Exodus 14:14 Meaning of The Lord Will Fight for You You Need Only to Be Still

Exodus 14:14
“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Explanation and Commentary on Exodus 14:14

God had rescued the Israelites from Egypt with his mighty hand. He had brought judgment upon Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt with plague after plague while the hard-hearted Pharaoh resisted. Finally, after letting the Israelites go out into the wilderness, Pharaoh, his heart once again hardened, pursued them with the might of his army.

The Israelites were spiritually and emotionally weak, and cried out to Moses, complaining for the first time of many that perhaps they should have stayed in Egypt, where, while they were enslaved, they were at least safe and well-fed.

With the Egyptian army bearing down, and the Red Sea at their backs, the Israelites needed God to act. There was no hope otherwise.  Moses spoke the words of Exodus 14:14 just before parting the sea.  Christians would live a powerful life if they could believe this amazing truth, but it seems to be difficult in our flesh to believe it.  None-the-less, it is as true for us as it was for the Israelites.

Breaking Down the Key Parts of Exodus 14:14

#1 “The LORD…”
In the Old Testament, you will see the word Lord often spelled with all capital letters.  When this is the case, the word is a translation of YHWH, which means, “I Am.” God the Father reveals himself to Moses for the first time calling himself, “I Am” (Ex 3:14). There is a sense here that God wants us to understand that he never changes, and to relate to him is to relate to him right here, and right now.

#2 “…will fight for you;”
In the history of Israel, God seemed to fight for them in two ways.  One was that he would empower them when he sent them out to fight. He would strengthen their arms for war (Ps 18:34), and sometimes, as with David, or Samson, his Holy Spirit would come upon men so that they could accomplish miraculous deeds on the field of battle (Judges 15:14).  At other times, God just fought the battle for them, as he did in the case of the Egyptians at the Red Sea and the plagues before that. If we are walking in him to accomplish his purposes, he will do one or the other according to his plan.

#3 “you need only to be still.”
Stillness before God is a constant theme in Scripture. Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Then in verse 10, it says, “Be still, and know that I am God;” In Isaiah 30:15 it says, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” It is very hard for us to be still and trust God in our flesh in a world ruled by satan. First, walk in his ways and live for his glory, then trust in him. Whether he wants to fight through you, or for you, he will come and help you when you rely on him alone.

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Biblical Translations of Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.

The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.

The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.

The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

Exodus 14:14 Meaning

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