25 Beautiful Prayers for Food

Food is a beautiful gift from God that nourishes our bodies and brings people together to celebrate life. Here are 25 beautiful prayers for food.

Prayer of Thankfulness
Creator of heaven and earth, we are grateful for Your abundant provision for our family. We thank You for this wonderful meal. We are grateful that Your favor rests over us. We are grateful for how You lovingly provide our every need. We thank You for the blessings of our loving family. Thank You for surrounding us with sweet fellowship. O Lord, our God, we give thanks to You forever. Amen.

Blessing Over Our Meal
Blessed are You Lord God, Ruler of the universe, who provides food for our nourishment. Thank You that the blessings of Your mighty hand cover our family. No matter where we look, we see Your blessings that You have showered down over us. And now we ask that You bless this meal that we are preparing to eat. May it nourish our bodies and make us strong for Your service. Amen.

Prayer of Gratitude
Giver of strength and power, we thank You for the nourishment of this meal set before us. We thank You for the love and support of each member of our family gathered around this table. May our conversation build up each other and be pleasing to You. We are grateful for how You faithfully answer our prayers. We are grateful that You direct our steps when we commit our way to You. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
Lord of infinite mercies, we are humbled by Your constant provision for us. As we gather around the table, we give thanksgiving to You for this food and every blessing You have given. We thank You for the love of friends and family. We thank You that You are always near us, our strong refuge. We are grateful for Your protection and care. We are thankful that when You are for us, nothing can be against us. Amen.

Prayer to Express Gratefulness
Our Lord God enthroned on high, as we gather together, we give You honor and praise, for You are our God, and there is none like You. We thank You for this delicious meal before us, for the loving hands that have prepared it, and for each precious person around this table. We express our gratefulness to You, for You are our stronghold and our safety from danger. Amen.

Prayer Over Our Meal
O God of abundance, as our family gathers around the table, we give You thanks for this nutritious food. We thank You for generously pouring blessings over us. We thank You that we have never lacked food to eat or shelter over our heads. We thank You for blessing us with peace and safety. We ask You to bless this food and bless our bodies with good health. Amen.

Prayer for Physical and Spiritual Nurture
Bread of life, we thank You for providing us with our daily bread. Thank You for feeding our bodies with this lovely meal. Thank You for feeding our spirits with Your Word that enlightens our souls. May we remember to focus on pursuing Your spiritual nurture that endures to eternal life. We thank You, Jesus, that You came down from heaven to give life to the world. Amen.

Prayer Acknowledging God’s Work
Our Lord, who does exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine, we are overwhelmed by Your work on our behalf. As we gather for this meal, we thank You for this food and all You give us. We thank You that You sent Your Son Jesus to die and be resurrected for our sin and salvation. We thank You for Your Spirit, who lives in us to empower us for life and service. Amen.

Prayer to Our Sustainer
Our God who sustains us, we are thankful that we can trust You to care for all our needs. We thank You that You provide for us from Your heavenly storehouses. We thank You for this meal and ask that You bless our family and sustain us according to Your promises. Make us strong against temptation and strengthen us for the work You have given us to do. Amen.

Thanksgiving for Gifts
Provider of all good gifts, we thank You for blessing us with the gift of family and friends. We thank You for the unique contribution that each person seated around this table brings. We thank You that we can gather here today to enjoy sweet fellowship and good food. We thank You for Your gifts of loving devotion, of Your faithfulness, and of Your justice. We rejoice together in Your Name, Amen.

Prayer in the Drive-through
Our Lord, who is with us always, we thank You that You are right here with us in this car. We thank You for this food from this drive-through and ask that You bless it in our bodies. We thank You for the fun day we had together today as a family. We thank You that You are our God of joy, and we walk in the light of Your presence. Amen.

Blessing for Lunch
Merciful Provider, as we pause to eat our lunch, we give thanks to You for our delicious meal and a time to rest. Thank you for what has been accomplished already today. Help us to have the energy and focus we need to finish what still needs to be done today. May we do our tasks with all our hearts, as unto You. Please bless this time and our fellowship together. Amen.

Prayer for Mid-day Meal
Our Lord who ministers to us, thank You for this mid-day meal. We are grateful for the chance to take a little break. We thank You for ministering to our physical needs by providing food and rest. We are also grateful to You for ministering to our spiritual needs through Your Word and the work of Your Holy Spirit. May we receive all that You desire to give us. Amen.

