9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows

When you have single glazed windows in your house, you will notice that your rooms will feel hotter during summer months and colder during winter. Also, noise can enter more easily and the glass can be easily broken. Due to these problems, more people are opting for double glazing their windows and doors. Is this really beneficial? Check out the pros and cons to decide if you should invest in double glazed windows.

List of Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

1. They help you save on energy bills.
Double glazing or insulated glazing uses two panes of glass, thereby significantly reducing the amount of heat that enters or exits your home. As a result, your house is cooler during summer and warmer during winter. In effect, you don’t have to crank up your air conditioner and heater levels to reach a comfortable temperature, and you end up using less electricity.

2. They boost the soundproofing in your home.
Because your windows are thicker, they are more effective in reducing the noise that can enter your home. This is especially helpful for those who live near airports, have neighbors with noisy pets, or reside in the busiest areas in the city.

3. They improve your security.
Windows with double glazing are tougher to break and are more difficult to be forcefully opened from the outside. This increases the safety level of your house and burglars will be discouraged from breaking in.

4. They reduce interior fading.
When furniture and d├ęcor are exposed to too much heat, they tend to wear and damage more easily. With less heat making its way into your interiors, your furnishings are better protected.

5. They increase property value.
Due to all the benefits listed in the points above, the selling price or worth of your home increases. So if you plan to sell your property, you can typically get a better deal if your windows and doors have double glazing.

List of Disadvantages of Double Glazed Windows

1. They trap heat.
This may be an advantage during winter, but during summer this can be a problem. You do have the option to tint your windows, but this will be an additional cost.

2. They can’t be repaired.
If the seal of your double glazed windows isn’t airtight, condensation can appear between the panes. And since you the windows are already sealed, you can’t pull them apart to fix the problem. Instead, you have to replace the whole window and end up paying more.

3. They might not be a good match for homes with older architectural styles.
A house with an older architectural style might look mismatched if it has your typical modern double glazed windows. But there are some double glazing companies that specialize in making double glazed windows for older homes or retrofitting existing windows, so this may not be too much of a problem.

4. They cost more initially.
Obviously, since there are two panes of glass instead of just one, double glazed windows cost more. But if you consider the amount of savings you get in the long run and the other benefits too, they may just be a worthwhile investment.

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