25 Transcendent Prayers for Inner Peace and Calm

Anxiety and inner chaos can easily start to creep in during times of uncertainty. Here are 25 transcendent prayers for inner peace and calm.

Time of Public Health Crisis Prayer
Lord God, what is the virus that is spreading the ends of the earth? What is the fear that is building up around me every day? Where is the end of this sickness? Why do I feel unease even though I am trying to trust in You? My mind is confident in You, but that doesn’t stop my anxieties and worries. Calm Your people, God. Give us Your comfort and peace in this time of chaos. Give me the inner peace I need to make it through another day. Amen.

In the Midst of Chaos Prayer
Almighty God, in the unknown, in the chaos, in the ever-changing world around me, You are God, You are good, and You are peace. I ask that You be my peace in the midst of the chaos. It is so easy to get caught up in everything going on around me, but when my eyes are fixed on You, I know that my spirit can be calm and secure. Thank You, God, that I can be sure of this truth. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Inner Peace Prayer
Jesus, my Savior, there is so much stimulation around me, and it makes me anxious. The news is full of disaster, name-calling, and reason to panic. Everywhere I look, I am reminded of the crisis around me. But Jesus, I pray that You be my inner peace. While outside of me and around me may feel anything but peaceful, I know that in You, there is a peace that surpasses all understanding. Let me rest in that promise, Lord. Amen.

God Is Enough Prayer
Heavenly Father, when the world seems to be too much, You are enough. When there is turmoil within me, You are enough. When I feel like there is nothing going right, You are enough. And when all control feels lost, You are enough. God, You are all I need, and I come to You today and ask that You be the inner peace within me. I am feeling unrest and unable and come to You in prayer to ask for Your help. Let my spirit be calm in the knowledge that You are more than enough. Amen.

God’s People Prayer
Lord Jesus, You are my God and I am Your people. You, God, give strength to Your people and bless them with peace. I ask to be blessed with this peace, God. Deep inside me, I am hurting, anxious, and filled with distress. I am weak and need to feel inner peace within my soul. While I am guilty of looking for this peace in earthly places, I know that it can only be found in You. Calm my spirit, God. Amen.

Still My Heart Prayer
Still my heart, Jesus. As I take deep breaths and let my focus return to You, I pray that You be the calm in the storm. I close my eyes and know that only You matter. Only You are in control. God, calm my spirit and my anxieties. I believe in You, and I believe in Your power to bring me peace where there seems to be none. In You, God, all is good. In You, God, all is Yours. I love You and am so thankful to know You. Amen.

God Is Order Prayer
O Jehovah, my God, my schedule has disappeared and all structure in my life seems lost. I find myself stressed for no reason other than the loss of my routine. I hate feeling this way, God, but order is not in my control, and I do not know when order will return. Jesus, You are in control. Let me find peace in that instead of peace in my man-made schedule. You are the only order I need. Calm me, God, please. Amen.

Good News When There Is Bad News Prayer
Jesus, sickness surrounds me, and I do not know where to find safety. Everywhere I look there is bad news and chaos. Everything feels surreal. I constantly feel like I am in a state of crisis. But Lord, help me remember that I can find safety in You. Be the Good News and the break from the chaos. Jesus, You will save me from this crisis. Help me remember this and find peace in You. When I stray away, God, pull me in close. I love You. Amen.

You Are in Control Prayer
Almighty God, when all seems lost and all seems out of control, You, God, are in control. I pray that You remind me of this truth in this moment of unrest. There is nothing too crazy for You and there is nothing You cannot handle. Let me rest in that promise. Be my calm, Jesus. Steady my heart and my breathing and let me find peace in You at this moment. When all seems lost and all seems out of control, You, God, are in control. I love You, God. Amen.

Love in the Lord Prayer
Jesus Christ, though sometimes the world around me feels like too much for me to handle, though sometimes the chaos of the day makes me feel like I cannot go on, I know that there is love in the Lord. Your love is enough to calm my soul and give me peace. I cannot get enough of You, Lord. Let Your love cover me and never let me go. You are my everlasting peace. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.

I Will Praise You Prayer
Loving Savior, when there is unrest within me, I will praise You. When there is more chaos than I can control, Jesus, I will praise You. When the problems of the world feel surreal, I will praise You, Jesus, the author, and the perfecter of our faith. Because of the sacrifice You made for us on the cross, I can be confident in the peace that I can find in You. I am forever thankful for You and I will forever praise You. Amen.

Be My Sanctuary Prayer
Heavenly Father, I come to You in a time of distress. I am in need of You and the peace that only You can bring. Be my sanctuary, God. Be a safe place for my soul. I long to feel the comfort and calm of Your presence. I am in need of the comfort and calm of You. God, bring me rest and allow me to feel safe in Your arms. Be my sanctuary, God. Only You can. I love You, Jesus. I need You. Amen.

