25 Powerful Prayers for Money Blessing

The bible states that the love of money is the root of all evil, so we pray to God to make the money he has given us a blessing in our lives and the lives of others. Here are 25 powerful prayers for money blessings.

A Prayer for Higher Wage
Almighty God, I have toiled for years in the same position. Yet, after all the time and effort, I feel that I have little to show for it. My efforts have not paid off in getting a raise. It seems as though I have financially regressed. Lord, reverse this course. Bless me with the opportunity to increase my wages. Help me to get further ahead, that I can continue to grow in my career and other areas of life. Amen.

A Prayer for Honest Work
God of Increase, the employment landscape right now is very bleak. So many are out of work and are unable to collect a paycheck. I am counted among the unemployed. I want to work for a living the right way. Gracious Lord, I ask that You provide me with honest work so that I can earn money with dignity and support my family. Give me the means to land a new job so that I can earn a living. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

A Prayer for More Money
God of Miracles, I come to You to humbly ask that You increase the amount of money we have, not for material gain, but so that we might be better able to bless our neighbor by our increased capacity. Help our funds to grow naturally, that the harvest might be bountiful and that our cup might overflow. Use us to bless those around us in our community, through Christ, Your only begotten Son, our sovereign Lord, and King. Amen.

A Prayer for Prosperity
Lord of Blessing, as I look around, all I can see is that the wicked prosper while Your people struggle. How long, Lord, will You allow cheaters and thieves to live in abundance? Lord, I ask for prosperity, for the sake of my children and my children’s children. Bless the efforts of Your servant and give him the bread for his labors. For in this way do Your people truly prosper, Lord. Graciously grant this petition unto me. Amen.

A Prayer to Eliminate Debt
Father of Compassion, it is for good reason that Your word warns us of the dangers of debt. For the person in debt, life is reduced to slavery. He/she toils day in and day out, with nothing to show for it. I ask that You help me to eliminate the debt that is rendered to my name. Destroy my debt just as You did my sins. Lead me to start fresh with a renewed outlook and purpose. Free me from this, Lord, and bless me with a debtless way of life. Amen.

A Prayer for a Promotion
Everlasting God, I feel as though I am stuck in a dead-end job. I see no way up from where I am. Each day just seems monotonous and tedious. I find no challenge or fulfillment in what I do anymore. Lord, I ask that You remove the ceiling where I am. Grant me opportunities to grow and advance in my career. Give me the skills to capitalize on these opportunities so that I can get a promotion that will bless my family financially. I ask this in Your dear Son’s name. Amen.

A Prayer for Money Blessing
Righteous Savior, I know that money is not an end in and of itself. For it cannot bring true fulfillment in life. Yet, it does allow for our freedom to serve without constraint, and an opportunity to give to others and bless them. Father, I ask that You richly bless us with the money we need to seek the well-being of others. Equip us, so that we may be cheerful givers and help those who are in need, for You work through Your people in divine wisdom. Amen.

A Prayer for Provision
Creator and Sustainer, You teach us to come to You. You say You will provide us with all we need. I ask that You provide us with enough money to sustain ourselves and to get by. Provide for our needs, Lord, and teach us to have a good and healthy relationship with money, that we may learn to prosper according to Your good will. Amen.

A Prayer for Monetary Stability
Sovereign Lord, there is so much financial uncertainty in my life right now. I do not know what is going to happen, and my funds are gradually drying up. In this time of uncertainty, a humbly ask for You to stabilize my family. Give us what we need to endure this season of financial turmoil and trust in Your gracious provision. For into Your hands, I commit all things. Hear our prayer, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Financial Wisdom
God my Sustainer, hear my heartfelt petition, as I am seeking advice. For if it were easy to manage money, everyone would be prosperous. As this is not the case, You teach us in Your Word that it is important to manage money with wisdom. I ask that You grant this divine wisdom to myself and my family, that we might approach money with sound principles and reap the blessing that wisdom imparts. Lord, in Your loving mercy, hear us in our needs. Amen.

Cheerful Giver Prayer
Father God, You have at many times expressed that You love a cheerful giver, for such a person is close to Your heart. I ask that You bless us with the means to become cheerful givers. Increase our fold that we might give freely without concern. Shape our hearts to be life-giving and not receiving, for You are surely a giving and gracious God who provides all things freely of His kindness. Hear my plea, Lord. Amen.

Two Masters Prayer
Lord of All, You share Your glory with nothing and nobody, for You are a jealous God. Nobody can serve two masters. He will love one and despise the other. So it is with God and money. Lord, the temptation to worship mammon is strong, especially in our consumeristic culture. Tear down our love for money and material gain. Fix our hearts upon You and only You, so that we can be blessed in the right way and use our monetary blessings as tools in Your service. Amen.

