25 Strong Prayers for a Friend in Need

A friend is someone who is always there for you, and praying for your friend is one of the best things you can do to support them in times of need. Here are 25 strong prayers for a friend in need.

Prayer for Shelter from the Crisis
Gracious Father, You are the giver of all good things, and I see friendship high up on Your list of blessings. My close friend is walking through a crisis in their life. My heart is breaking for them, and I feel helpless. I know I am not helpless because I have You. Therefore, I come before You and seek Your help for my friend. Reach Your loving hand out and draw my friend in close to You. Shelter them from their storm and fight the battle for them. Amen.

Prayer for Victorious Breakthrough
O Great Physician, I come before today on behalf of my friend, who is battling a health emergency. Thankfully, You have gone before us into all hardships we will experience on this earth. Because of this, I know You can sympathize with me in my concern for my friend. I pray for a breakthrough in healing for their health. Use their doctors and nurses to restore their health to what it once was and extend their life. I ask that You would please be their victorious defender and make way for their healing on this earth or in Heaven. Lord, give me the peace I need as I wait with them for Your intervention. Amen.

Prayer for a Return to Joyful Living
O my Joy and Strength, I come on behalf of a dear friend who is passing through a time of great suffering. They have allowed life’s circumstances to rob them of their joy. Honestly, if I were in their place, I would probably be in the same state of mind. Lord, please enter into their life and fill them with Your joy. Bring something beautiful from their sadness. Help my friend understand that You are sovereign over every detail of their life and that You are aware of everything they are going through. Walk them out of their place of sadness back into a place of joy with You. Amen.

Prayer for Happiness to Return
Faithful God, I am before You right now because I am concerned for my friend. They are in a place of great sadness, and I don’t know what to do to help them. Your Word tells us that when our lives please, You give us happiness. My friend is in desperate need of happiness, so I pray for the strengthening of their relationship with You. If something is pulling them away from You and causing their sadness, I pray You would bear Your mighty right arm and pull them back to safety. Amen.

Prayer for the Mending of a Broken Heart
O God of Loving Devotion, thank you for the way that You care for Your children. My friend needs help, and my words of consolation are not enough. Jesus, You said that You have come to heal the brokenhearted. This is an apt description of my friend’s current state, brokenhearted. I pray for the fulfillment of this promised miracle in the life of my friend. Lead them into Your presence and comfort them in the way only You can comfort. Take Your child into Your arms and gently lead them back to a place of healing. Amen.

Prayer for His Loving Protection
Lord, my Shield, I come to You for my friend because of the faithfulness You demonstrated in my life. You have been faithful to protect me, and You can protect my friend. They are in dire need of Your covering right now, so I entrust them into Your hands for protection. You and Your ministering angels have been a constant covering over my life. I pray that You would send that same covering and love to my friend. Teach them how to shelter beneath Your wings of protection. Show them how powerful You are and how much You love them. May You open their eyes to see that Your angels are more than capable of helping them with their battle. Amen.

Prayer for Tower of Protection
God, our Refuge, You are a mighty and great God that nothing can come against and win. You are the Strong Tower that we can run to and are safe. I pray for my friend who is going through a challenging time of spiritual warfare. They need protection from the enemy and the faith to trust in You. I pray that You encourage them by leading them to scriptures that highlight Your watchful protection of Your children. Help my friend understand how to trust in You, for You are their strong tower of refuge. Amen.

Prayer for His Shield of Protection
Lord, my Shield, I have a dear friend who needs Your blessed protection. I pray that You would be a wall of protection around them that keeps the enemy away. I ask that You will lift their head high during this difficult time and keep them focused on You and the battle. Hide them behind Your shield, and be their Stronghold as You save them from their enemies. Deliver them, I pray, into a season of peace where they can once again lift their voice in praise to You. Please be their faithful deliverer!

Prayer for His Presence and Support
O God, my Rock, You are my ever-present help in times of need. I have a friend who does not know how Your power strengthens Your children to fight life’s battles, and they are suffering considerably under their circumstances. You have promised that You will take care of us, and I ask for You to extend this loving care to my friend. I pray that You will let Your light shine upon them and open their eyes so they can see that You are with them in their darkness. Strengthen them for the days to come and give them the courage to be victorious in You. Amen.

