25 Powerful Prayers for Someone Grieving

Grief can be overwhelming, coming in waves with each wave seeming bigger and ready to drag you under. Here are 25 powerful prayers for someone grieving.

Prayer for the Lord to Fill the Void
Jesus, my Refuge, I pray that as I walk through the darkness of the loss of my loved one that You would light my way. Their death has revealed that my security and happiness was not in You but carefully wrapped up in my loved one’s life. My loved one’s loss has shaken my world, and my security has left. I had plans and dreams, and now all I see is a blank screen. I feel as though I have lost the meaning of my life, and now I understand that there must be more. My loved one’s death has left a hole in my soul, and I am confident that no human or thing can fill the void. I am at the end of me, and I need You. Jesus, I whisper Your name from a dark and broken place. Please fill my life with Your loving presence, forgive me, and teach me to love You as I should. I don’t know what lies ahead of me, but I know who I am going to trust, Jesus, the lover of my soul. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Ever-Present Peace
Compassionate Father, as I walk thought these days without my loved one, I feel a little lost and lonely. As I pray, I remember Your promises that You will never leave me. Your prophet Isaiah proclaimed that the mountains could depart, and hills be removed, but Your kindness and peace would not depart from Your children. Your kindness and peace would remain because You are a God who has mercy on His children. Lord, I ask that You grant me kindness, peace, compassion, and strength to get through the lonely days ahead of me. Amen.

Prayer for the Lord’s Comforting Presence
Lord of unfailing love, I need You to help me deal with the loss of my loved one. Your word says blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. The depth of my pain seems too profound to heal, and the loss of my loved one is too life-altering to comfort. But there is that word. BUT with You all things are possible. Therein lies my hope, Your ability to comfort and ease my pain as a loving and personal Savior. I am trusting in You to comfort me in my sadness. Breakthrough the darkness in my soul and bring Your light and warmth. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Help With the Pain
Most merciful God, I turn to Your Word and prayer to help me through these trying days. I don’t think I understood the anguish in David’s soul as he penned his Psalms until now. The loss of my loved one has brought such anguish into my life, and it is almost unbearable. I say almost because I know there is always hope in You. For this reason, Lord, I come to give You the overwhelming anguish of my soul and ask for Your loving intervention. Nothing can change the loss of my loved one, but can You please help me change the way it is affecting me? Lord, please help ease the pain. Amen.

Prayer for the Comfort of Refuge in God
Lord, my Refuge, my heart is breaking as I speak these words to You. My precious loved one has left this life and is now with You in Heaven. I am hurting, and I need the comfort of Your loving presence. You, Lord, are my Refuge, my Fortress, and my Rock. You are the only One who can offer true refuge during these trying days. I need to escape to You because this world offers no comfort for me now that my loved one has departed. Please, as I run to You, open wide Your arms, and receive me. Amen.

Prayer for Strength and Refreshing
All-powerful Father, these days have been draining on me physically and emotionally, so much so that I barely have the strength to pray. I try to rest, but my heart is just too sorrowful, causing my sleep to be fitful. The coming days will be difficult ones, and I need You, Lord. I will trust in You because You are my strength and my song. I wait for You, lift me on the wings of an eagle, and take me to Your hiding place. Renew and refresh my spirit within me and give me all that I will need for the coming days. Amen.

Prayer for Strength During Mourning
Lord my Strength, I have been reading through the scriptures looking for direction for my life. I need strength to carry on during the loss of my loved one. My life is quieter in some ways but more chaotic in others. Can someone be so lonely in the middle of so many people who love and care about for them? I can. The loss of my loved one has left me devastated, and I need strength to make it through the end of the day. I read in Your Word that I should not sorrow because the joy of the Lord is my strength. Lord, I feel nothing. I am numb. Joy is far from me, and I am mourning, please intervene and strengthen me to go forward. Amen.

Prayer for Directions to God’s Will
Gracious Father, I just lost my loved one I can’t see how I can go on, so I am coming to You. Your Word tells me to acknowledge You in all my ways, and You will direct my paths. Guidance is what I am searching for Lord, and I pray You lead me to Your will for my life. I had no foreknowledge of this new life, which interrupted my dreams, but You have known of it since the creation of the world. Your foreknowledge is why I am coming to You now for help. I know You already have a plan in place for this time of distress in my life. I pray for you to please grant me peace as I wait for Your direction. Amen.

