9 Strong Catholic Prayers for Bullying

Being bullied can create a mental hardship like no other. These strong Catholic prayers for bullying will help you to put on your spiritual armor and finds God’s comfort and peace.

Prayer #1

Father, You are our Rock, Fortress and Savior. You are our Rock in whom we find protection. Lord, You always keep Your promises; You are gracious in all that You do. You help those who have fallen and You lift those who have too much to carry. People everywhere look to You in hope and You give them their food as they need it. When You open Your hand, You satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing. Thank You for being a refuge of safety for those people who are being hurt by others. Thank You for being our Savior, the one who saves us from violence. Thank You for never leaving or abandoning Your people.

Prayer #2

Holy Spirit, please help those people who are being bullied. Send people to help them. Please help the people who are doing the bullying to get help so that they will not continue to hurt people. Lord, give me the courage to tell my parents about anyone I know who is being hurt or bullied.

Prayer #3

Dear Saint Jude Thaddeus, patron of hopeless and desperate cases, please pray for me to Jesus that He might deliver me from my enemies. These bullies are hounding me, day and night.

They are much stronger than me, but while they rely on their physical strength and intelligence, I trust in your powerful intercession before our Lord and Master.


Prayer #4

Father, forgive people who bully others. Forgive us for not always speaking up and telling an adult when we see someone bullying a person. Lord, remind all of us of those we need to forgive; and help us to be quick to forgive. Father, help us all to not yield to temptation; but deliver them from the evil one.

Eternal King, how great are Your signs and how powerful are Your wonders! Your Kingdom will last forever, Your rule through all generations. You are the Lord, the Holy One, Israel’s Creator and King. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer #5

Heavenly Father, those who bully others in manipulative or blatant ways, and who use their power in work or family situations, to oppress and to deliver injustice to others, are responsible for needless stress and misery, and even suicide, in others’ lives.

The harm that these people inflict on others can cause difficulties in relationship, in physical and mental health, in reducing trust that allows being able to honest sharing of issues, of mistakes, of facts and of feelings, of conscience, and can remain to affect the person’s life even in their absence.

Others bully people intellectually and spiritually, by judging others and their motives,
by acting and speaking as if they themselves are holier and the custodians of all truth;
and by ignoring them and treating their contributions as suspicious or useless,
and even by stealing their ideas and work.

Father take each of these persons into Your heart, and give them strength, peace, and justice. Father please convert the offenders and give them just humility and respect of others. Father we make this prayer in the name of Jesus Your divine Son.

Prayer #6

Holy Father, Your Word says that we are to treat people in the way that we want to be treated. We confess that we will practice this command and be kind and fair. We will be good friends and tell an adult when someone is being mean to another person. We will not push, shove, or fight. We declare that You, Lord will be the light and salvation for those who are being bullied and mistreated so they will not have to be afraid. We declare that God, You will cause the bad people who go around bullying people to fail in their actions. We confess that Your angels will protect those people who are being bullied wherever they go. We declare that You, will rescue those who love You and will protect those who trust in Your Name.

Prayer #7

Father, we confess that as they grow up, there are times that we don’t know how to take our emotion out of the picture in order to guide them correctly and compassionately. When our children are bullied, we become defensive and bitter. It’s easy to fall prey to vengeful thinking and hurl insults back at the ones causing our child pain. Forgive us for reacting in spite and blame. The children on the other end of the pain are Yours, too. You created them and You love them just as much as You love us and our children. Forgive us for forgetting that.

Help us to do what is not within our normal inclination. On behalf of our children, through Your Spirit who dwells within us from the moment we believe in Jesus, give us the strength to be compassionate and kind in unjust situations. Focus our gaze on Your Son, and the sacrifice He chose to make for us.

Prayer #8

Bless and protect our children’s hearts and minds. By the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us to recall Your Word, may we have Truth on the tips of our tongues to remind our kids what You say about them. May they always know that You love them, and that they are Yours. Stir their hearts to hear Your call on their lives early, and may their steps follow fast after You all of their days.

Prayer #9

Father, it’s hard to see our children hurt. Guide us to act swiftly in their defense when they are in danger physically, and compassionately remind them of who they really are when their soul’s are under attack. We are promised that “in this world we will have trouble,” and that’s no more evident than amongst a crop of elementary-aged children hurling mean insults at another child… or our own child.

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