10 Powerful Prayers for Elections

Elections can be a hopeful time; a time that brings about new beginnings, hope for a brighter future, and overall positive change. Elections can also be a time filled with great negativity, as those vying for positions of power fight tooth and nail against one another and bring about messages of hate in hopes of beating out their opponents. During these often tumultuous times, it is important to remember that God is our great Leader, and we should pray that His hand is in the election and that the candidate meant for the job is ultimately elected. Here are the 10 most powerful prayers for elections.

Let Everything Go as Planned Prayer
Father, An election is a sensitive matter in our nation and we need your intervention. I ask you to make the elections process smooth. Let everything go as planned; starting with the delivery of the ballot papers to the counting of the votes, and the final announcement of the winners. Go before us and level down mountains. I pray that you may scatter any plans set by the devil to disrupt the election process. Let your will be done. Amen.

Deliver Us Prayer
Almighty Father, I bow before you asking for your help during this time of the elections. This is a period of terror, bloodshed, and confusion. Deliver us, Lord, from the fears of elections. Make the election process flow as desired and shame the devil by sabotaging his plans. Let the electoral body adhere to all the rules required of it and let it be just so that it may produce credible results. You are the God of justice. Amen.

Bring Us Together Prayer
God, I am on my knees during these trying times of elections. I pray that you don’t allow elections to divide us but rather to bring us together as we gather to elect leaders who will serve our interests. Help us that we may not be brainwashed by candidates into making our voting decisions based on tribes, social status, or revenge. Give us your wisdom to make our decisions with honesty. Amen.

Open Our Eyes Prayer
King of kings, I come before you ask for your help. I am here on behalf of our country as we approach the election period. Give us your wisdom to elect leaders who will stand for us and who will lead by example. Guide us as we make our decisions. Open our eyes to see what’s good for us as a nation. Protect us from those who want leadership for selfish reasons like for power and financial gain at the expense of developing the nation. Give us leaders who fear you. Amen.

Let Justice Prevail Prayer
Mighty Father, The foundation of your throne is justice and righteousness, therefore, let justice prevail during the election exercise we are in. Let the will of the people prevail as we turn out in numbers to cast our votes. Let the candidates accept the outcome of the elections without creating tension and violence. Give us leaders who will care about the common citizen and not only a few mighty people in society. We advocate for equality for all. Give us the desires of our hearts. Amen.

Cover Us Prayer
Father in heaven, Watch over our nation during the election time. Protect us from the schemes of the devil to disrupt peace and bring violence amongst ourselves. Cover us with the mighty blood of your son, Jesus that no harm can get to us. Let the leaders we choose prioritize our safety as citizens and aspire to rule in a way that’s pleasing to you. Let your Holy Spirit guide us in our decision making. Amen.

Let Us Support Prayer
Glorious Father, I put this nation into your able hands during this election season. Protect, guide and shield it from any ugly outcome of the election. Let us all accept the results and support the winning party. Help us work together as a nation to maintain harmony during this period. Give us peace. Leadership is a gift from you and I pray that you lead us to vote for the leader you have already chosen for us. Amen.

Give Us Discernment Prayer
Father, I come before you seeking your wisdom on behalf of this nation. Give it to us, Lord, without finding fault. Let it guide us in choosing the leaders who value our interests. There are different candidates with different ambitions. Give us your spirit of discernment to know their real motives for wanting leadership. Help us as citizens to obey authority at all times. Let us support the leaders you will put in authority to lead us. Amen.

Protect the Candidates Prayer
Heavenly King, I ask for your protection at this time of the election. Protect us from any harm which may result from the chaos of unexpected results. Let all the polling stations be safe and may the police do their work perfectly by maintaining order in the stations. Protect the candidates and their families that they may not be targets of assault. Let all the people finish the voting process and go back to their homes and wait for the results. We rely on your peace. Amen.

Let Peace Be Our Shield Prayer
Mighty God, Elections are widely known to wreak havoc in a nation and we pray that it may not happen. Let peace be our shield. Let the church help in preaching peace and harmony among the people of our nation. Let the media give a positive influence that promotes togetherness when choosing our leaders. We count on you. Amen.

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