Prayer for Clear Direction
All-knowing Lord, my life is in an upheaval right now, and I have no idea where to turn for direction. I come to You because the Bible is full of stories of how You led Your children through difficult circumstances. My situation is so heart wrenching, Lord, because I can’t see a way to live my life without my loved one. The pain in my heart is clouding my mind, and I can’t think straight. Lord, please take over. Please speak clearly to me so that I will know if I should go to the right or left. I am asking for Your Spirit’s guidance for all areas of my life. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Eyes to See God’s Plan
Lord my Strength, I come to You as Your child. I am desperate and in need of Your precious guidance and covering. I am weak from pouring out my anguish through my tears. Now, I face the terrifying prospect of a life without my loved one. I have no idea what to do, other than to come to You. Your Word promises that You will always guide Your children. I am laying my life before You Lord, asking for Your intervention. Give me the spiritual eyes and ears I need to see the direction You have for me to travel. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Merciful Love
Merciful Lord, I have read “the righteous cry out” many times in Your Word and thought it was just someone praying a fervent prayer. As I walk through this dark valley of loss, I can now comprehend the feelings behind crying out to the Lord in prayer. As the Psalmist said, my tears have flooded my bed. I believe there is goodness to come from this experience, but right now, all I need is You. You that when the righteous cry out, the Lord hears. Hear me, Lord, as I cry to You seeking something from You to help me deal with this loss. Be near me as I languish with my broken heart, and wrap me in Your love. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Support
Abba Father, the blessings that we receive from Your hand is more than we deserve. I count among my blessings, my loved one who recently died. They were one of the biggest blessings ever given to me by You. Now that they are gone, the aching I feel penetrates my soul. Because of the sacrifice of Christ, I can come to You with confidence. I am here, Lord, seeking mercy and kindness to bear me up during this time of need. I pray Your promise will not fail me. Please be merciful to me and support me in this, the darkest time of my life. May Your love be poured out upon me and grant me all I need. Amen.

Prayer for Healing and Comfort
Loving Savior, I am contemplating this new norm for my life, and it honestly feels overwhelming. A life without my loved one is difficult to imagine, but here I am without them. My heart some days feels like it will explode from all the sadness that wells up within. The dominating feeling is one of brokenness. I feel like the love I once had has seeped out through the cracks of my broken life and left me empty. I come to You Lord because You supplied the provision to heal my brokenness. In Christ, You have given and fulfilled many beautiful promises. The most beautiful promise for me right now is the promise to heal the brokenhearted and comfort those who mourn. Lord Jesus, I pray You will minister healing and comfort over my life. Amen.

Prayer for Healing of My Broken Heart
O Lord, my Healer, You are more beautiful than one can imagine. Your grace and mercy are more than we can comprehend. I have experienced first-hand Your beauty, grace, and mercy, so I know this to be true. Right now, though, my eyes are blinded to the beauty, grace, and mercy in my life. The loss of my loved one has caused a depression over me, which is crushing in on me, and it is hard even to breathe. Great are You Lord, You lift the humble and heal the brokenhearted. I am praying that You heal me and lift me out of this depression. Please bring Your healing touch to my life and comfort my broken spirit. Amen.

Prayer for Healing and Restoration
Most high God, You are over all Your creation and know if even a sparrow dies. You named each star as You hung it in the night sky, and You know my name. You see the brokenness that I am living every day since the passing of my loved one. O Lord, I pray Your promise as I ask You to please revive my spirit and grant me a way out of this sadness. Look upon me, Lord and see my sad state, please heal me, lead me, and restore Your comfort to me. Amen.

Prayer for Hope in the Resurrection
Powerful Lord, I thank you for dying for our sins and defeating the last great enemy of death for those who believe. Jesus, Your resurrection from the dead fills my heart with hope. Thank you for giving me the hope of seeing my loved one again. My heart is heavy Lord, please take up my burden and fill me with Your hope. Because of Your resurrection, I can have confidence that the death of my loved one is not the end. Redeem my broken heart and restore me to a beautiful life of wholeness. Amen.

