8 Integral Pros and Cons of Having a Baby

Yep, little tots are a darling to behold, but only half the time. They can throw tantrums like wild animals and be very unruly and rowdy, testing your patience to the limit. What is more is that these cuties actually entail a lot of time, attention and finances to raise.

There really are benefits and pitfalls of having a baby. Here we list down the pros and cons of having a baby to help you weigh down your options or offer advice to loved ones if you or people you know are mulling over having a little addition to the family.

List of Pros of Having a Baby

1. It changes your life, and dramatically at that.
The introduction of a new baby in the family is the beginning of a totally different chapter in your lives. Your life and that of the people around you suddenly and dramatically changes. You are no longer thinking about what is good for you or your spouse, but what is good for the baby. You may often have to set aside some of your enjoyments and indulgences, such as drinking coffee or late night parties because you want to stay healthy for that child inside the womb. Or if you are a husband, you would want to be to support your wife’s pregnancy.

When the baby comes out, there would be longer nights and shorter days. Soon your entire house becomes a huge nursery, and you become more mindful about safety. You become another person – more mature, more nurturing version of yourself – and this happens all too suddenly, the moment you and your spouse knows about the pregnancy.

2. It allows you to leave a legacy.
For families, having children is assuring a legacy, of influencing a life and taking part in shaping the next generation. Your child could be the next president, national artist, super athlete and other such influential figures in their time. And you know your parenting largely influences the way they grow up as adults.

For some parents, children are recipients or heirs of their hard work, the fruits of their labor. The future becomes a bit more certain now that there is child who bears your name, and would ultimately receive the torch from you when the time comes.

3. It helps strengthen relationships in the family.
For many couples, a baby is a confirmation and embodiment of their love for each other. It further strengthens their bond as husband and wife, and puts their efforts and focus together towards one goal – responsible parenting. It deepens relationships within the family because a baby brings everyone together.

The elders bring in their experience and sound advice to the young couple and soon-to-be parents. Friends and loved become sources of support for the expectant couple, and this may cause them to gather and meet more often, making their bonds stronger than ever.

4. It gives your life more meaning.
Having a baby can add more meaning to your life because then you are no longer minding your own life or that of your spouse – as you are two grownups able to fend for yourself. But a baby is a fragile human being who needs you all the time. And parenting can only begin, but it never ends. It teaches you to enhance your positive characters and control your negative ones. It teaches you to be more patient, more loving, more generous and more selfless. It makes you crazy in love with someone who takes up many of your traits, even those you dislike. So you end up loving yourself more.

List of Cons of Having a Baby

1. It requires more money than you imagine.
Having a baby entails a lot of money. The baby often requires more money than you do and your partner combined. This is especially true if you dream of providing the best baby stuff for your little bundle of joy. Just imagine the cost of strollers or cribs these days. Unless you have some useful hand-me-downs, you really have to buy everything brand new and they are never cheap. Some parents are wary about inexpensive baby items, as they may be unsafe or ineffective, though not all the time.

2. It requires more attention and time.
A baby can cry his or her lungs out just to grab your attention. It is a nuclear bomb, a loud alarm clock, an annoying siren, and what nots. You can barely have a descent bath or eat a hearty meal because then you will need to come to their aid, and start smart guessing what they need because they cannot talk.

When they start to walk or talk, they become more demanding. They tend to ask a lot of questions, try all sorts of things, and get very curious about the world around them. They can become envious of the other kids with new toys and just about all sorts of emotional challenges. And all these may become worse in teenage years. Again, parenting never ends.

3. It may cause health complications.
For some mothers, conceiving a baby is a total health risk. They are physically and biologically inept to have a baby. Pregnancy until delivery puts both mother and baby at risk. A little complication and everything gets magnified because then two human beings are involved, and the little one is much dependent upon its mother.

Too often, babies do not develop properly and result to a miscarriage. Others go through what is known as perinatal condition, and could suffer other complications, even death. If he or she lives, a baby conceived during a difficult pregnancy may show signs of disabilities in the future.

4. It disrupts your current relationships.
Parents juggling too many things at a time, including a full time job and child rearing, become preoccupied with meeting the family’s needs. Busy parents become more engrossed with family affairs, they lose time to socialize and reconnect with friends. Some spouses even go through a stage of becoming strangers in the presence of a child who needs much attention.

Indeed, having a baby is a beneficial thing especially when both the expectant parents are more than ready to take up the responsibility. But to those who are unready and unsure, it may become a source of confusion and distress.

After the dreamlike wedding and perhaps an extended honeymoon, couples often find themselves in stagnation, as there is not much left to do except to conceive. Some may remain childless without even choosing it, but to some, the option is open – to conceive or not to conceive. For those with an option, we hope this list of pros and cons of having a baby help you make the best decision.

Author Bio
Natalie Regoli is a child of God, devoted wife, and mother of two boys. She has a Master's Degree in Law from The University of Texas. Natalie has been published in several national journals and has been practicing law for 18 years.