25 Strong Prayers for a Child

Your child is your entire life, and your prayer for their life is that it is long and blessed. Here are 25 strong prayers for a child along with printable images to use or share.

Prayer for Child’s Life
Father Almighty, we lift up our child to You and ask that You guide and sustain him throughout his life. We pray that You would augment all his abilities academically, physically, and socially. We pray that he would put You first in his life and that he will walk with integrity and love for You and others. We pray that he will honor and obey us as his parents and treat others with love and respect. Amen.


Prayer for Child’s Protection from Injuries
Lord our Stronghold, we ask You to protect our child from accidents and injuries. Shield her from harm as she is coming and going from school on the bus and when she is with us in the car. Protect her from accidents during P.E. and when she’s playing outside and riding her bike. Keep her safe from harm on field trips. Whether at home, school, camp, community activities, or wherever she is, help her to exercise safety awareness. Amen.


Prayer to Protect from Bad People
God our Rock, we pray for a hedge of protection around our son from people who would want to cause him harm. We pray for protection against bullies and manipulative people at school, camp, or in the neighborhood. If someone begins to harass him, help him know how to respond and what to do. We pray for protection against pedophiles and those who would seek to take advantage of him. Amen.


Prayer to Ease Anxiety and Stress
God of Peace, we pray that the peace of Christ would rule in our child’s heart. We pray that You would calm the fears our child has and ease her anxiety. Help her not to become too stressed about her schoolwork, or her athletic performance, or what other people are saying or doing. We ask that You give her peace of mind and may she be serene and calm as she trusts in You. Amen.


Prayer for Physical Health
God our Sustainer, we pray that You would sustain perfect physical health for our child. Please strengthen his immune system and protect him from viruses, so that he’s not given to catching colds or the flu. Protect him from bacterial infections and skin infections. We ask that You shield him from problems with allergies and autoimmune diseases and asthma. Bless him with a perfect digestive system and protect him from cancer and other serious illnesses. Amen.


Prayer to Develop Good Health Habits
Gracious God, we pray that You would help us instill good health habits in our child. May she remember to do things like washing her hands frequently and brushing her teeth after meals. May she remember to drink enough water and other liquids and stay hydrated. Help us to cultivate within her enjoyment of a healthy and diverse diet. May she love physical exercise and outdoor activities, and not be too sedentary. Amen.


Prayer for Emotional Health
Dear God, we thank You that You work on our behalf. And now, we ask for excellent emotional health for our child. May he be in control of his feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. May he be able to cope with life’s challenges. We pray that he will not be overly fearful or anxious about things. We pray that he will not mistreat his siblings or friends or be given to anger. May he feel good about himself and bounce back from setbacks. Amen.


Prayer to Teach and Model Good Emotional Health
Lord of Wisdom, we pray that You would guide us as parents in developing good emotional health within our child. Help us to encourage our child and cheer her on so she develops healthy emotional responses. Help us to be good role models in the way we respond to frustrations and problems. Help us teach her how to appropriately express her feelings, how to cope with stress, and how to have a positive outlook on life. Amen.


Prayer for Spiritual Health
Lord our Sanctifier, we pray that our child would be spiritually healthy. Help us to model and teach an attitude of continual praise and thanksgiving to You. Help us remember to read Your Word to her and discuss it with her, and then encourage her to read for herself once she is able. Help us teach her to use Your Word as her guide in behavior and values. May she learn to practice Your presence and be consistent in prayer. Amen.


Prayer for Guidance for Child
God of Truth, we pray that You will be our constant guide for our child. First, instruct us in being good parents to him and giving him direction in behavior, morals, and in a disciplined life. As he matures, may he learn to turn to You whenever he needs guidance in making decisions. May he seek Your counsel in how to live his life, and when he needs to solve problems or figure out the best way to do something. Amen.


Prayer for Faith
Our God who enables us to triumph in Christ, we pray that our child would develop a deep faith in You. When she reaches the age of understanding, help her to clearly understand Your wonderful salvation and accept You as her Savior. May her faith grow day by day, so that she has serene confidence that You hear and answer her prayers. May her faith drive her actions and decisions, and may she experience Your miracle-working power. Amen.


Prayer for Perseverance
Lord of Victory, we pray that our child will acquire Godly grit so that he persists in all good endeavors. May he never give up on tasks You have given him to do. May he persevere in his prayers, with a regular time of prayer as well as a habit of communing with You through his day. May he also be persistent to ask and keep on asking You when Your answer doesn’t come immediately. Amen.


