems that I cannot escape. Lord, calm the flickering images that terrorize me. Banish them far away from me, and replace them with holy things. Amen.


A Prayer to Calm the Spirit
Father God, nervousness has begun to define me. It is obvious to everyone. I cannot go anywhere without somebody pointing out that I am vexed about many things. I want desperately to have a true relationship with You so that I may have some peace in this life. Even now, Lord, come and dwell along with me. Calm the spirit that ever longs for You, and lead me through this life safely. Amen.


A Prayer for Nervousness
Lord, like a deer pants for water, so also does my nervous spirit desire to be calmed. I am a nervous wreck. I worry endlessly. I needlessly obsess over just about everything. It is getting out of control, and I need Your help. Slow down my anxious ways, and help me take in Your promises, knowing that no matter what happens, I can rest in the knowledge that You will not abandon me. Lord, in Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.


A Prayer to Calm the Weary Heart
Lord Jesus, I have been hurt many times in the past. Because of this, my heart is weary. I have big walls erected, and I struggle to let anyone in. Lord, guard my heart so that I do not have to. Calm the fears me Lord and do not despise my petitions. Amen.


A Prayer to Remain Calm
Lord, in certain situations it can become very difficult to remain calm. When tensions rise and tempers flare, I lack much-needed discipline and often get flustered. Yet, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. Through the death and resurrection of Your Son, You have given us victory. Help me to apply this victory in my own life and learn to remain calm. Amen.


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