6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Membership

A lot of retailers have their own schemes focusing on profitability as well as customer retention. One of them is Amazon, known as the largest online retailer in the world today. Amazon is offering something similar to annual membership schemes which is referred to as Amazon Prime. This is considered a premium option for netizens and Internet shoppers alike as it can offer lots of benefits to its subscribers for only US$99 annually. However, subscription schemes could have some advantages and disadvantages. To determine if this option is indeed advantageous or not, the pros and cons of Amazon Prime Membership are presented here.

List of Advantages of Amazon Prime Membership

1. Shipping of Marked Goods Is Free
Shopping online can sometimes be a hassle as it will require a few more orders on top of your main item to take advantage of free shipping. However, if you are an Amazon Prime member, there is no need to add these unnecessary items. Those that are marked as prime will be delivered within two shipping days for free.

2. Access to Prime Videos
On top of free shipping in just two days, members can watch over 41-thousand movies or videos from Prime Instant Video. This will give them free access for every Amazon device that is linked to their account. In fact, the video library has most of the movies and TV series that can be downloaded for offline playback for all Amazon-branded devices.

3. Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Firsts
As a member of Amazon Prime, you can have free reading of up to two books each month. Every month, Kindle Firsts will allow download of one e-book for free based from four available options prior to release to the public. The Kindle Lending Library will allow members to read their second book. Moreover, you will also be allowed to borrow any book monthly for free.

List of Disadvantages of Amazon Prime Membership

1. Only Designed for Shopaholics
Shopping in as few as 12-15 times per year will not be ideal as it will not pay off every penny that you have invested on your membership fee. You might even better be spending for shipping on every package than subscribing to Amazon Prime.

2. Forced to Buy from Amazon
Even if you are not being forced to shop from their website, the fact that you have paid to enjoy the service will indeed encourage you to purchase from Amazon only. In fact, you might even be forced to make compromises for the quality as you will opt not to pay for shipping fee unlike other shops online.

3. Not Good for Local Retailers
The fact that you will make orders for a US$3 product from Amazon because it can be delivered in as quickly as 2 days will be bad for the local economy.

Membership to Amazon Prime should be perfect for shopaholics. However, there might be a set of plus and minus points awaiting to happen to its customers. Perhaps the pros and cons presented here will be reason enough to determine if this should be a valid option or not.

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