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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixed Gender Schools

An ongoing debate has centered around genders and schooling. This debate has gone on for decades, with the primary question being whether or not males and females should go to school together – or else be separated into their own schools. The advantages and disadvantages of these mixed gender schools (like most public schools) can be read below.

Advantages of Mixed Gender Schools

1. Larger Student Base.
The primary advantage is that there is a larger student base. While this may not immediately seem like an advantage, the fact is that schools get funding primarily based on how large their student and faculty pools are. The larger the student base, the larger the amount of funding received.

2. Learning To Deal With The Other Gender.
It is imperative that children learn how to deal with the other gender. Boys should know how to deal with girls, and vice versa. The outside world is not going to separate the genders from mixing with one another, and learning from an early age is crucial.

3. Natural Human Experiences.
Many natural human experiences are experienced between a male and a female. Dating is a primary example of this. While it is certainly not appropriate to begin dating at a young age, when undertook at an appropriate age and maturity level, these natural human experiences are necessary and beneficial to both parties.

Disadvantages of Mixed Gender Schools

1. More Prone To Sexual Abuse.
A main issue with mixed gender schools is that they tend to be much more prone to sexual abuse and violence than are schools with only one gender. Even with the recent movement of bringing this threat to the light (instead of hiding it as something to be embarrassed of in years past), this is not an easily fixed issue; single gender schools, however, do have much lower rates of this types of occurrence.s

2. Distraction As Age Progresses.
Boys notice girls, and girls notice boys. This can provide a distraction that limits an adolescents ability to concentrate fully on their studies. Yes, it is possible for boys to notice other boys, and girls to notice other girls, but the issue of opposite gender distraction is much less prevalent in single gender school settings.

3. Inability To Focus Studies Based On Gender.
Mixed gender schools limit the ability to focus studies based on gender. Each gender tends to learn a bit differently, and certain subjects are more interesting or of use to one than the other. By keeping schools to a single gender, you are then able to take advantage of this.