Prayer for Hope in Healing
O Great Immanuel, thank you for the comfort that Your presence brings during my days of loss. Your Word tells me that if I draw near to You, then You will draw near to me. I come now, Lord, seeking to be so close to You that I can feel Your warmth. Thank you for the hope I can have in You. I have hope that You are with me, that You will heal me and hope that You will strengthen me. I pray that Your presence will surround me now, and lead me out to the fullness of Your joy. Amen.

Prayer for Hopefulness in My Tears
O God of hope, I come to You seeking the filling of Your joy and peace. My life has become so sad as I have entered into a new season of loss. The loss of my loved one has affected every area of my life. So, I come to the One I trust, the God of all hope. Holy Spirit, please grant abundant hope, joy, and peace to my broken life. I pray that hope will spill over into every part of my life so that as my tears flow, my hope will rise as a praise song to You. Thank you, Lord, for walking with me through this life-changing event. Amen.

Prayer for Trust and Focus
Most holy God, my life is, well, it is like a page torn from a book, and the story is now incomplete. I don’t know how else to describe it. The loss of my loved one has brought so much change crashing into my life. The stress is crushing me. Lord, I come to You because You promise that You will keep in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed on You because You are our confidence. I trust You, but I am struggling to keep my mind stayed on You during my grieving process. I need You now, more than I ever did. My mind needs to lock in on what You are saying to me right now. Help me, Lord, to trust and focus on You and You alone. All other things will fall in place if I can just trust You. Amen.

Prayer to Trust God More
Lord my Refuge, as I sit and try to pray, my mind becomes a blank. I can’t even think of anything but the loss of my loved one, as it consumes my thoughts. Honestly, it is consuming all of me. Help me, Lord, to lean in on You and trust You more. Your Word tells me it is better to trust in You than to put confidence in man. Help me live that truth out in my life during these days of great difficulty. As I lean in and trust You, strengthen me to trust You more than I ever have before. Amen.

Prayer to Trust God’s Loving Purpose
God of Glory, my heart is deceiving me. My flesh tells me to no longer trust You that You are not safe. You have taken my loved one from me. The truth is that You are not safe, but You are my loving God whom I trust. Please help me to place my trust in You, not in my circumstances. Grant me all the trust and faith I will need to get through the loss of my loved one. Help me to trust Your loving hand, which has allowed this shadow to come upon me. Amen.

Prayer for Christ to Meet All Their Needs
Jehovah Jireh, I come before You on behalf of my friend who is mourning the loss of their loved one. I pray first and foremost for Your presence to fill their life. I ask that You will guide their every step so that they will find the help You have provided. Please send Your children alongside them and help them make all the decisions they will need to make in these coming days. I pray for financial provision because the expenses caused by their loss will be there whether or not they can pay them. Please provide for their financial needs to be met. Lastly, their emotional needs with this death will be new to them. I pray that Your Spirit will lead them to Scriptures and people who can help them through this difficult time. Their situation is dark Lord, please shine Your light in their life and guide them to a place of comfort and peace. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Presence to Dominate Fear
O mighty God, You are the God of my Salvation, and nothing is too hard for You. For this reason, I will not fear what lies ahead but will trust in You. In recent days, my focus was on just getting through, and I have had little time to think of anything else. Now, the dust is settling, and I find myself fearing what lies ahead. Come, Lord, let me feel Your presence here with me. Let me know that You will walk me through the coming days and give me the courage I need. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Presence to Rescue from Fear
Loving God, I come into Your presence with a broken heart and feeling a little lost. I need Your direction in my life. I know that You are in complete control of my new life without my loved one, but I feel a little out of control. I don’t know what to do. My hope is resting on You and Your Word. You have promised that if I throw my worries on You that You will help me because You care for me. Lord, I stand before You needing that help; will You rescue me from my fears and show me You are with me? Amen.

Prayer for God’s Nearness to Help Face the Unknown
O Jehovah, my God, I am calling on You name from the lowest point in my life. I have lost my loved one, and the grief and chaos are more than I can bear alone. Do not hide from me. Hear me, Lord, as I cry out. I am afraid of what my life will be because it is entirely out of my control, but it is not out of Your control. You have told me to draw near to You in my day of trouble, and this is the desire of my heart, Your nearness. Help me face the unknown without fear because I have You the all-knowing God by my side. Amen.

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