6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Poultry Farming

Raising chickens can be a lot of fun for the entire family. It’s a chance to break into small-scale farming, create a family business, and reduce food insecurity.

These poultry farming advantages and disadvantages can help you decide if raising chickens is right for you.

List of Advantages of Poultry Farming

1. Chickens provide multiple food resources.
If you begin raising chickens, then you’ve got choices. You can raise chickens for meat and be able to replenish your food supply once per quarter. Hens can also provide eggs that reduce food insecurity.

2. It can be profitable.
Depending on where you live, one dozen farm-fresh chicken eggs can be priced at $4-$5. Even at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, a dozen goes for around $2. If your hens are laying a dozen eggs per day, that’s some easy cash that begins to add up.

3. Chickens can reduce stress levels.
Chickens have unique personalities. They might try to fly somewhere and fail. Some might run into your fencing and then think the sky is falling. Spending time with chickens can definitely lower cortisol levels.

List of Disadvantages of Poultry Farming

1. It is a monetary investment.
You’ll need to install a chicken house and coop to protect your chickens. Poultry netting can run as high as $400 for a single coop. Small coups can be found for around $300 if you just want a handful of hens running around. Feed and bedding have costs to consider as well.

2. It is a time investment.
The chickens need to be put in every night to avoid predators. Someone will need to feed them for you if you go on vacation. Without enough food, water, and grit, your time as a poultry farmer will be short.

3. Chickens are filthy birds.
Poultry farming requires the bedding in a chicken coop be replaced about once per month. You may need to avail your coop for inspections if you sell food products. Without proper cleanliness, an entire farm could be wiped out with just one illness.

Before you get started, be sure that your current property codes allow for chickens to be on your property. If it is allowed, then these poultry farming advantages and disadvantages will help you make the best possible decision.

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