A Jubilee Prayer
Lord God, You understand the ravages of being indebted to someone else. Because of this, You saw fit to release the debts of all people in the seventh year. As You rested on the seventh day of creation, so also did You give Your people rest on the jubilee year. Lord, give me a jubilee in my life. Help me to get out of debt so that I can start to make sound financial decisions and provide for my family. Do this that I may be of better use to them and my neighbor. Amen.

A Prayer for Frugality
O Jehovah, my God, I have never considered myself to be a materialistic person. Though lately, I must confess, I have been tempted to spend money frivolously out of stress and anxiety. Guard me against temptation. Keep my eyes from wanting useless things which serve nothing but my sinful appetite. Instead, give me a servant’s heart, that I might bless those around me with what has already been given to me. Amen.

A Prayer for Stewardship
Lord Jesus, we often speak of things being our own. And yet, everything we possess is Yours. It belongs to You, and You have entrusted it to us to be used faithfully in Your service. Lord, help us to understand the nature of stewardship so that we can understand how truly financially blessed we are. Help us to become better stewards of Your gifts. In Your precious name, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer Against Poverty
Lord of Unfailing Love, a look around quickly demonstrates how richly blessed we are. There are many among us who struggle in poverty. Many do not even have a place to lay their head or money for necessities. This puts things into a much-needed perspective. Toward this end, I ask that You bless me monetarily so that, through You, I might bless others financially and help them get back on their feet. Lord, in Your mercy, hear me. Amen.

A Prayer for Productive Investments
Lord Jesus, today I was reminded of the importance of wise investments in Your Parable of the Talents. In this lesson, I understand the importance of making good use of the things You have entrusted to us. I ask that You give me opportunities to wisely invest the finances You have given to me. Give me the wisdom to know the opportunities before me, that I might increase what You have entrusted, and use the returns to bless those less fortunate than I. Lord, grant this without delay. Amen.

A Prayer to Get Ahead
Most Merciful God, I know that money isn’t all it’s made out to be. Yet, living paycheck to paycheck gives me so much fear and anxiety. I want to be able to provide for my family with joy and integrity. I want to be able to support myself without having to ask friends or family for assistance. O Lord, help me to get ahead financially. Give me a sound and frugal disposition, so that I can make the most of the money I do have. Create in me an ability to manage money carefully and allow me to get ahead. Amen.

A Prayer for Tax Season
Lord God, it is that time of year again where we must all pay our taxes. I have dreaded this day for a long time, but it is now upon me. Lord, let me calculate my taxes honestly and carefully so that I do not risk filing incorrectly and incurring penalties. Help me to pay my taxes with a cheerful heart, knowing that while this is going to Caesar, You have called us to pay our taxes faithfully. Lord, in Your mercy, hear this prayer and grant this petition. Amen.

Financial Help Prayer
All-Powerful God, have mercy on me and be gracious unto me. For my pride is overwhelming me, and yet I have nothing to be proud of, for I am deep in a financial hole. I am afraid and too proud to ask for help. Lord, destroy this idol of pride in my life, for it is causing strain on me, on my marriage and on my family. Hear me, Lord, and answer my prayers. Amen.

A Prayer for Humility
Jesus, my Redeemer, I often lack grace and humility in my financial endeavors. I always focus on my own gain without regard for the needs of my neighbor. Give me financial humility so that I am useful for You, mighty and everlasting Lord. Break me of my pride so I may be truly blessed. Amen.

A Prayer Against the Love of Money
Most High God, shield me from the love of money, which tempts me in every way. While I know in my spirit that its promises are straight from the pit of hell, my weak flesh is tempted. My ears perk up at the sound of my own financial gain. Yet, the true blessing of money is in its service to others, not in material satisfaction. Let my heart not live for money, but for You. Let money merely be a means to serve. In Jesus’ most holy name. Amen.

A Prayer for Trust
Father Almighty, You teach us that when we give unto You for Your purposes, You will provide for us. Yet, as finances get tight, I have so much difficulty trusting in Your promise. I am tempted to pinch every penny, yet I know that at any moment the security I find in money could be stripped away. Lord, do not let me tempt You. Change me, O Lord, that I learn to trust You so that I might truly be blessed. Amen.

A Prayer to be Content
God of All Comfort, in a world where everything is always changing, how can one be content with what we have? There is always something bigger and better coming along which stokes our desire for more and more material things. Lord, I ask that You give me a true understanding of money and possessions so that I can be satisfied with what You have deemed fit to give me. From this understanding comes true blessing when money is used properly. Lord, in Your mercy, hear this prayer. Amen.

A Prayer for Integrity
Father of Enduring Faithfulness, there is so much temptation and financial pressure out there that I am tempted to get ahead by any means necessary. Gambling, unsound investments – all of this is garbage in Your eyes. Help me to have integrity in my financial endeavors. Focus me on doing what is right, and not purely how I can make a profit. Through Christ, our Lord, who reigns forever with You in the Spirit. One God, unto ages of ages. Amen.

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