Prayer for Godly Relationships
Righteous Lord, we lift our child to You asking that You help her to form godly relationships. As she goes through her life, may she be friendly and kind to everyone, shining Your light to those who don’t know You. However, we ask that she will be blessed with intimate friends who are likeminded in their faith. We ask that her friends – now and through her life, including her spouse – will be people with whom she can pray and enjoy mutual encouragement. Amen.


Prayer for Obedience
Holy God, we know that You desire us to walk in obedience to Your commands. We intercede for our child, praying that he will demonstrate his love for You by obeying Your Word. We also ask that he will be obedient to us, to his teachers, and to other authority figures in his life. We pray against a rebellious, stubborn spirit. May he always obey joyfully! We also ask that he obeys the guidance of the Holy Spirit in his life. Amen.


Prayer for Joy
Breath of Life, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will pour out a great measure of joy on our child. Throughout her life, may her mood not be determined by the circumstances of her life. Rather, may her joy be based on her relationship with You and her confident expectation that You are her Promise-Keeper. May the have the joy of the Lord, for it is the strength of Your people. Amen.


Prayer for Respect
Merciful Lord, we ask that our child have a respectful attitude toward everyone he encounters. May he reverence You, for the fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. May he give honor to us his parents, so he may have a long life. May he respect and submit to all human authority with sincerity of heart. May he respect the elderly and look for ways to help them. May he respect all people, regardless of their circumstances. Amen.


Prayer for Honesty
All-knowing God, You examine our hearts and minds and desire integrity. We pray that our child will please You by being truthful in what he says. May he be consistently and courageously honest, even when it is difficult or brings negative consequences. We pray that as he grows up, people will know they can depend on his word. May he always be straightforward, not telling lies or cheating others. May he be trustworthy and sincere with himself and others. Amen.


Prayer for Courage
All-powerful Lord, we ask You to bless our child with courage. May she not be prone to fear and timidity but have an extra measure of bravery and inner power. May she be brave to speak out about her faith and values. May she have courage when going through frightening times or when she is in pain. May she have the moral courage to speak and do what is right, even when faced by opposition and scorn. Amen.


Prayer for Contentment
Dear God who hears our prayers, please give our child a sense of contentment. Your Word tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain. Protect her from a greedy, covetous spirit. Help her focus her desires on pursuing holiness and being content in whatever circumstances she is in. Help her to not constantly be comparing her appearance, her abilities, or her material possessions with her schoolmates, but instead feel a sense of blessing and thankfulness. Amen.


Prayer for Hope
God who works wonders, fill our child with all joy and peace as he trusts in You, so that he may overflow with hope. May he have a confident expectation of the truths of Your good news of salvation. May this hope drive his faith in You and his love for others. May he always walk in the calm assurance of Your promises for him. May hope drive out all fear and doubt and worry. Amen.


Prayer for Purity
Lord of Eternity, help us to cultivate purity within our child. May she win people to You without words when they see her reverence for You and her purity of mind and life. Help us to model and teach Your Word, so that she guards her life with it. May her mind, her body, and her spirit be untainted with immorality, and instead, clean, natural, and wholesome. May she always be sensitive to Your Holy Spirit’s work in her life. Amen.


Prayer for a Special Needs Child
God our Generous Giver, we pray that You bless our child who has special needs. As You work in his life, may he astound everyone by his unexpected achievements and progress. Help us, Lord, to be the best parents for him. Help us to effectively advocate for his needs and to be prayer warriors for him. Give us patience when he takes a long time to learn something or to complete a task. Most of all, we pray he will know You and love You. Amen.


Prayer for Child Custody
God of Power, You know that my great desire is to have my child in a place where words of faith and encouragement are spoken over her. To this end, I ask that You work things out for our child, so that she can grow up in a home dedicated to You. I pray that You will honor me by allowing me to continue to care for her. I pray that my ex-spouse and I can come to an amicable agreement, so our child is not conflicted and stressed. Amen.


Prayer for Blessings over Child
Lord who forms us from the womb, I pray You will shower blessings over my child. I pray first that he will be blessed with Your salvation when he is old enough to understand. And then I pray for a special anointing over his life. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, may he be blessed. May You work with him to conquer problems. May You bless him with abundance in academic ability, forming good friendships, and in perfect health. Amen.


Prayer for Love
Creator Lord, we pray that You will bless our child with love all her days. May her roots grow down deep into Your love and keep her strong. May she experience the love of Christ and be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from You. May she love You with all her heart, soul, and mind. May she rest confident and secure in our love for her. May she rejoice in loving relationships with others. Amen.


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