23 Strong Prayers for Family Unity

Here are the 23 strongest prayers for family unity.

Thanksgiving Prayer
Heavenly Father, I bow down before you with thanksgiving for the gift of family you have given me. Thank you for my grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, nephews, and nieces. I pray that your love keeps us united always, through happy and sad times, through sickness and health, and job loss and promotions. Help us to always pray for each other and wish each other well in our endeavors. Remove any shred of jealousy in our hearts that we may celebrate each other’s achievements. Amen.

Restore Love Prayer
Father, God, I ask for your helping hand in restoring love within our family. We’ve grown apart because of the challenges we are facing. We wish to be united once again. Your greatest commandment is love. You are the God of love. Let your love draw us back to each other. Help us forgive each other’s faults as you have forgiven us and keep no record of each other’s wrongs. Let us aspire to live in peace with everyone. Let your love be our common ground. Amen.

Togetherness Prayer
King of kings, I am on knees seeking your help in how to bring unity to my family. Everybody is busy with their lives. We’ve grown distant from each other. I desire the family bond we once had. Lord, step in and bring us together. Let us share our laughter in joyful times and cry together in sad times. Help us to be there for one another, Lord. Amen.

Protection from Devil Prayer
Mighty God, thank you for my family. It is my support system in everything I do. Thank you for the unity we have. I pray that you cover us with the mighty blood of your son so that the devil may not disrupt our peace, for he is roaming around looking for whom he can devour. Help us encourage each other by sharing your word, which has all your promises. Pray for each other’s strength in moments of weakness. Amen.

Forgiveness Prayer
Father, I come before you with a heavy heart. My family is divided. There’s no peace. Help us. Let our hearts want to live peacefully with each other. Help us let go of our pride and ask for forgiveness when we are wrong and forgive those who’ve wronged us too. Let your unending love consume the feelings of rage, bitterness, and jealousy built up in our hearts. Teach us how to live in ways pleasing to you, Lord. Amen.

Our Rock Prayer
Lord, I bow before you thanking you for the wonderful family you have given me. I rebuke the devil’s plans to divide us. We go through challenges and we overcome them together through prayers. We disagree but we don’t let it destroy our unity. This is all possible because of you. We can’t make it our own. Your love is our rock. Amen.

Sibling Rivalry Prayer
Glorious Father, we seek your intervention during these trying times as a family. Sibling rivalry has taken over our hearts. Restore unity among us. Help us be humble and treat each other with respect regardless of our financial stability or our level of education. Take away the pride in us and let us help each other with cheerful hearts. Help us obey our parents that we may live long in the land that you are giving us. Let us accept corrections and be willing to change our ways. Amen.

Compromise Prayer
Everlasting Father, we are asking for your wisdom and your strength to handle our differences as a family. Help us to respect everyone’s opinions and be considerate of everyone’s feelings. We understand that we are different in many ways and we all need to compromise to maintain peace and unity. Help us be flexible. Let us love each other as you loved us first. Let your love be our motivation. Amen.

Obedience Prayer
Jesus Christ, teach us your obedience that we may be obedient to our parents and everyone regardless of age, class or career. Let our focus be on the reward you’ve promised for obedience. Let us understand each family member’s strengths and weaknesses that we may not be judgmental but supportive of them in everything they do. Help us to keep the peace with everyone and live a life that glorifies you. Amen.

Harmony Prayer
Heavenly Father, I come before you seeking your help in maintaining peace and harmony in my family. It’s good and pleasant when your people live together in peace. The devil is threatening our harmony with allegations in our family members, but we declare that he is set for defeat. We are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and the devil cannot destroy us. We submit our burdens to you as a family. Give us rest. We trust you. Amen.

Open Our Hearts Prayer
King of kings, we humble ourselves before you asking for unity in our family. A lot has been happening and we’ve grown distant. Each one of us has their own opinions and making any decision has become difficult. Open our hearts to understand each other’s views and reach common ground on the family issues we are trying to solve. Let us strive to live peacefully with one another regardless of our differences. Help us count our blessings rather than dwell on our problems. You know our desires and you will fulfill them according to your will. Amen.