Prayer for His Covering and Strength
Oh God of my Salvation, thank you for friendships that allow Your children to have someone to walk alongside us on this difficult path called life. Today I would like to lift up my friend, whose life circumstances have left them battle weary. You have promised that You will strengthen and protect us from the evil one, and this is my request for my friend. They need an extra measure of strength to persevere in Christ to the end of this battle. Thank you, Lord, for Your constant protection and love, which covers Your children. Amen.

Prayer for His Participation in the Battle
Powerful God, my friend is in the biggest spiritual battle they have ever faced, and I fear they are not aware of the severity. I come before You seeking for You to open their eyes to the spiritual fight happening in their life. Then, Lord, grant them the courage of David to stand against the Goliath in their battle. They will need Your Spirit to guide their prayers just as You guided David’s stone. Lastly, Lord, they will need Your strength to stay in the battle once they see the size of their enemy. Thank you for standing in the battle with Your children and giving us the strength to fight. Amen.

Prayer for Spiritual Discernment
Abba Father, You guide Your children today by many methods, and You are faithful to help us see the direction in which we are to walk. Sometimes, because of life’s circumstances, we lose sight of Your guidance. I fear that this has happened to my friend because they seem to be bogged down and have no way out of their dilemma. I pray for You to enter into their struggle and lead them to a place where they can discern your guidance once again. Open their spiritual eyes and ears so they can find Your way out of the struggle. Amen.

Prayer for His Guiding Voice
Faithful Father, one of my close friends, has been praying for guidance for some time, and they believe they have not received an answer. You promise in Your Word that if we seek You, we will find You. A second promise says that wherever we turn, we will hear Your voice saying this is the way, walk in it. My friend needs Your guidance for some life decisions, so Lord, please help them hear Your direction. Their anxious thoughts are screaming, so I ask for You to break through their anxiety and speak words of guidance and love. Please give them peace to wait for Your voice and courage not to move until they hear it. Amen.

Prayer for a Miraculous Intervention
O God of Miracles, often in life, our way becomes so steep and foggy that we are unable to keep to the path. My friend is navigating a treacherous part of their life right now, and they need Your divine intervention. Please move on behalf of them and provide a solution to their problem. You know everything that causes our pain and joy, so not only do You know their dilemma, but You know how to deliver them from the situation. Work a miracle, Lord Jesus! Breakthrough the blinding fog caused by their difficulty, and lead them on to peace and safety. Amen.

Prayer for a Way Back to Peace
Lord, my Peace-bringer, many traps and snares are lying in wait for the helpless in this world. Often Your children fall on their faces because of these traps. My friend has allowed themselves to become entangled with the cares and concerns of this world. Their unrest is painful to watch, but I seem unable to be of any consolation to them. Lord, please speak softly to my friend and help them return to a place of peace with You. I pray they will learn to look to You for their peace and help in all life’s issues. Lord Jesus, be their Peace-bringer. Amen.

Prayer for Peace in His Presence
Gracious Lord, my friend, is going through a horrible situation, and it appears to be a complete disaster. You taught me several years ago that You are not the God of disasters. Your loving purpose is in all the circumstances Your children pass through. You faithfully walked me through my difficulty, so I am asking that You please do the same for my friend. Speak to them as You did me. You chastised me for complaining, but what great comfort it was because it showed You were with me and were listening. Show my friend You are with them and grant them Your peace to make through.

Prayer for Peace in His Arms
Loving Savior, how grateful I am for the peace that Your presence brings to my life. My friend needs Your peace right now. They are suffering, and their lack of peace seems to indicate that their difficulties may have caused them to stay away from You. Your children will all pass through seasons like this and stray away from You for a short time. I pray that their season away would be short as You go after my friend and carry them back into the fold. A child of God can only find true peace in their Shephard’s loving arms. Jesus, hold my friend tight, carry them back to a place of peaceful rest. Amen.

