25 Strong Prayers for Babies’ Health

Babies are precious gifts from God, and our biggest hope for them, whether it is our baby or someone else’s child, is that they would grow happy, healthy, and strong. Here are 25 strong prayers for babies’ health, including images you can print to use and share.

Prayer for Baby to be Healthy
Abba Father, bless our baby with good health, not only now, but throughout his/her life. We pray that he/she will sleep well and be happy and content throughout the day with no discomfort. We pray that nothing will hinder his/her development and that he/she will meet all his/her milestones on time. We pray against any infections or other illnesses that might come on him/her. We thank You for placing Your hand of protection on him/her. Amen.


Prayer for Babies Around the World
Author of Life, we pray for all the babies around our world, especially the children of refugees or those living in impoverished conditions. Enable their mothers to access good healthcare and education about childcare. We ask that the babies and their mothers will have adequate nutrition, so the babies can be healthy and develop normally. We ask that they might have hygienic living conditions and be protected from disease. Amen.


Prayer for My First Trimester of Pregnancy
Creator God, as You weave this new life in my womb, we pray for our baby’s protection during this most vulnerable time. Please relieve me of any morning sickness and enable me to eat a healthy diet. As our baby’s heart begins to beat, may all his/her organs and bodily systems develop normally. As his/her arms and legs become fully formed, may they be perfect. We pray against any genetic abnormalities or toxic substances that might harm our baby’s development. Amen.


Prayer for My Second Trimester of Pregnancy
Beloved Father, we pray Your blessing over our developing child, as You hover over him/her in the womb. In this second trimester, may he/she grow well in length and weight, and may his/her reflexes develop normally. As his/her brain is growing, we ask for perfect neurological development and for no defects. May he/she have the correct amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him/her. Please protect us from bleeding or any other complications during this pregnancy. Amen.


Prayer for My Third Trimester of Pregnancy
Blessed Lord, may Your loving hand be on our baby in his/her last trimester in the womb. We pray against premature labor and complications such as maternal diabetes or high blood pressure. May our baby’s head move into the right position as the birth nears. May his/her lungs mature well, may he/she continue to gain weight, and may every organ and system in his/her body develop perfectly. Amen.


Prayer for Healthy Delivery for My Wife
God of Blessing, I ask for the safety of my wife and child during childbirth. I pray that our baby will not come too early or too late. I pray for Your protection against any birth injuries or problems. I ask that the delivery be smooth and uneventful and not overly long. May our baby not have any distress with his/her heart rate during labor and after birth. May his/her lungs work perfectly after he/she is born, and his/her reflexes and activity level be normal. Amen.


Prayer Against Jaundice
Faithful Lord, as we prepare for our new baby to be born, we ask that You bless him with divine health. We pray against jaundice and any complications from jaundice in his first days of life. When he is born, may he be full-term and may his liver be healthy and mature enough to clear bilirubin from his bloodstream. May he feed well and frequently in the first few days of his life to help prevent jaundice. Amen.


Prayer Against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
God, our Good Shepherd, watch over and protect our sweet baby as she sleeps, and keep her from harm. May the part of her brain that controls her breathing and sleep arousal be fully mature and work properly. We pray against colds and other respiratory illnesses that may affect her breathing. We pray that she will remain in the safest sleep position and not get overheated. May she sleep peacefully and safely through the night. Amen.


Prayer Against Infections
Eternal God, we ask that You shield our baby from any virus, bacteria, or other pathogens that would make him sick. Give him a healthy and strong immune system to fight infectious diseases. If he does get sick, may he quickly recover, without any complications. We ask You to command Your angels concerning our baby, to guard him in all his ways. We thank You that when we call out to You, You hear us and answer us. Amen.


Prayer for Protection from Allergies and Autoimmune Disorders
Lord, our Strength and Shield, protect our baby against all allergies to food or medicines or environmental factors. We also pray against any food intolerances or other issues that would disrupt her digestive process or cause her distress. We pray for protection against any autoimmune disorders throughout her life. May she always live under the protection of Your shadow, Almighty God. Surely Your faithfulness will be her shield throughout her days. Amen.


Prayer Against Autism and Other Neurological Disorders
Lord of Peace, we pray that You keep our baby from displaying any symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurological or behavior problems. Protect her from seizures and from other brain issues that would be life-threatening or slow her cognitive development. As she grows into a toddler, may she have no problems with speech or walking or social development. Be gracious to us and protect and deliver her from any harm to her brain and nervous system. Amen.


Prayer to Meet Developmental Milestones
God of Abundance, we pray our baby will be able to do everything a healthy baby his age can do. May he achieve every milestone on time or a little early in this first year. May he lift his head and then his chest when on his tummy, then turn over, then begin sitting up, and crawling and pulling up to stand. May he play appropriately with toys, babble, and show good interest in his environment. May he develop normally in all ways and be happy and healthy. Amen.


