20 Strong Prayers for My Divorce to Stop

Divorce is a seven-letter ugly word, and no married couple wants that word to ever be spoken. Here are 20 strong prayers for your divorce to stop.

Prayer for My Divorce to Stop
God of Heaven’s Armies, You say that what God has joined together, let no one separate. Intervene, all-powerful God, and stop my spouse and me from getting a divorce. We are on that path, God, and I pray for Your mighty hand to reach down and direct us to a better way. I know that our marriage, as it stands, is not pleasing to You. But show Satan that he can’t have my marriage, God! Infuse our marriage with the love and grace it needs to survive and thrive! Amen.

Prayer for Healing in My Marriage
Father, Miracle Worker, the enemy is attacking my marriage. I pray that You come into this house and make Your presence known, Father. Fill this house with Your goodness and restore my marriage. For so long, my spouse and I have been speaking hurtful words to each other. We need Your help for our hearts to work through and move beyond the things we have said. I pray that You heal our wounds and show us how to better reflect Your love and mercy. I know that You have the power and desire to pour out Your restoration on us. Make us a holy union again. Amen.

Prayer for Mending My Broken Heart
Father, my Fortress, I pray You heal my broken heart. I can hardly speak, Father. I can hardly sleep. My spouse has broken my heart. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know my next step, Father. You say that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Come into our marriage, Father, so that together the three of us can stand united as one. There is no holy matrimony without You, Father. Be the third strand of the cord and heal my broken heart. Turn my marriage around and make me whole again. Do not let the enemy delight in our brokenness, Father. Heal my marriage. Amen.

Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Love
God of Enduring Faithfulness and Unfailing Love, You are the God of faith, hope, and love and I need all three right now, God. My spouse and I are growing apart. Our marriage has been marked by faithlessness, hopelessness, and lovelessness. We need to rediscover what it means to truly love each other and live for each other. You say that above all, we should love each other deeply. You say that love covers a multitude of sins. That is the kind of love that we need, heavenly Father. Our sins are great against each other, and against You. Work in his/her heart, Lord, and work in mine too. Help me to love him/her and put You at the center of our relationship. Amen.

Prayer to Forgive My Husband
Sovereign Lord, I pray that You grant me the strength to forgive my husband. Even now, I can feel the anger welling up as I think about what he has done and how he has treated me. I am angry, Lord, and part of me wants to be rid of him and just end this marriage. I need to be able to see him through Your eyes if I am going to be able to get beyond what he has done. Help me overlook his mistakes and weaknesses, Lord, and work with him to create a healthy marriage. Amen.

Prayer to Forgive My Wife
Jesus, my Savior, I pray that You will help me to forgive my wife. I can’t imagine how I am ever going to do that when I think about how she has belittled me and resented me over the years. My bitterness and anger against her have built up, Jesus, and I am at my breaking point. Work a miracle in my marriage. Send Your Holy Spirit to fill me with the strength to let go of the past and move forward into a future with her. I know You want our marriage to survive. Please move in me, Jesus. In Your compassionate name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer to Receive Forgiveness from Wife
Compassionate and Gracious God, I pray for Your gracious Spirit to fill my wife’s heart and fill it with compassion for me and the life we have built together. Plant within her the spirit of forgiveness, Lord. I know I have sinned and not loved her or You with my whole heart, God. I know I have not been a servant to my wife. I repent, God. Help my wife to accept that repentance and to regain trust in me. Help me to walk in a manner worthy of that trust. Amen.

Prayer to Receive Forgiveness from Husband
God of Mercy and Love, I pray You work in my husband’s heart and do a miracle. I don’t deserve his forgiveness and I don’t deserve Yours, Lord. But I know that You are the God of mercy and You are good. You can do all things. You can orchestrate forgiveness. I have been mean to him, and I have been bitter. I have said so many things I shouldn’t have. Heal my husband’s heart, Lord. I beg for him to overlook my mistakes and move with me beyond our difficult past. Please save our marriage. Amen.

Prayer of Repentance
Loving God, I repent of my sin. I repent of all the ways I have failed my spouse. I repent of not being the person and spouse You have called me to be. Thank You for bringing me to this place of brokenness and helping me realize how wrong I have been. I pray that You now lead me to reconciliation with my spouse, Lord. I want to fulfill my duties as a husband/wife, as I once did. I want to make this marriage a loving and holy union again. For the glory of Your name, dear God. Amen.

Prayer to Turn from Worthless Images
O God of Loving Devotion, I am sorry for my behavior. I have been childish, Lord. I look at and desire worthless things. My eyes behold inappropriate pictures and videos all the time, Lord. I want to stop doing this, and I beg You for Your forgiveness. Strengthen me so I can resist the urge to do these things. Please refocus me from the shiny veneer of this world to what is important for eternal life with You. Please break the hold on me that these images and the distractions of the world have over my life. Amen.

