6 Powerful Prayers for Honoring Veterans

The Impossible Prayer
All-Powerful God, glory be to Your holy name. Thank You for the veterans that fought for me. Thank You for bringing these heroes home safely to us. Surround their lives with Your peace and protection. Let them feel Your presence. Guide them to overcome the challenges they face in civilian life, whether these are related to a disability, medical care, emotional care, housing, employment, creating structure in their lives, or creating a new community for themselves. Break down the barriers that they face. Crush the obstacles. Fill them with peace and confidence that all will end well. Instill in them patience during the transition. Speak to them of Your love, and their country’s appreciation for their selfless service. Amen.

Prayer for Financial and Medical Assistance
Jesus, my Savior, we wait in hope for You because You are our help and our shield. We know that You love very dearly those war veterans who risked their lives for the lives of others, and for freedom. Jesus, we rejoice in You because we trust in Your holy name. I pray that Your unfailing love continues to be with those heroes, even as we put our hope in You. We place the future health of veterans in Your hands and ask that You ensure they get the financial and medical assistance they need in their lives. We know that Your love will continue to surround them. Amen.

Armor of God Prayer
God of Heaven’s Armies, I thank You for the honorable individuals who risked their lives for our country. I thank You for covering them with Your full armor so that they could fulfill their duties and come home safely to us. We honor those war veterans and pray that You bless them for their extraordinary acts of selflessness and sacrifice. Be with our veterans, dear God, even though they are no longer on the battlefield, so that they have the strength and the protection to defeat the challenges they face in civilian life. I pray that they continue to be covered with Your full armor. Amen.

Prayer to Receive Disability Benefits
Eternal God of Refuge, You are our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. God, please help our heroes who have come home to us from battle be able to receive the disability benefits and services that they need here at home. Please ease the way for them to go through the required processes, and give them the very best care. God, please give their doctors, nurses and other medical professionals focus and mental clarity so they can understand the needs of our honorable veterans. I pray that You continue to be with them through all of their days, and give them peace of mind about the care they will receive here at home. I pray that Your presence surrounds them wherever they go. Amen.

Prayer for Peace
Precious Holy Spirit, we praise You up because You have kept our veterans safe. They dutifully served their country, and thankfully were protected by You. You say that You give strength to Your people and You bless Your people with peace. Give our heroes Your peace, Holy Spirit. Comfort their hearts with the knowledge that civilian life will be good. Calm their minds from all the things they must do back here at home. Fill their souls with You, Holy Spirit, and eternally let them feel that you indwell in them. Thank You so much, Holy Spirit, for pouring out Your blessings onto Your people and for filling them with divine peace. I pray that peace follows them for the rest of their days. Amen.

Prayer for God’s Will
O Jesus, my Promise-Keeper, thank you for bringing our heroes home from battle. You say that no soldier in active service gets entangled in the affairs of civilian life so that he may please the one who enlisted him to serve. Just as these honorable veterans focused on serving their commanders in the military, we pray that you quiet their minds so they can hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit in their lives today. Speak to them so that they may hear the divine plans You have for this wonderful chapter of their lives back in civilian life. Guide them in their ways so that this part of their lives is fulfilling and joyous. Amen.

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