Prayer for Pediatrician’s Wisdom
Lord our Counselor, we pray that You would bless our pediatrician with wisdom and insight as he/she treats our baby. If our baby is sick, may he/she accurately diagnose what is wrong, and prescribe the appropriate medicine or treatment. If there are developmental problems, may he/she be alert to them, and quickly arrange helpful therapy or other interventions. May he/she listen to us and observe our baby carefully and provide wonderful and wise care. Amen.


Prayer Against Colic
Lord of Compassion, we urgently pray that You would relieve the discomfort our baby is feeling. Please deliver all of us from this constant crying despite our efforts to soothe her. Help us and our pediatrician identify the cause – such as sensitivity to breast milk or her formula, or sensitivity to lights or sounds. Help us to find effective ways to comfort her and calm her down when she is in distress. And give us the strength to deal with this stress. Amen.


Prayer for Healthy Growth
Lord of Provision, we thank You for our new baby and the blessing she is to us. We pray that You give her good health so that she grows longer and gains weight according to the normal percentages. May her weight double by three months and triple by her first birthday. We pray against problems such as failure to thrive. We also pray for the normal expansion of her head circumference and the growth of her brain. Amen.


Prayer for Good Feeding and Digestion
Lord of Mercy, we ask that You smile on our baby and give him a good appetite and a good digestive system. May he have no problems latching on to the breast or bottle and no issues with allergies to formula or to foods the mother eats when breastfeeding. As he begins eating solid food, may that all go well. May he enjoy different textures and flavors, chew well, and have no issues with allergies or intolerances. Amen.


Prayer of Gratitude
Glorious Lord, receive our thanksgiving for this beautiful baby You have blessed us with. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for this precious gift of life You have entrusted to us. We thank You that she is healthy and has a good appetite and that every day we see her do new things. Help us to be good parents and give her the best of care, so she can continue in good health and develop well. Amen.


Prayer for Good Sleep
God of all grace, we pray that You would bless our baby with good sleep, so we can all be healthy. May he quickly begin to sleep through the night. May we learn a good bedtime routine and a consistent schedule for our baby. Help us find the best ways to get our baby back to sleep when he awakens at night. Help us to remember to give our baby enough stimulation and play so he’s more tired at bedtime. Amen.


Prayer for Blessings over Baby
Mighty God, we pray that You would shower our baby with Your many blessings. May she enjoy glowing health throughout this next year and throughout her life. May she have a great appetite, keen intelligence, problem-free development, and good sleep at the appropriate times. May she sail through this next year and through her childhood with no serious infections or illnesses or digestive issues. May she be a joyful child who is interested in the world around her. Amen.


Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance
God of wisdom, please anoint us with Your divine wisdom and guidance as we are learning how to parent our new baby. Help us to recognize the difference between when our baby is being tired or fussy in a normal way and when our baby needs to see the doctor. Help us to educate ourselves on the signs and symptoms of common childhood illnesses, so we get our baby to the doctor quickly when he’s sick. Amen.


Prayer for Emotional Health
God, our sure Foundation, we pray that You would build within our new baby a solid foundation of emotional health. May she be a laughing, easy-going baby who enjoys engaging with people and with her environment. May she not frequently be fussy or fretful, but instead calm and adaptable. Help us to be sensitive to her needs and to spending enough time with her so that she feels secure and has healthy attachments to us. Amen.


Prayer for Spiritual Health
Mighty God, You said that out of the mouths of babes You have ordained praise. Help us to train our baby up in the way he should go, so that when he is older, he will not turn away from You. Help us to develop a godly atmosphere in our home, through singing and playing praise music, reading and claiming Your Word over him, and praying for him. May he begin to develop spiritually, even at this young age, and continue to grow in You all his days. Amen.


Prayer for Good Judgment as Parents
God our Rock, we are frequently second-guessing ourselves when it comes to the best care for our baby. Give us the sound judgment we need, so she can be healthy. Give us Your wise leading when we’re unsure what to do about a feeding problem or a sleeping problem. Help us to differentiate between serious crying and normal fretfulness. Help us correctly judge the symptoms of illness, so we know when she needs to see the doctor. Amen.


Prayer to Keep Food Down
Lord our Helper, we ask that our baby will be able to keep his food down when he eats. Help him not to spit up his milk after a feeding. Calm his digestive system, we pray, especially reflux issues. Guide us in the best strategies to prevent him from spitting up after he eats – such as positioning, not over-feeding, and burping him after he nurses or takes his bottle. Keep him from choking on anything that comes back up. Amen.


Prayer for Excellent Mental Health
Lord of love, we pray that You grant excellent mental health to our baby. May she respond appropriately to stimuli and enjoy interacting with other people. May she enjoy being held and cuddled. May she not be a picky eater but enjoy a variety of textures and tastes. May she feel secure and loved. May she have no serious sleep issues. May she not be prone to anxiety and depression. Help us meet her needs so she feels safe and cared for. Amen.


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