10 Powerful Prayers for Unity

In a world that at times seems so divided, it is important to pray to God for peace-filled unification. Here are 10 powerful prayers for unity. Along with the prayers are printable images for you to use or share.

A Prayer for Racial Harmony
Compassionate and Gracious God, all tribes and tongues will one day acknowledge Jesus as Lord. Alongside this, we know the truth proclaimed in Your Word that we are all created in Your image. Too easily we allow division based on culture, language, or race. Change our behavior and make us united. Let us focus on our shared status as Your creation and unite together over what we have in common and not fracture over how we differ. To You, the Creator of all people, I pray. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in Schools
Father, my Miracle-Worker, too often, I see the consequences of disruption and division in our schools. I come to You with a broken heart to ask that You heal our schools and bring unity and peace. I pray for the teachers that they have wisdom. I pray for the students that they know peace. I pray for the administrative staff that they have patience. I pray for the parents that they show understanding and become more actively involved in helping the schools and their children. Lord, educating the next generation is so valuable and we want to be faithful with this responsibility. O Lord bring unity. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in My Family
Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, my heart is heavy. I am grieved with how my family is right now: dissonant and apart. Family is one of Your greatest gifts and You intended families to be united. On behalf of my broken family, I beg for a new unity. Heal old hurts and mend fractured relationships. Bring Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Grandparents, and all the members of my precious family together in Your love. May we be united as a restored family. In the name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in a Christian Organization
God of Mercy and Love, You direct our steps in everything. I bring to You this organization and where it stands. I know the purpose of this organization and I know unity is needed for that purpose to be fulfilled. Without You to bring that unity, everything will fall apart. Align our hearts and minds. Let us be of one accord like the apostles. Keep us focused on the mission and our obedience to You. Remind us that we do not serve a human purpose, but we serve You, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in Church
Jesus, the Great Physician, I want to intercede on behalf of my church. You know our imperfections, our flaws, and our problems. Help us to unite under Your banner and to put aside our squabbles. Remind us that we are to have the same mind as that of Christ and to seek the interests of others rather than our own. Give understanding and grace to all and bring us together in prayer. The church is to be one body and one bride. I pray these things in the name of the bridegroom, the Lord Jesus. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in a Team
O God of Loving Devotion, thank You that we get to glorify You in our lives. I pray for this team that we come together in unity and support to help each other up when we fall, encourage each other when we succeed, and work together to produce results. I ask that each member may not seek his success if it means the failure of the team but instead strive to contribute to the advancement of the team. Unite us towards our goal. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity among Global Believers
Lord, my Way Maker, You have saved us and have called out people from every part of the globe. I pray for unity between all Christians. As persecutions, troubles, and dangers come, may the saints be aware of how they can pray, love, and support one another. Our bond in Christ transcends cultures, borders, and nationalities: we have a citizenship in heaven. As such, I pray for unity across all believers as we seek to proclaim You to the nations. In Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in a City
Heavenly Father, I want to pray for my city. In the face of social problems, may You unite even those who resist unification. Bring people together and transform the local communities. Change people’s hearts so that they look out for their neighbors. Bless the mayor and the local government here. I ask that You bless this city with wealth so that we might be a place of hospitality. Lord, bless our nation through this city. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity Before Starting a Mission Project
Sovereign Lord, You have called us to make disciples to the ends of the earth. You are with us, and You wanted us to work together. I pray for this group as we go to serve You in a new context. Give us a single purpose and instill in us a conviction and passion for living out Your command to love one another. Should be there be trial, may our unity not falter. Should there be success, may our joy be in the fact that we supported one another. Bind us together in the love of Christ. Amen.


A Prayer for Unity in a Country
Jesus, my Savior, thank You for my country. I bring before You the many divisions and factions which plague us. I bring to You the divisive politics and civil disputes that keep us fighting each other. I pray for the government; give them the wisdom to lead well and to secure peaceful lives for their citizens. Help them to make the right decisions that promote flourishing. May You bring unity and prosperity to this country. Lord, may the country turn to You for its hope. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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