Searching for Peace Prayer
Lord, I keep seeking peace but come up short. I look but I feel like it is nowhere to be found. As often as I try to pursue peace in You, I am met with turmoil and unrest within me. What can I do? I come to You in prayer and ask that You in Your mighty power bring inner peace to sustain me. Only You can calm my soul, God. When all is lost in the world, God, I am found in You. Hear my cry and come to my aid. Amen.

You Have Overcome Prayer
O Mighty God, You have overcome the world. In this truth, I find peace. Despite the troubles of the world, the calamities, the hardships, I know that You came and conquered the world. Whatever it is I am going through, God, You already know. You know me, and You know what I need so that I can find calm today. Lord, I am free in You. Free my bound spirit and let me feel Your peace. Feel my breathe with your calm freedom and bring serenity to my soul. Amen.

Overwhelm My Soul Prayer
Loving God, here I am in Your presence. I know that no matter how far I stray, God, You are always there. You always find me. Today, God, find me here before You in distress. I ask that You calm my spirit. Let Your presence overwhelm my senses and fill my soul. Give me peace. You are the everlasting Father, and I am grateful to be allowed into Your presence. Thank You, Jesus, for loving me. Help me love You more, too. Amen.

God Is the Light Prayer
Jesus, my Savior, even in my darkest moments, You are the light. When I feel furthest from You, You are present. When I am struck by silence, Jesus, You are listening. I ask that You help me find peace in these truths. Bring me tranquility and serenity from the turmoil within me. Be the peace within me, God. Amen.

Forever God Is Faithful Prayer
Jesus, forever…and forever again…You have been faithful. As I struggle with a lack of peace and try to find calm in the chaos around me, I ask that You help me find rest in Your faithfulness. I have no doubt that You are the same today, yesterday, and always. Give me the strength to break the chains I am entangled in and find peace in You. Show me the way to see Your unfailing faithfulness. Amen.

Nothing Can Separate Prayer
Abba, Father, there is nothing, Father, that can separate me from You. No height nor depth nor failure on my part. Jesus, You promised that You are with me. Please help me stop doubting Your presence and Your forgiveness. Father, overcome my doubt and allow me to feel the peace that only You can bring. I am longing for the sense of calm that can only be found in You. Let it pour over me, Father. Amen.

God’s Pasture Prayer
Heavenly Father, when there is chaos within me, lead me to Your pasture. Guide me to fields of green grass and quiet pools of water. Jesus, let me come and find rest. Lasting calm and inner serenity are found in You and only You. Help me stop looking in other places and allow myself to be led to Your fields, God. Forgive me for my doubting and lead me into peace. Amen.

Pull Me In Prayer
Lord Jesus, I struggle to let myself be at peace. I am constantly worrying and planning for the future. I am constantly filling my life with things other than You. But God, You say that You want me and that You love me still. Pull me in, God, and hold onto me tightly throughout my worry. Let me be Yours and only Yours. Give me peace in Your embrace, Jesus. You are good. Amen.

By God’s Side Prayer
God, in You there is peace and love, and I don’t want to be anywhere else but with You. Jesus, I long to rest solely in Your presence and goodness. I know that You will not leave me, but I know that I might leave You. God, I ask for the strength and wisdom to stay by Your side and put You first. In You, God, there is peace and love. Fill me with your warm love, and the comfort of knowing you will always chase me if I stray. Amen.

Perfect Peace Prayer
Jesus, You say that You will give perfect peace to those who trust in You. God, I pray that You help me trust steadfastly in You. I know that You are God, but I default to doubt and straying away. Help me trust You, and Jesus, please keep me in perfect peace. I so badly long for it, and I know it can only be found in You. Gracious God, You are perfect. Amen.

In My Searching Prayer
Oh Jesus, I am trying to be calm, but there is so much anxiety within me. This leads to fear, stress, and desperation. God, rid me of this anxiousness and help me find peace in You. I have nothing apart from You. Draw me near and be the tranquility that I am searching for. You, God, can cast out all anxieties. You can save. You can bring serenity to my life. I love You. Amen.

God of Peace Prayer
You, Jesus, are a God of peace. I, Lord, am full of emptiness and disaster. Heal me, Jesus. Redeem me, forgive me, and be mine. Lord, help me put Your work into practice and be the doer of Your lessons and words. Calm my Spirit, God. Fill the emptiness I feel within me with Your goodness. I pray, God, that You, the God of peace, be with me. Protect me, Jesus, from the chaos inside me. Amen.

Turn to God Prayer
Lord Jehovah, my mind will not rest. I keep feeling like I am in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing. I am trying to find a solution to this stress building within me. I am thinking and thinking, and these thoughts are increasing the anxieties within me. Lord, help me stop and turn my face to You. Calm me down, Lord. Give me rest in You. I cannot find it on my own. Only You can calm my overthinking and stress. Only You can save. Amen.

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