10 Uplifting Prayers for Despair

There are situations that arise in life that feel so beyond our control and leave us feeling utterly hopeless. Maybe you have lost your job, you or a loved one is suffering from disease, or you are stuck in a horrible reality that you fear you will never escape. In your greatest moments of despair, God holds you in His hands. Here are the 10 most uplifting prayers for despair.

Hold My Hand Prayer
Heavenly Father, I am on my knees asking for your strength during these times of despair. I call unto you for encouragement. I am tired and weary. Hold my hand and be my hope. Let my trust be in you and you alone. I know that all these will pass because nothing lasts forever. For now, let your grace take me through these trying moments. Do not forsake me, Lord. Amen.

Renew My Strength Prayer
Mighty God, I bow down before you as my only source of hope. My spirit is weak. Renew my strength and let me soar high like an eagle during these moments of despair. My trust is in your power. You have the power to make this hopelessness go away and replace it with your peace and joy. Nothing is impossible for you. Your grace is sufficient, Lord. Be my light during my time of darkness and always. Amen.

Renew My Spirit Prayer
Glorious Father, I declare that you are my strength and my refuge. My source of strength in times of trouble. I, therefore, surrender my troubled heart to you. I am hopeless. Renew my spirit. Let me know your peace. Let my heart be cheerful always because I know that you are familiar with my situation and you have a way out for me. Let your will be done in my life. My faith is in you. Amen.

Cleanse My Mind Prayer
Faithful Father, I am lost without you. Come to my rescue. Set me free from this despair. Let my heart meditate on your promises. Let your Holy Spirit comfort me and be my guide in all I do. May He also guide my thoughts and fill my heart with your love which endures forever. Cleanse my mind of any doubts on your power, your faithfulness, and your presence in my life. My heart yearns for your peace. I depend on you, Lord. Amen.

Give Me Rest Prayer
Everlasting King, I kneel before you in confidence that you understand my struggles and you will deliver me from them. You are my only source of hope during times of despair. I cast all my cares to you because you care. Give me rest. Let my heart trust fully in your saving power. Your word tells me that you have good plans for me. Plans to give me future and hope. Therefore, let my heart meditate on this promise. My heart rejoices in your faithfulness. Amen.

Be My Hope Prayer
Almighty God, I call unto you during these times of hopelessness. Hide me under your wings of faithfulness that I may not lose my trust in you. Be my hope, Lord. You know my needs even when my heart is too burdened to pray. I rejoice in knowing that you hear my prayers and you will answer them according to your will. You are my saving power. Let your peace comfort me during these hard times. I rest in you.

Renew My Faith Prayer
Sovereign Father, I look to the mountains; my help comes from you. You’ve promised me that you will never let me fall. You are with me in all I do. I am asking for strength. My heart is heavy with despair. A lot has been happening and my faith is a little shaken. Help me, Lord. Renew my faith in you. Let my heart internalize your promises every day. Let my focus be on you and not on my struggles. I surrender my weakness to you, Lord. Be my rock. Amen.

Go Before Me Prayer
Almighty God, I seek your guidance during these times of hopelessness. I am at a low point. Let my trust be on your abundant grace. I bring all my burdens to you, Lord. Give me rest. Renew my strength. Give me the courage to face all that comes my way. The future is uncertain but I know that I will face it with you. Go before me and make rough places smooth, Lord. Amen.

Fill My Heart Prayer
God All-powerful, I ask for your peace and comfort during these hard times. Lead me through this season of despair. You are the God of hope. Fill my heart with your peace. Let your joy overflow in my life. You are the strength in my weakness. My end is always a beginning with you, Lord. Hold my hand and lift me. Let my soul find rest in your perfect work. Amen.

Draw Me Close Prayer
King of kings, I need you more than anything in this life. Draw me close to you. Strengthen my faith in this period of hopelessness. Let my heart glorify you because you promised to be with me in all situations. When I get overwhelmed with despair, be my hope. Help me stand firm in your promises. I claim your promises of strength, guidance, hope, and favor upon my life. Keep me going, my Everlasting Father. Amen.

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