25 Powerful Prayers for Financial Stability with Images

Here are the 25 most powerful prayers for financial stability. Included in the post are printable images of the prayers to use or share.

Keep My Faith Prayer
God most high, I am here in front of You, asking for Your gracious blessing. Keep my faith in Your providence, knowing that You will never forsake nor abandon me. I am not asking for a luxurious life. Instead, I’m just praying to have enough to live on in my everyday life. Your word says that I should not worry, so I am holding onto my faith and to Your promises that Your abundance would be showered upon me all my life. You know what I need, and I trust that I will receive it. Amen.


Be My Light Prayer
Sovereign Lord, I am now troubled with all my problems due to my financial instability. All I see now is darkness and endless roads. Please be my light and serve as my guide as I stumble in this path. Though I am struggling, I know that Your light will shine upon my life and eventually bless me with the financial assistance I need. I am looking forward to that day where I don’t need to worry about money, knowing that You, my provider, are by my side every day of my life. Amen.


Guide My Decisions Prayer
Holy One, I pray for the financial difficulties I am currently experiencing. You are my only source of hope and strength, and I am now holding stronger onto You. I do not know how to get out of this situation alone, but with You, I know everything and anything is possible. Guide my decisions so I can better myself and my current status. Please grant me the proper mindset so I can find a financial breakthrough as soon as possible. Amen.


Be My Stronghold Prayer
Almighty God, today, I feel that my world is crashing down, and I feel like everything is going wrong. I thought I planned my life well, and I now know that I was wrong. I forgot that You own the master plan of my life, and I am merely Your creation. Be my stronghold, so I can have the courage to face my financial struggles now. Give me the strength to be able to stand up and fix the problems I am facing. I trust that You will provide, for You have a bigger plan for me that goes beyond my understanding. Amen.


Surrender to You Prayer
God of heaven, I believe that You are in control no matter what point of my life I am in. I surrender to You all my worries and fears about finances. May You replace my worries with faith. I am asking for financial stability so that I can stop worrying about money and focus on other things in my life. Take over my whole being so that I become a person who is not troubled by money. Amen.


Fortify My Reliance Prayer
Awesome God, You said that those who seek You shall lack no good thing. I know that the financial instability I am currently facing is just temporary, and that Your providence is eternal. Fortify my reliance on You and Your words so that I may no longer be anxious and afraid. Guide me to seek Your presence even more in these times of despair. Amen.


Abundance Prayer
Great God, I bow down at Your cross, asking for a financial blessing in my life. I am nothing without You, but with You, anything is possible. I believe that You are filled with abundance and that You will never forsake me. I pray that You provide me with what I need so that I may be able to fulfill my earthly duties and not struggle with money anymore. Amen.


My Companion Prayer
My Strength, You have been my rock since the day I was born, protecting, providing, and guiding me all the way. I know that this struggle with finances is not any different from my past challenges. You are my companion, and I know that I am not alone in this. Let Your power flow into and through my life, so I do not have to worry any longer. Amen.


Remind Me Prayer
Loving God, I know that I should not be anxious about anything. I am now facing a tough time, and it is very hard not to worry about all these problems. One overlaps into another one. I pray to You in this difficult situation. May You remind me of Your richness in love and providence during these times. Help me to worry less and trust You more. In Your name, help me have confidence that I will eventually be free from the burdens brought by financial instability. Amen.


Always Faithful Prayer
God of all Grace, this has been the longest and most tiring time of my life. Endless problems from financial instability keep bothering me. Despite this, I know that You are bigger than all of my worries, all my pain, and all my struggles. You are a God who provides, and I know that You will always be faithful to Your promise. Guide me through this time so I may recognize Your divine assistance in my life. Amen.


Giver of Strength Prayer
Almighty God, giver of strength, humbled, I fall to my knees as I admit that I need You the most right now. I am tired and weary from all the financial struggles I am experiencing. I ask that Your gracious hand pick me up so I can stand and face them. May You give me the strength I need and the financial blessing I have been waiting for. I trust that You will make way for me. Amen.


Lead Me Prayer
Faithful God, You have never failed me, and I know that You won’t start now. Although You know everything about me, still, here I am, coming to Your throne to ask for the things I need. I am struggling with my finances and cannot stop worrying. I pray that You move in Your own way and lead me through this time. I trust in Your plans and promise to follow Your lead. May You provide for my loved ones and me. Amen.


