11 Strong Prayers for the End of the Day

Each new day God gives us is a blessing, and we should take time at the end of each day to spend time with God in prayer. Here are 11 of the strongest prayers for the end of the day.

A Prayer of Reflection
Lord God, I give You unending thanks, for You have brought me once again to the end of another day. I am grateful that I have seen yet another day pass, and You have kept me and blessed me from sunrise to sunset. Continue to bless me during the night and continue to guide my steps each day of my life. In Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.

Give Me Rest Prayer
Heavenly Father, I thank You again through Your Son Jesus Christ that You have used me greatly to spread the message of Your kingdom. You have brought me honest work and provided me with wonderful friends and family. Grant me this night rest from my labors, that I might wake again tomorrow ready to serve You in my vocation. Amen.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Lord Jesus, I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for the things You have blessed me with. I know I am not worthy of the grace You have given me. I have sinned much, yet You do not turn Your face away from me. Lord, do not withdraw Your presence from me. Give me a gracious heart and spirit. Allow me to reflect upon this day with thankfulness. Lord, in Your abundant mercy. Amen.

As the Night Sets in Prayer
Father, You make the sun rise and fall each day of our lives. We can trust in Your goodness, just as we can trust that the sun will rise again in the morning. Lord, as the light descends beyond the horizon, let us remember that You are the light of the world. Let us be assured that the sun will come up tomorrow and drive away all darkness. Prepare our hearts to enter Your unapproachable and all-inviting light. In Your name, we pray. Amen.

A Prayer for Peaceful Sleep
Lord God, although there was a myriad of things that could have happened to me today, in Your mercy, You saw to it that I lived to see yet another day. From the rising of the sun to its setting, Your name alone is to be praised. You have kept me from the dangers of the evil one. Lord, protect me as I sleep tonight also. Keep my mind from wandering into impure thoughts and dreams. Ease the anxiety in my heart and mind and help me to sleep in peace. Amen.

A Prayer for Provision
I thank You Heavenly Father, for You have provided all the things necessary to sustain my life. You feed Your servants by Your hand, and You have blessed us abundantly. Continue to provide and sustain us tomorrow as well. Help us to live each day with a thankful heart. Help us not to covet, but to be grateful for the things You have given us. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Opportunities to Witness
God of all grace, You allow Your servants to proclaim the good news to every living thing. Today, You provided me with opportunities to witness to Your saving power. You have given me a way to proclaim the Gospel through many vocations. Lord, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Continue to send me out to Your vineyards, that I might help to produce a harvest for Your kingdom. In Your mercy, I pray. Amen.

A Prayer of Gratitude
Lord God, I give You thanks that You kept me together during a tumultuous day. It seemed as though nothing went right for me today, but by Your power, I was able to endure. Lord, You impose crosses on us in our lives. Yet, You do not abandon us. Instead, You give us the strength to endure suffering. In this suffering, You make Your power known. Lord, continue to show Your power in my weakness. Help me to rely on You, today and forevermore. Amen.

A Prayer for Insomnia
Lord, I feel as though I have not slept in days. Each day piles up and it gets more difficult to sleep as the stress and restlessness are amplified. Each time I close my eyes, my mind races. I find myself pacing the floor, wondering what could have been. Calm my mind and nerves, Lord. Assure my anxious heart, that I might be able to obtain the rest my body needs to serve You and serve others. Lord, hear my cries. Amen.

A Relationship Prayer
Most faithful and merciful God, great is Your faithfulness, for You have been by my side through another day. You have given me a wonderful spouse who has accompanied me on today’s tasks. Lord, continue to bless my marriage. Give us the strength, love, and endurance to continue to display Your grace to the world. For those who see us will surely give glory and thanks to You, O Lord. In Your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.

A Prayer to Wake Refreshed
Lord God in Heaven, by Your mighty hand You have protected me and brought me safely to my bed. Help me to rest firmly in Your arms, Lord. Let me sleep soundly and restfully, trusting in Your protection. Shield my body, mind, and soul from temptation and attacks of the evil one. Allow me to wake up physically and spiritually renewed and ready to serve You for yet another day out in the world. For to You I commit myself and all things. Amen.

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