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8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hubble Space Telescope

When it comes to Hubble Space Telescope advantages and disadvantages, there are a number of elements you will want to keep in mind. The main reason for examining these pros and cons is to determine whether or not a space telescope is really needed in this day and age. As you will discover, there are several elements to that issue that you will want to keep in mind.

Advantages Of Hubble Space Telescope

There are several distinct advantages to having the Hubble Space Telescope, which has been in operation for many years:

1. The earth’s atmosphere
The first advantage? You don’t have to deal with the atmosphere of the earth. In terms of being able to make detailed observations, you are going to find that the atmosphere causes a lot of problems, particularly in terms of murkiness.

2. The detail is absolutely extraordinary
When you can eliminate the atmosphere, you have a degree of clarity that is still largely unmatched. You will be able to capture detail in a truly impressive fashion.

3. It points to the potential of the space program
Although the Hubble Space Telescope is not without its disadvantages, the fact of the matter is that it has been more successful than not. If someone fails to see the need for a space program, someone else could point to the numerous successes of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Disadvantages Of Hubble Space Telescope

As mentioned before, the Hubble Space Telescope is not without its problems. While the telescope has produced some dazzling shots, it has also come with the following problems:

1. Operating in space
Not surprisingly, operating a telescope that is in outer space can be a hassle.

2. Time consuming
Regardless of the work that needs to be done with the Hubble Space Telescope, you can count on a long wait. This ties into the point mentioned above.

3. Expensive
Since the Hubble Space Telescope is so expensive to maintain, it doesn’t have the luxury of being as large as some would like it to be.

4. Repairs are difficult
Any kind of repair work is going to prove to be difficult. This is due to not only the lengthy wait, owing to the distance, but it is also due to the challenges of working in space.

5. Out of date
Since you can’t update the instruments as much as you would like, you are going to find the software going out of date quite often. This can lead to a variety of performance problems.