Prayer for Humility in My Marriage
Abba, Father, our marriage will only work if my spouse and I change our stubborn ways and humble ourselves before each other and before You. I have been far too proud for far too long. I need to admit my mistakes and ask for my spouse’s forgiveness. But it is so hard, Father. I need the humility of Christ to go deep into my heart. Please humble me, Father, and crush my sinful pride. Amen.

Prayer for God to Work in My Marriage
O God, my Promise-Keeper, I pray that You come down and intervene in my marriage. We are on the path to divorce and it all feels so ugly. It will take a miraculous work of Your Holy Spirit to save our marriage. But in faith, I believe You can and You will do it, God. You say that as God’s chosen people, we should clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. We desperately need to do this, dear God. Please guide us in our thoughts, words, and actions so that we can clothe ourselves as You command and maintain our holy union. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom in My Marriage
Father, Light in the Darkness, You say that if any of us lacks wisdom, to ask You and it will be given. I am asking You, Father, for wisdom as my spouse and I navigate these rocky waters of our marriage. I was unaware that he/she was thinking about divorce, Father. I need You to guide me in how I should respond. I don’t want this marriage to end. I don’t want to throw away all we have built together and all the memories we have made. Please pull us back from the edge of this cliff. By Your grace, guide us to the changes we should make to restore our marriage to health. Amen.

Prayer for Wisdom to Tell Children About Divorce
Righteous Savior, I pray that You provide me and my spouse wisdom as we plan how to tell our children that we will be getting a divorce. We don’t want them to worry, Lord, but we also need to prepare them for the upcoming changes in our house. We want them to know that it is not their fault and that we will always be here for them. We do not want them to feel abandoned or to doubt their faith in You. Please prepare their hearts and plant Your words on our tongues. We never thought we would have to do this. We need Your guidance right now, Lord God. Amen.

Prayer to Become a Better Wife
O God of my Salvation, I know that I have neglected my duties as a wife and as a Christian woman. I have not been worthy of respect, God. I have not spoken mildly. I have not been trustworthy in everything. Help me to fully understand the error of my ways, God, and to rely on You. Then I can be the woman You have created me to be. Change my heart before it is too late, God. Guide me in my words and actions so that my inner beauty radiates out of me for all to see. Amen.

Prayer to Become a Better Husband
Lord Jesus, my Way Maker, my Promise-Keeper, I pray that You alter my attitude and turn my heart of stone into a heart of flesh. I need to be better, Jesus. My wife is tired of the man I have become. I haven’t been the leader I am supposed to be. I have not loved her as Christ loved the church. Show me how to lead our house and cherish my wife as my own flesh. Put the words in my mouth so she knows she is a precious gift from God. Guide my actions so I elevate her as the treasure that she is and put my love into action. Teach me to overcome my selfish ignorance by Your power and grace, dear Lord Jesus. In Your all-powerful name, I pray, Amen.

Prayer for Focus
Name above all Names, it has been so hard to focus on anything with the thought of divorce weighing on me. It hurts so much and causes a pit in my stomach. How can I work? How can I communicate clearly with my spouse? I cannot think straight, Lord. We have veered so far off the path of righteousness and our marriage is falling apart. Your word tells us over and over to stay calm, but all I feel is the chaos of the storm. Increase my faith so I can be calm, Lord. Help me to concentrate during this rocky season. Lead my thoughts in clarity on the path You have chosen so that I can do Your will. Amen.

Prayer for Deliverance from a Divorce
Lord Jehovah, Self-Existent One, I pray that You deliver our marriage from divorce. It is on its death bed, Lord, and needs to be revived. You are the resurrection and the light, almighty Father. In Your name, marriages can be delivered from the domain of darkness and return to the glorious light of Your Kingdom. That is what I long for in our marriage, Lord. Save us from spoiling the favor You have given us by bringing us together. Save our holy union from the depths of destruction and restore our loving bond. Amen.

Prayer for Reconciliation
Jehovah Rapha, my Healer, I need Your strength now more than ever to talk with my spouse in a way that is clear. These days when we talk, we do not understand each other. Guide my thoughts so I chose the right words, Lord. Open my ears not just to hear, but to really listen. Break down the communication barrier between us. Soften our hearts. Heal our wounds and reconcile our union. Unless it be Your will for us, I don’t feel that divorce is the right path, Lord. Please be with us and mend our brokenness. Please fortify our bond, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Agreement with My Spouse
Compassionate and Gracious God, please help my spouse and me to agree. We need the time and space to work out our differences and find ways to make our marriage work. Give us unity during that conversation. Please bless our discussion and inspire us with ideas of how we can reach an agreement on our differences. Show us solutions to our conflicts. Direct us to the path that leads to a loving marriage that reflects Your love. Amen.

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Natalie Regoli is a child of God, devoted wife, and mother of two boys. She has a Masters Degree in Law from The University of Texas. Natalie has been published in several national journals and has been practicing law for 18 years. If you would like to reach out to contact Natalie, then go here to send her a message.