List of 15 Big Pros and Cons of the Air Force

The US Air Force is considered one of the most significant institutions in the country. Not only it is the wings of the armed forces and meant for a higher level of national security, but it also offers many career options to many individuals. Being in this military branch is a matter of immense pride, where your job will be significant and will have far-reaching consequences. But like any other job in the armed forces, joining the Air Force has its fair share of pros and cons.

List of Pros of the Air Force

1. It offers personal security.
By joining the Air Force, you will be paid considerably well and have all your interests looked after. What’s more, your insurance will be extremely significant, where you will get lifetime medical insurance. Not only will you receive these benefits, but also your family. The government pays for the same, and you will not even need to get embroiled in formalities or the paperwork because the administration would take care of all of these things.

2. It offers job security.
This is definitely a great advantage of joining Air Force. It does not matter if there is a recession, if a certain industry is falling or if there is a massive policy reform that would change the nature of such a career. Whatever happens, a job in the Air Force is secured, and you would always get paid of your salary and benefits, unless you indulge in improper acts and get dishonorably discharged from duty.

3. Its jobs have the sense of thrill.
Getting to have the chance to use high-end weaponry and gadgets are just minor things; of course, you will get to fly some of the best aircraft in the world. You will be in the midst of technological gifts all the time. Moreover, it is not necessary for you to be a pilot to get such thrills, as every department can be fun. The satiation level is definitely high in this institution.

4. It brings about glamour and respect for the service personnel.
Having a certain rank and then aspiring for a higher one can surely make your life worthwhile. Being a commander or decorated officer can bring in a lot of satisfaction for you. Being an Air Force officer, you will be more respected by your immediate family members, relatives and neighbors. If there is a substantial accomplishment in your career, then the whole country would even come together to respect you.

5. Its careers imply that a person will get access to the best military schools, colleges and institutes.
As a member of the force, there will be no limit to how much you can learn, and the best part is, the government will fund all your educational aspirations. You can keep studying, performing better and learning new skills, while not worrying about insurance or anything that can take a toll on you financially.

6. It offers jobs that allow one to travel.
Being an Air Force pilot, you will be able to go around the world and live a jet-setting lifestyle. However, there is only so much you can do while at it. Of course, you cannot be a perennial tourist, and your travels will come with great responsibilities.

7. Its careers ensure financial security after retirement.
Financially, you would always be taken care of by the government for as long as you live.

8. Its careers help a person to stay healthy and fit.
When you indulge in physical activities at all times under training and disciplined, you will ensure yourself to remain fit and healthy. This is certainly a great reward, especially these days when there are more obese people than healthy ones.

List of Cons of the Air Force

1. It poses difficulty when it comes to getting into it.
In the Air Force, the physical requisites and training, the medicals and other attributes that are required will make it difficult for you to get in. Considering these, not everyone can get into this military branch.

2. Its careers can make people homesick.
You will be away from home and your family for months or, possibly, years, which can be very disappointing.

3. It requires a bond of service tenure.
In the Air Force, you will be required to undertake a minimum period of service. This bond will not allow you to quit the service once you complete your training. However, you are given the option to quit during training, but on a condition that you repay the amount that has been spent on you by the government.

4. Its jobs come with the risk of casualty.
This risk can only be negligible when you are assigned on the ground and away from war zones. However, international deputations and times of conflict will increase the risks of being a casualty on action.

5. It implements an imperialistic foreign policy.
Foreign affairs policy seems to be imperialistic, which has become a hot issue in debates.

6. Its jobs are glamorous, but not all of them are.
Take note that not all jobs in the Air Force are glamorous, as some assignments can be just as boring as ordinary jobs, such as facilitation and support functions or just those that requires you to sit in the back offices crunching numbers. However, you can still take pride in the fact that you are contributing to national welfare and security.

7. It poses the risk of being sexually harassed.
This factor does not just loom large in the Air Force but also exists in any military branch, generally happening in women. Being a male dominated field, this trend heightens the misery. But when it comes to such a case, the Air Force policy will surely give assurance of justice.


So, these are the pros and cons of joining the Air Force. These are also existent in other military branches, but joining the service should be something that comes from within. Despite the odds, your determination, feeling of pride and belongingness will eventually make you stay. As many people say, if you have it in you, you have it in you, but it is another story otherwise. So, think it out carefully.

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