6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Smoothies

We sneak a bit of green into our meals to make it healthier. But what works for food doesn’t always agree with drink. Adding greens into smoothies isn’t quite as palatable as incorporating them in food. However, simply searching on the internet for delicious green smoothies will yield many results. The only thing left to do is try them to see if it really is tasty.

Sure, including a green smoothie into your diet is healthy but are there any drawbacks to doing so?

List of Advantages of Green Smoothies

1. It is a simple way to consume more healthy foods
A smoothie can be a combination of a number of produce. All you need is a blender and a combination of your favorite fruits and vegetables. After all, we’ve always been told to eat healthier, so what better way to do so than to put all those healthy goodness into one drink? If you’ve always struggled to include low-calorie produce into your diet, this is one of the easiest ways to do so.

2. It has more dietary fiber
A green smoothie diet is high in dietary fiber and as such, has many health benefits. For one, it can balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Plus, it encourages the consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Preparing a green smoothie also doesn’t take a lot of time and is fairly simple as well.

3. It can help with weight loss
A green smoothie diet is low in calories. As such, those who subscribe to it have a good chance of dropping weight. Of course, it’s always best when done in conjunction with exercise.

4. It is available in many food establishments
Many people are now embracing the green revolution and many food establishments are taking notice. There are even stores dedicated to just making healthy drinks. So if you were too busy to whip up your own, you can always get one from a healthy eating establishment.

List of Disadvantages of Green Smoothies

1. It may not yield the best results taste-wise
Preparing a green smoothie is basically a hit or miss. Combining fruits and vegetables as well as other ingredients can taste fantastic or disgusting. Although you can always practice good combinations, some really tasty recipes can be found online. You might have to make some minor adjustments to suit the taste to your preference but at least, you’re not alone in this matter.

2. It is costly
Experimenting with food and having it yield an unsavory result definitely hurts your pocket. Even following recipes isn’t a guarantee the turnout will be delicious. It takes time to find the perfect recipe that not only tastes good but also contains much needed nutrients.

The good thing about green smoothies these days is you can buy them from establishments that encourage healthy eating. That being said, making your own is definitely better. It may take experimenting to get the flavors just but it may just save a whole lot more time on your part.

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