25 Powerful Prayers for Children in School

Going back to school is a stressful time for parents and children alike, for so many different reasons. Here are 25 powerful prayers for parents to pray, and one especially for grandparents to pray. There are also easy prayers for children to pray by themselves.

Prayer for Child Going Back to School
O Lord, our Guide and Protector, we pray that you would bless our child as she returns to school in this new school year. We pray first for the challenges that she will be facing – may she rise to the occasion and take it all in her stride. May she have an excellent rapport with her new teacher and learn quickly. May she get along well with all her classmates and enjoy school. Amen.

Prayer for Child’s Success in School
God of abundance, we pray that You would pour out grace on our child at school. May he experience success in every way. May he pay attention in his classes and receive excellent scores. May he employ good social skills and be liked and sought after by his classmates. May he be obedient to the school guidelines and have exemplary behavior. May he shine in sports and extracurricular activities. Amen.

Prayer for Child Struggling in School
Lord of mercy, I lift up to You my child who is struggling in school. Help her to be able to comprehend her teacher’s lessons and to understand the assignments. Help her to be able to figure out her math problems. May her reading skills improve. May she get the special help she needs to get caught up in her studies. I also pray that she will receive kindness from her classmates and have several good friends. Amen.

Prayer for Child Before School
Heavenly Father, we intercede for our child as he heads to school this morning. May he have a great day today. Keep him safe on the way to school and back home, on the playground, and all throughout the day. Help him to focus on what his teacher is saying and not get distracted. May he be a good friend to his classmates. May he receive excellent scores in his work today. Amen.

Prayer Against Bullying
Dear God, our Defender, we pray a hedge of protection around our child at school. Shield her from bullying and spiteful remarks. We pray You block any negative comments launched her way regarding her appearance, her intelligence, her way of speaking, her race, or anything else. We pray against those who might engage in physical bullying or stealing things from her. If she does encounter bullying, help her know what to say and how to report it. Amen.

Prayer to Say with Child Before School
Father in heaven, bless me as I leave for school this morning. Help me be kind to other students on the bus and in my classroom and stay out of trouble. Help me listen to my teacher and not goof off when her back is turned. Help me do my work well and finish everything on time. Help me have a good time in P.E. class and improve my skills. Keep me safe all day. Amen.

Grandparent’s Prayer for a Grandchild
Sovereign Lord, I pray for my grandchild at school. Give him peace when he is fearful or anxious about his assignments or other people. Protect him from all harm – whether a physical accident or attack, from emotional wounding, or from attacks on his faith. Help him to excel in learning and have academic success. Bless him with rich and encouraging friendships. May he be happy at school and look forward to going there every day. Amen.

Child’s Morning Prayer
As I begin my new school day
To You, my God, I come and pray.
Please help me do all that I can
To listen well and understand.
Help me be quiet and obey
All the rules throughout the day.
May I do my work well and then
Good grades from teacher always win
In everything and every way
Bless me at my school today.

Child’s Lunchtime Prayer at School
God of grace, God of love,
Looking down from above.
With my friends I take my seat
Thank You for this lunch I’ll eat.
For all amazing things You do
I give to You thanksgiving too
Thank you for helping me today
To learn, to listen, to obey
Bless this meal and help me be
Always faithful, from sin free
Please bless the rest of this day,
Keep me close to You, I pray.

Child’s Bedtime Prayer
Holy Father, Savior dear
Thank You that You’re always near.
Now it’s time to go to bed;
On my pillow lay my head.
Before I sleep to You, I pray;
Thank You for all I learned today.
Tomorrow as to school I go
You’ll be with me, this I know.
Help me to be always good,
Do all my teacher says I should.
In reading, math, and P.E. –
In all my classes, please bless me.

Child’s Prayer for School and Teachers
Heavenly Father, God divine,
On my school may Your face shine.
Please bless all the teachers dear
As from them we learn and hear
All they teach us through the day
So we know what to do and say
Throughout life, in every way.
Help them use creativity
To teach us so we clearly see.
Protect us, keep us in safety
So from fear we can be free.

Child’s Prayer of Thanks for Teacher
Heavenly Father I thank You today
For the wonderful teacher You sent my way.
She reminds me to give it my best try
So through life I can soar and fly.
She always tells me with a smile
To remember to go the extra mile.
I thank You that she’s patient with me
And always gently encouraging me.
She teaches me to be thorough and true
And always see everything through.
So once again I give thanks to You
For my best teacher yet in my view.

