6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Showers

You look at people who jump in ice cold lakes during winter as if they were crazy. Who in their right mind would want to freeze their bottoms off when staying warm is much, much better. You won’t even take a cold shower because it’s too uncomfortable. But what if you find out that cold showers can actually be super beneficial? Impossible? Read these pros and cons and learn what you actually might be missing out from skipping the dreaded freezing waters.

List of Advantages of Cold Showers

1. They increase alertness and boost your mood.
Wonder why your officemate is always so perky? She might be taking cold showers every morning. The shock you get when cold water hits you is actually helpful in increasing your oxygen intake and heart rate. As a result, your body gets a rush of energy and you become more alert. Studies also show that cold showers can relieve depression. This is because the intense impact of cold receptors on the skin sends an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses to the brain, which produces an anti-depressive effect and improves your mood.

2. They improve your overall health.
Science shows that cold showers boost your metabolic rate, helping you lose fat and activating your immune system. This means they aid in weight loss and in boosting your body’s ability to fight viruses. They also improve blood circulation, so your heart and arteries work better. Cold water also gives you healthier hair and skin because it tightens the pores and constricts blood flow, and it flattens hair follicles and makes them grip the scalp better. In addition, they help in relieving sore muscles more quickly.

3. They help you save on utility costs.
You won’t have to spend on heating and you can significantly lessen your bathing time and water usage because you wouldn’t want to stay too long in a cold shower. As a result, you save on your utility bills.

List of Disadvantages of Cold Showers

1. They aren’t such a welcome thought, especially during colder months.
The thought of hopping into a cold shower isn’t very welcoming when it’s freezing in your home. You might prefer giving up your hygiene rather than suffering from an icy blast of water.

2. They aren’t ideal for everyone who has illnesses.
If you are sick, cold water may do more harm than good. When suffering from a minor or moderate illness, warm or hot baths are more recommended to provide rejuvenation for the body.

3. They may not be effective for everyone and everything.
Not everyone gets relief from a cold shower when they are suffering from muscle pain. Others will find that a heating blanket, hot water bottle, or warm bath is more helpful and effective.

If getting hit with a blast of icy water is too much for you, then experts suggest that you begin with a warm temperature, then gradually decrease it until it reaches a cool level as you finish your bath. Science shows that cold showers have a lot of benefits, so braving the cold waters can be well worth it. But if you are sick or suffering from an illness, injury or muscle soreness, it is best to consult with a medical specialist on whether it would be better to bath with cold or hot water.

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