Prayer for a Hopeful Heart
O God of all hope, the hope of eternity in Heaven with You has been the rope that tethers me to You while still on this earth. My friend is desperate and hopeless, and I confess that I might feel the same if I was in their shoes. The situation is truly dire, but I know that with You, there is always the promise of a way out. They have lost sight of this truth. I pray for You to reveal Yourself to my friend, and show them that You are with them. Call them out into a deeper place of understanding of who You are. Then, their heart can be filled with hope once again. With You, we can scale the highest mountain, and my friend needs help remembering that with You by their side, they are a mountain climber. Amen.

Prayer for Abounding Hope
Father of Compassion, I am before today because I am deeply concerned for my friend. They have become depressed and hopeless. You know their heart and what they are going through. You are the God of Hope, and You promised that believing in You will fill us with all joy and peace and that through the Holy Spirit, we will abound in hope. Holy Spirit, please move in the life of my friend and bring this beautiful promise to fruition in their life. May their hope be so abundant that it spills over into the lives of those who know them. Amen.

Prayer to Know the Source of His Hope
Everlasting Father, You are more beautiful and loving than we can comprehend. My friend is living in a hard place and needs a little beauty and a lot of hope to get them through. You possess both beauty and hope, so I come to You on their behalf. Holy Spirit, please enlighten their understanding so that they can discern Your work in their life. Father, You have called us to hope for Your blessings, and this is my prayer for my friend. Help them contemplate what they possess and will inherit. Keeping our eyes fixed on You will bring us to a haven of hope even in the direst situations. Thank you, Lord! Amen.

Prayer for Financial Deliverance
Creator and Sustainer, I have a friend who is walking through financial hardship. I pray for You to grant my friend, the direction they need to get through this challenging financial crisis. You have promised that Your children will never beg for bread and that You will take care of us. I pray these promises over my friend’s dire financial situation and ask for You to deliver them from their poverty. Help them learn to trust in You for all their needs. Amen.

Prayer for Help from the God of the Impossible
God of my Provision, I have been talking with my close friend about the financial challenge looming before them, and my heart is breaking. They, too, suffer from a broken heart, and they have lost hope. Lord, I am reminded of the angel’s proclamation in the Bible when they said, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” Every time I have clung to this scripture in my life, it has been powerful. So, I come before You to pray this on my friend’s behalf. Help them hope in You for a way out, because nothing is impossible with You. Lead them out of their financial distress back to a place of security. Amen.

Prayer for Restoration of Faith
Faithful and Loving Savior, I come before You on behalf of my friend, who has lost faith. My friend has lost faith in their abilities, in their family, and frankly, in You. I know this is brought about by taking their eyes off You and focusing on the world’s things. Lord, I know this because I have walked through it myself. Faith is fragile, and once lost, getting it back is like trying to catch the wind. Help my friend find their way back to looking to You for their every need. Remove the distractions that are taking their eyes off of You. You have said that You will be faithful even when we are not, I pray this promise over my friend’s life right now. Jesus, bring them back to their first love and restore their faith in You. Amen.

Prayer for Faith to Move Mountains
Lord, our Mountain Mover, thank you, Jesus, for removing the greatest mountain that stood between us and eternity with the Father. With faith in You, we can move many more mountains while on this earth. My friend is standing before a mountain in their life, and they have lost all their faith to move or climb it. You said that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed, mountains will move and nothing will be impossible. I pray for You to reach down and take my friend by the hand. Use their mustard seed size faith and call them up to the heights with You. Restore their faith, Lord, so they can once again face their struggles in Your strength. Amen.

Prayer for Faith in the Promise Giver
Loving God, my good friend is passing through a time of desperation. Many things have happened sequentially and caused them to conclude that they have lost Your love. Their faith has dwindled, and they are depressed. Holy Spirit, I beg You to move over my friend’s life and help them feel Your presence. Bring precious scriptures from their memory that will encourage them and grant them the faith they need to believe it. I want to pray over them right now and ask that You will help them remember that the Lord’s plan for their life is for their good and not to harm them. His plans are not evil towards them, but to give them a future and a hope. Teach my friend to have faith in the Promise Giver and not their life situations. Amen.

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