Child’s Prayer for Friends
Father God, thank You that at my school
I have many friends that are so cool.
For them I give to You thanksgiving;
Together we are learning and living.
I thank You that together we play
And help each other through the day.
With them help me be patient and kind
So we can all get along fine
Help me be thoughtful in what I say
To encourage them in every way. Amen.

Prayer for Children’s Sunday School
Lord of wisdom, I lift up to You my children’s Sunday School. I pray that You will bless them with teachers who are Spirit-filled and who love working with children. May their teachers use fun, innovative ways to capture their attention and help them learn spiritual truths. I pray that attending Sunday School will help my children build a firm foundation in the faith that will carry them through their lives. Amen.

Prayer for Child’s Teachers
Father of lights, I pray that You bless my child’s teachers with special insight. May they see her as a child of God and treat her this way. May they consistently be kind and patient with her and encourage and inspire her to put forth her best effort. May my child feel comfortable and happy in her teachers’ presence and look forward to being with them. May they find creative means to help her understand the material. Amen.

Prayer for School Management
My God, who gives discernment, I pray for the management at my child’s school. As they are facing many difficult challenges, may the administration make the best decisions for the teachers and students. May they have the trust of the students and their families as well as the teachers. Through their expertise and wise leadership, may the school improve in achievement test scores, behavior management, and in team spirit. Amen.

Prayer for Child’s Anxiety
Lord of peace, I bring to You my child who is suffering anxiety related to school. I pray that he will learn to lean on You regarding the issues that are worrying him. Give him confidence when some students are bullying or harsh. Help him realize they are the ones who have a problem, not him. Help him to focus well and complete his work on time, so he’s not anxious about that. Amen.

Prayer Against Shaming Behavior
Lord, our Protector, I pray against shaming behavior that has been aimed at my child at school. I pray that she will not feel inferior because of comments made about her appearance or aptitude. Help her rise up with confidence and assurance, even if unkind students make her feel or think that she’s an outsider or weird. I pray that the teachers and administration will quickly nip these bullying behaviors in the bud. Amen.

Prayer for Child to be a Friend to the Friendless
Lord of love, I pray my child will be sensitive to those students who are on the fringe of the social circles at his school. I pray that he will make a point of befriending these students and making them feel welcomed. I pray he will set an example for his schoolmates in being kind and inclusive with all students. May he fight against prejudice, unkind behaviors, and feelings of superiority on the part of other students. Amen.

Prayer for Child to Have Friends
God of provision, I pray that You will provide a good circle of friends for my child. I pray that she will feel welcomed and part of the group. May she never feel alone or excluded – I pray this for all the children in her class. And Lord, I ask that her friends will be encouraging and supportive. I pray against unkindness and shaming words and pray that her friends will be a good influence on her. Amen.

Prayer for Child to Respect Teachers’ Authority
Lord, our Righteous Judge, Your Word tells us to respect those in authority over us. We pray for our child, that he will respect and honor and obey his teachers. May his words be polite, and may he be swift to follow his teachers’ instructions. May he be a good role model for his fellow students. We pray that as he operates in respect, that You will give him favor with his teachers. Amen.

Prayer for Focus, Hard Work, and Service to God
Lord of blessing, we ask You to help our child focus well at school. May she listen carefully, and not be distracted as she’s working on her assignments. May she work heartily, as for You and not for others. May she serve You and glorify You through her work at school, as she works on her homework, and in her extracurricular activities. Bless her as she glorifies You through her life. Amen.

Prayer to Resist Peer Pressure and Make Wise Choices
All-powerful God, please strengthen our child against peer pressure at school. May he not follow the crowd into foolishness and sin but stand firm in righteousness. May he consistently choose the right and turn away from the wrong. Bless him with wisdom in his choices. And bless him with wisdom concerning whom he chooses for friends. May they mutually encourage each other toward obedience, excellence, and moral character. Amen.

Prayer for Perseverance Through Disappointments
Ever-present Lord, we pray that You would bless our child with godly grit. Even when she encounters disappointments at school – such as a low grade or not being chosen for an activity or problems with friends – may she bounce back quickly. Help her learn that setbacks and disappointments are part of life. Give her the grace and patience to use difficult situations to develop endurance, character, and hope in You. Amen.

Prayer for Identifying and Expressing Individuality
Creator God, we thank You for creating each of us as unique individuals, with our own personalities, gifts, abilities, and likes and dislikes. And now, we pray for our child, especially at school, that he would learn who he is as a person. May he embrace his individuality and navigate through expressing who he is in a healthy way. Help him not feel like he must be a clone of everyone else, but free to be his own person. Amen.

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