6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Alkaline Water

There has been a lot of hype about the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, but those on the other side of the fence believe that that is all it is—hype. What makes alkaline water so special from the regular variety is because it has a higher pH level, which means it is less acidic. And since too much acid is bad for the body, it makes sense to stay hydrated with water with a higher pH level. However, the argument of the benefits of alkaline water is still hot, especially when there are some doctors and researchers who say there isn’t efficient evidence to back its health claims.

List of Advantages of Drinking Alkaline Water

1. It can help the body manage acidity.
Since alkaline water supposedly has a higher pH level, this can help balance out the acidity in the human body. Because of this, it is beneficial for those who suffer from acid reflux, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and other chronic diseases that are caused by high acid levels.

2. It has dissolved minerals.
Alkaline water has a higher pH level thank to these dissolved minerals. Pure water doesn’t contain these kinds of minerals and that is why it has a lower pH level. These balancing minerals can be absorbed by the body more easily, so the leaching of alkaline minerals from tissues and bones can be prevented. As a result, it helps to prevent certain diseases like osteoporosis.

3. It can be absorbed more easily by the body.
Because alkaline water is made up of small clusters of water molecules, it can be absorbed better by the body as compared to normal water. This characteristic means you can be better hydrated since water passes in and out of cells more easily. It also means toxins can be flushed out of your system more effectively.

List of Disadvantages of Drinking Alkaline Water

1. There aren’t official studies that can back its health benefits.
Proponents of alkaline water may consider it a natural remedy for a variety of illnesses and health conditions. However, there are no official scientific studies that have been released to date regarding its health benefits. Others also argue that if you just keep yourself hydrated well with normal water and eat a healthy diet, you will achieve similar results as when drinking water with higher alkaline levels.

2. It requires special filters.
If you want to drink alkaline water at home, then you will have to invest in special filters or ionizers that will make water alkaline through a chemical process called electrolysis.

3. It is more expensive.
Due to the special filters required for the alkaline process, you can expect to spend more if you want to drink this type of water. You can also buy drops which will be added to your regular water in order to make it more alkaline. Of course, you also have the option to buy bottled alkaline water. Whichever method you choose, you will end up spending more than you usually would if you were just buying and drinking regular water.

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