Prayer Over Lunch
Lord who gives us life, we thank You for this time to refresh our bodies. We thank You for this healthy and appetizing lunch. We thank You that You have blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. We thank You for the earthly blessings You have given us as well. May our conversation honor You, and may You bless our endeavors for the rest of this day. Amen.

Child’s Prayer for Breakfast
Dear God, You are great in power and You are always good to me. Thank You for this nice breakfast that my Mom/Dad has made for me. Thank You for making me strong and healthy. Please bless my day today. Help me to obey Mom and Dad and my teachers. Help me pay attention in my classes and do my work well. Help me to love everyone. Amen.

Child’s Prayer for Lunch
Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your love. Thank You for this beautiful day. Thank You that the sun is shining and making me warm and helping the flowers grow. Thank You for my lunch. Bless the lunchroom ladies who made it. Thank You for taking care of me all morning. Please bless my afternoon and help me finish my lessons and get along well with my classmates. Amen.

Child’s Prayer for Supper
Dear God, who makes all things, thank You for this good meal. Thank You for creating the world and the food we are eating. Thank You for my Mom and Dad who love me and take good care of me. Thank you for my brother and sister, and help us to get along well. Thank You for this good day we have had. Help us to love and obey You forever. Amen.

Child’s Blessing Over the Meal
Dear God, thank You that You are our vine, and we are Your branches. Help us remember to always talk to You and read Your Bible and live for You so we stay in the vine. Keep us in You, and please stay in us. Now I thank You for this good food. May it make our bodies healthy and give us energy. May the words we say, the thoughts we think, and the things we do make You happy. Amen.

Child’s Prayer of Thanks
Dear God, King of heaven and earth, thank You that You love us and take care of us. I thank You for our nice house, my family, and for this food that tastes so good. Bless this food and bless my family. Thank You for the beautiful world You created for us to enjoy. Help us to always remember to say “Thank You” for all the wonderful things You do. Amen.

Prayer Against Overeating
Faithful and True One, I ask Your help in breaking my bad habit of eating too much. Help me to exercise self-control so that I only eat what I need for my daily energy needs. Help me to avoid eating mindlessly when I’m watching TV. Lord, I’m experiencing health issues from my poor eating habits, and I feel embarrassed and ashamed. Help me to gain control and attain a healthy weight. Amen.

Prayer to Break Food Addictions
Lord of loving-kindness, I ask for You to strengthen me and guide me in breaking these food addictions that are harming my body. Give me discipline from over-indulging in foods high in sugar, fat, and salt. Help me find healthier sources of pleasure to replace my compulsive eating patterns. Help me to be able to listen to my body and know when I’m full and only eat when I’m actually hungry. Amen.

Prayer for Food Security
Eternal and loving Lord, we lift before You all those around the world who lack consistent access to nutritious and sustained food sources. We pray against the issues that are causing world hunger, such as extreme poverty, drought, war, famine, breakdown of supply chains, and diseased crops and livestock. In Your mercy, touch these dear ones who suffer hunger, and minister to them through us. We especially pray for malnourished children. Amen.

Prayer for World Action to Overcome Hunger
Jehovah Jireh our Provider, we thank You for Your compassion. We thank You that You will not let the needy be forsaken. And now we pray that You will guide our world leaders, our churches, and various organizations to work together to overcome hunger. Help them devise strategies to combat food insecurity. Through cooperation and combined experience and insight, may effective action be taken to give everyone consistent access to nutritious and sustained food sources. Amen.

Prayer for Food Pantry
Lord who establishes us, we pray that You will be the foundation of our Food Pantry outreach. Guide each step we take in fundraising, recruiting volunteers, figuring out logistics, and getting food to where it is needed. Help us find ways to get the word out to those most in need, so we can help them. Help us to be humble and kind to the people we serve. Use us as Your hands and feet. Amen.

Prayer for Food Bank Volunteers
God who rides on the highest heavens, we thank You that You care for the weakest and neediest among us. Thank You for using us as Your agents to meet the needs of those without enough food. Lord, as we work together today, may our team be encouraging and supportive of one another and of those we serve. Give us strength and energy for the tasks before us today. May the light of Your love shine through each one of us. Amen.

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