Father of Mercy Prayer
Father of mercy, no father would want to see his son suffer. You are a merciful, powerful Father, and I trust that You are planning something bigger for me than my financial problems. As my Father, I know that You will never forsake me. Shine Your divine mercy upon me so that I may overcome this struggle I am in. I hold onto Your love for me, and sincerely pray that You will be with me through this. Amen.


Hold Me Tight Prayer
God, our provider, I come to You, empty-handed, fully trusting that You will help me in my situation. You are my ultimate provider, and this financial struggle is nothing compared to You. I feel alone right now and I pray that You hold me tight during this time. There are days when I want to give up, but I know You don’t want that to happen. Keep my feet on the ground so I do not lose control of my life. I trust that You are always with me. Amen.


Miraculous Power Prayer
Gracious God, I call unto Your name for grace and sufficiency. I am challenged by my financial instability that results in endless other problems. I need Your miraculous power to intervene so I may receive the financial blessing I really need. Your power holds the ability to get me out of this situation, and in Your name, I trust that this will not last any longer than I can bear. Amen.


Stay with Me Prayer
Holy God, You said that I do not need to worry about what I will wear, drink, or eat, for You know what I need. At this moment, I am striving not to be anxious, and I sincerely need to feel Your presence. You know all things. You are the only one who can help me in this situation. Stay with me and make Yourself known in my life. I believe in You and You alone. Amen.


Empower My Spirit Prayer
Compassionate God, I humbly ask You to take away all my worries. Let me feel Your loving arms around me. I am restless and anxious because my financial problems keep on growing and growing. I am overwhelmed by everything that is happening. My spirit is weak. Empower my spirit so I can take on these challenges with confidence, knowing that You will eventually provide what I need. I put this problem into Your hands. Amen.


Comfort My Heart Prayer
Heavenly Father, I bring to You all the burdens I have been carrying for so long. You see me in this situation, and I fully acknowledge that I can’t survive this financial crisis without You. With Your love and providence, comfort my heart and let me feel that You are there. Let my heart know that You will never leave me. I am asking for help so I can clear my mind and get things straight. Be my comfort and help me to overcome this problem. Amen.


Show Me the Path Prayer
Eternal Father, I do not exactly know where I should go now. Here I am at Your feet, asking for Your light to shine upon the path I am taking. Being financially unstable in this world creates. It seriously damages my relationship with myself, with other people, and with You. Show me the path so I may no longer wander and be lost due to this problem. Show me the way to overcome my financial hardships. Amen.


Open My Eyes Prayer
Faithful Father, never in my life I have experienced a broken promise from You. You have been faithful and true to every word You have said. I am depending on You now more than ever. Open my eyes so I can see Your abundance and providence all around. Though I am facing some difficulty, help me not lose sight of Your ultimate plan and purpose for me. Amen.


My Constant Prayer
Everlasting Father, nothing in this world is permanent except change, and that includes my hard situation. You are my only constant, and I know that Your power over everything will always endure. Hold me close to You while I am in this financial crisis as I strive to survive each day. I trust in You, oh Lord. Guide me on the path to financial freedom. Amen.


Change Me Prayer
Mighty God, I am asking for Your divine assistance in my finances at this moment. I have tried every plan I have, but nothing seems to work. I now realize that You and You alone can change my circumstances. Change me and my perception of life. Instill in me that You alone have control over everything. You are a mighty God, limitless and abundant. I pray that You watch me and keep me close to You every day. Amen.


Reach My Hand Prayer
God of Abundance, I am greatly disturbed and filled with negative thoughts arising from my financial situation. I come to You, humbled, asking for Your strength and presence. Help me clear my mind and use Your gift of wisdom to choose the decision best for me in this situation. Take my hand and lift me up so I may be able to stand on my feet and succeed again in this world. Help me to hold my hopes high despite all these troubles. Amen.


Lean on You Prayer
Loving Father, at this moment, no one seems to notice that I am not okay and that my life is falling apart. I feel alone and left out. I feel like I am on the outside of something, looking in. All I know is that You are there, and Your grace will be forever enough for my needs. Help me lean on You during this low point in my life. I cling unto You with all my strength. Please provide for financial blessings to flow into my life. Amen.


Look upon Me Prayer
Compassionate Father, I am now struggling financially. I pray that You look upon me and show me Your providence so that I may live more peacefully. I am anxious, and I am clueless about the next step to take. Free my mind so stress does not overtake me and cloud my thinking. Help me make the right decisions to get me back on my feet. I trust fully in Your word and know that You will never forsake or abandon me. Father God, I am in Your mighty hands. Amen.


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