Hardship Prayer
Marvelous Father, we ask for forgiveness as a family for always complaining when things don’t go our way. It is an insult to you; everything that happens in our lives is according to your will. Help us find the lessons in our hardships and stay strong in you because the hardships bring us closer as a family. Let our unity bring glory to you. We thank you for being the pillar of our family. Amen.

Strengthen Us Prayer
Everlasting God, we are asking for your help in bringing unity back to our family. Our challenges have drifted us apart from each other. We desire to be happy and united again. We pray that you may strengthen us to overcome our challenges and see beyond them as a reward for putting all our trust in you. Let us pray for each other and share your message of love and hope as we obey your will for our lives. Amen.

Continuing Unity Prayer
Almighty Father, we pray that you may help us have unity in our family. We’ve been united for ages. We have rebuked the works of the devil that try to destabilize our peace. We have our differences, but we don’t allow them to come between us. Help us so that we may not start fighting now. We thank you for our forefathers who instilled the importance of family unity in our lives. Help us make them proud. Let your love overflow in our lives. Amen.

Reconciliation Prayer
Mighty Father, we kneel before you as cousins, asking for your intervention in bringing our families together. Our parents have their differences and we don’t want to be a part of it. We don’t want to inherit their grudges. We want to help them reconcile their differences. Help us make that happen, Lord. We desire unity in our family. We want everyone to have the same goal which is: unconditional support for each other in good and bad times. We depend on you. Amen.

Open Our Eyes Prayer
Lord, we thank you for the unity in our family. We pray that you may help us continue living in harmony and promote selflessness among ourselves. Let your love infuse our hearts and open our eyes to this wonderful gift we have right in front of us. Forgive us for taking it for granted. We ask for your blessings and protection. Amen.

Mold Us Prayer
Heavenly Father, we pray that you may mold us into a family who observes the right ways of living; ways that are pleasing to you. Unite us in love so that we may count on each other in every situation we face. Give us the strength to handle difficulties in ways that promote harmony and peace. Let all our eyes focus on the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Let everything we do be a service to you. Amen.

Guidance Prayer
Heavenly Father, we humble ourselves before you, asking for your guidance in maintaining united and happy families. Let husbands love and understand their wives as the heads of the families. Help them perform their fatherly roles in ways acceptable to you. Let wives love, respect, and submit to their husbands as their companions. Help them perform their wifely and motherly duties as required of them. Let children obey their parents that they may live long lives. We pray that you let nothing disrupt peace among families. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Troubled Family Prayer
Father in heaven, we come before you seeking your helping hand in bringing peace and unity to troubled families. Let them know the value of harmony in households. Help parents solve their issues amicably and quickly so they may provide a safe and conducive environment for raising children. Give them the humility to ask for forgiveness when they are wrong and to forgive when apologized to. Give them the desire to be happy always, despite their family challenges. Amen.

Responsibility Prayer
God, we bow before you asking you to help us solve the division in our family. Restore unity among us. Give us the humility to treat everyone equally and to respect everyone’s opinion. Let each one of us take responsibility for making peace with everyone to avoid grudges. Help us to refrain from gossiping; it fuels enmity within a family. Guard our thoughts against wishing for bad situations to happen to others. Let us always wish each other well. Amen.

Christian Living Prayer
Almighty God, we ask for unity in our family. We rely on you for your peace, which surpasses human understanding. Bring us together that we may stand for each other for better and for worse. Let your Holy Spirit minister to us on the Christian ways of living that promote peace and harmony among us. Let Him guide us in all we do, say, and think to bring glory to you. Shame the devil for targeting our family. Amen.

Restoration Prayer
Powerful God, we come before you in obedience. Hear our prayers regarding the unity in our family. We are shattered. The enemy has succeeded in tearing us apart. Restore us, Lord. Help us work out our differences and bring back the happy and peaceful days we’ve had before. Have your way in our family, for your ways are perfect. Lead the way to reconciliation and bring us peace. You are our only source of hope. Amen.

See the Good Prayer
Lord in heaven, we bow down before you seeking your solace in hard times like these. Our family has broken. It has no peace. It has no unity. We are strangers to each other. Let your love overflow in our lives that we may see the good in every family member. Let us appreciate everyone’s efforts in trying to bring unity. Help us desire the harmony we had before, and work towards restoring it. Give us your strength and wisdom to achieve that. We rely on your grace, O God. Amen.

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